Merlin's Revenge 3

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MR3 1.00

Probably the biggest change to this version compared to the last beta is the addition of a magical limit towards the end of the map. It is easy to get through most of the game without using the army, but you need them on the last few screens.

What next?

This game is now finished, if there are any changes or bugfixes I'll talk about them here.

Bug reports

To send a bug report, please use the bug reporting tool. You will need to start a seperate account on the bug reporting area as it is not integrated with the rest of the site.
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Thank you for reporting bugs!

Instructions for how to play


WASD - move around

Q - display weapon selector, click weapon icon to change to that weapon.

Walk up close to someone to talk to them. (Only special characters can be spoken to.)

Walk away to stop talking.

Left Mouse to attack

If you have the energy blast:
- mouse to aim
- left mouse to charge blast
- release to fire
- blast will damage all enemies within it's blast radius

If you have the army summon spell:
- mouse to aim
- left mouse to charge blast
- icon indicates type of unit to be summoned
- blast will not damage enemies
- blank spell unsummons friendly unit
- unsummoned units are instantly healed
- ESC -> Show Reserve Army to view units that you have previously summoned

Once you have found Berlin:
- press "f" or RIGHT SHIFT to summon, (depending on the layout you're using)
- press again to unsummon or fire blank army summon to unsummon
- he will automatically unsummon himself at the end of the screen
- leaving the screen before Berlin is fully unsummoned will result in him being left behind


There are 4 different types of potions to collect. They all increase Merlin's power but in different ways. Merlin drinks the potion as soon as you collect it.

Green Potion (Speed Up)

Increases Merlin's walk speed

Red Potion (Max Blast)

Increases the size of blast that Merlin is capable of charging. With attacking spells, the spell becomes more powerful.

Purple Potion (Quick Blast)

Increases the size that the blast starts out at when it first appears above Merlin's head. With the attacking spells such as Energy Blast, this means that when you want to fire rapidly, the spells will be that bit bigger. It also reduces the amount of time it takes to charge to the maximum size (since it starts off bigger in the first place).

Blue Potion (Faster Charge)

Increases the speed at which the spell charges. Some spells such as Army Summon have their charge speed capped, otherwise it becomes difficult to choose the unit you wish to summon. For spells such as Energy Blast, this potion allows you to charge a big blast more quickly.

Version History for MR3

Version 1.08

Bug Fixes

- 3 targeting bugs that could cause the game to crash.


- revamped the levelling up system. It now only requires 10% more experience for the next level instead of doubling each time. This means the experience available from enemies is now more evenly (and sanely) distributed.

Version 1.07

Bug Fixes

- experience star turns map red. Thanks cjfcjfjc.
- game crashes upon restart if you die with no save game


- update copyright notice. Thanks Darren.

Version 1.06


- References in Ulin's Army Summon speech now change according to which layout you're using. Thanks Stebbins.

Version 1.05

Bug Fixes

- Dwarf Towers no longer show up blue on minimap
- Only need to clear endRoom to win game

Version 1.04

Bug Fixes

- [bug_179] [bug_173] - Dwarf Tower and Dwarf not showing up as blue on minimap. Thanks cardb0ard, Bulldogg6406.
- Berlin teleporting out too early (could be triggered by ghosts, hydras)
- [bug_42] - Skeletons attacking top rather than base of Dwarf Tower. Fix means that all melee characters now attack the base of all oversized enemies. Fix may also slow down the game. Thanks Carefree_Butterfly.

Version 1.03

Bug Fixes

- naturalMelee enemies now hit dwarf towers. (fangBunny, hydra2, hydra3, karateGuy, kongFuChicken) Thanks red_dot

- Goblins now attack karateGuys. Thanks red_dot.

- Script error generated by releasing spell as script begins. Thanks W_G_Master and gibstor.

Version 1.02


- Credit for Berlin music changed to Micheal Sartin-Tarm. Thanks to Noam Bergman.

Bug Fixes

- King (and other actors) now included in save game

- Charging a blast and releasing it during the first second of dialogue no longer results in being able to move around without cancelling script. This in turn prevents the king following you around to different screens. Thanks to Carefree_Butterfly, cjfcjfjc, Donut, Noam Bergman, PJC, robert v 3.0, stuelue.

- Game now finishes when Ochre room is cleared. Thanks to Can't find who reported this!

Version 1.01

Bug Fixes

- Ulin bug on Army Summon screen. Rolling mouse over Ulin to display his health bar, then moving Merlin to quit the script, caused a crash. The health bar should not enabled for actors in scripts anyway, so it was disabled. Thanks to many, many people for reporting that.


- "ass" changed to "butt" in Berlin script. Thanks robert v3.0
- "dispicible" changed to "despicable" in Lore Stone script. Thanks Feory.
- "aready" changed to "already" in intro script. Thanks Feory.

Version 1.00


- Magical Limit towards the end of the map
- Music
- Couple of NPCs
- "Wasted" anim


- New map
- Organised enemies so that difficulty rises more gradually.
- New opening sequence
- New end sequence

Bug Fixes

- Kong fu Chicken too big for house - caused crash

Version 0.16

Bug Fixes

[bug_165] Ghosts can attack whilst dying
fixed in demo 0.16. Thanks cetormenter.

[bug_166] Still able to lose Berlin
Unable to replicate
fixed another bug to do with spell owner dying when spell kills unit.
fixed in demo 0.16. Thanks cetormenter.

[bug_167] Game crashes when final screen is cleared
fixed in Demo 0.16. Thanks cetormenter.

Merlin turns into grave whilst dying
fixed in demo 0.16

Version 0.15


- Cave Bat
- Goblin Mage
- Goblin Mage Hut


(3,1) - too hard
Removed batTree and quadranid cocoon. Added 2 quadranids.

army summon - indicate with icon that no summons are available of type
done - spell icon fades to 50% if unit is not available in reserve army

bats - add to caves (make cavebat) [suggestion_4170]
caveBats added to cave screens

credits - increase speed or make variable
increased speed from 0.5 to 1

energy pulse - overpowered (2)
chargePerUnit increased from 1 to 2 (each blast fires half as many bullets)
fireDelay increased from 2 to 5 (each blast releases bullets more slowly)

goblin mages added to screens
(2,3) (3,4) (4,4) (5,3) (5,4) (5,5) (6,6) (6,8) (6,9) (15,4) (17,8)

goblins - add level 20s to later screens
added to
(15,4) (17,8)

merlin - mana_capacity should increase more with levelling
mana_capacityIncLevel increased from 0.25 to 1

merlin - make hitpoints level more slowly
energyIncPercentage lowered from 5 to 3

minimap - make friendly chars show blue [suggestion_3615]
done. Screens with friendly chars on show up blue, even when they are infested with enemies

necro - summon ghost doesn't work if it hits something solid

ochre wizard - game should end?
ochre wizard - game should end when ochre screen is clear (2) [suggestion_4250]
added endScreen property to map and set endScreen = point(17,3) (in the game co-ords start from top left)

summons - summon onto trees sometimes (summon to centre of target's tile)
Done. Enemies will now summon to the center of the tile that their target is standing on.

team members - add more
archer(s) added
(5,1) (6,9) (15,9) (16,1)

dwarf/dwarves added

monk(s) added
(11,6) (13,5) (17,8)

warrior(s) added
(1,9) (5,9)

team members - should get stronger quicker
archers and warriors
strengthIncLevel increased from 0.25 to 0.5
weaponTechniqueInc increased from 2 to 3
stallSpeedInc from 0 to 0.25 (recover from reel more quickly)

mana_capacityIncLevel increased from 0.25 to 0.5
mana_regenerationIncLevel increased from 0.25 to 1

Bug Fixes

dwarf - not building on summon
fixed in demo 0.15

ghost - plays death noise at end of anim rather than start

summoning - multiple enemies trying to summon, only one will be able to
fixed. Required change to the way reservationsMaster worked.
Reservation now means that something can definitely be released.
No longer used as queuing system for buildings. This means that small groups will probably be released before big ones.

Version 0.14


- Merlin's mana_capacity reduced from 100 to 10. Thanks cjfjcjfjc and Ovrlndnsea

Version 0.13


- Monk hit points increased from 10 to 50

Bug Fixes

- [bug_130] Team members and Berlin dissappear when summoned onto solid. Thanks Chaustome.
- [bug_155] Game Crashes when you are killed by Ochre Wizard. Thanks Hrainian.

Version 0.12


(13,3) - nearly empty
removed goblin soldier
added 2 hydra3s (3 heads), 1 hydra1 (one head)

(5,3) - too tough
removed 1 ghost, 2 ninja

army summon - move so that you have to punch through first few screen
moved to (1,3)

bat trees - reduce hit points (3)
reduced hitpoints from 500 to 250

bats - should fly over stuff
switched off collision detection
added "constrain to play area"

bats - should be weaker
reduced hitpoints from 100 to 50

berlin - add unsummon key
"f" now unsummons as well as summons (doesn't work on screen where you discover Berlin)

berlin - needs 'toughening'
increased hitpoints from 100 to 200
increased mana regeneration from 1 to 5 (allows much more rapid firing of spells)

berlin - summon at mouse (2)
berlin now enters screen at mouse pointer

berlin - summoning technique needs to be made more obvious
added to in-game instructions
modified save Berlin script

berlin - summoning technique should be added to web page

black orc - doesn't hit ninja
team monsters don't hate MR3 teams

boulder monster - too tough
hitpoints reduced to 500 from 850

credits - add Chris from Shynola

credits - add Nat Knight for Thundermonk

dark golem - too tough (2)
reduced hit points to 750 from 1000

difficulty - too easy (2)
too non-specific

difficulty - too hard
too non-specific

dragon - rate of fire too high
now fires 4 flames per attack rather than 7

energy blast - make bigger
too non-specific

energy blast - move to beginning (3)
moved to screen (3,1)

energy blast - increments too quickly (2)
added new variables to spells
chargeMaxBasic - a basic amount of maxCharge that each spell comes equipped with
chargeMaxModifier - changes the amount of impact the characters manaCapacity has.
for energy blast:
chargeMaxBasic increased from 0 to 5
chargeMaxModifier decreased from 1 to 0.75

energy blast - too powerful (2)
power reduced from 1 to 0.75

energy blast - too weak at first (2)
chargeMaxBasic increased from 0 to 5 (see above)

energy mines - move nearer to beginning
moved from (14,9) to (7,8)

energy mines - check if there is upper limit and remove
there was no upper limit

energy mines - too weak
power increased from 1 to 1.5

energy pulse - move nearer to beginning
energy pulse - move behind rock monsters (2)
moved from (18,4) to (10,4)

fang bunnies - inrease hitpoints (3)
hitpoints increased from 250 to 500

fang bunnies - shouldn't be in deserts
removed all fang bunnies from desert

fang bunny babies - increase hitpoints (2)
hitpoints increased from 100 to 200

fang bunny portal - output enemies more frequently
fang bunny build time reduced from [40, 50] to [20, 25]
fang bunny releaseInterval reduced from [20, 50] to [10, 25]
fang bunny baby build time reduced from [35,45] to [15, 20]
fang bunny baby releaseInterval reduced from [25,55] to [10, 25]

fang bunny portal - increase hitpoints
hitpoints increased from 500 to 750

goblin archer lvl 20 - put fewer
removed from screens
(2,3) (3,2) (3,3) (3,5) (3,8) (4,2) (4,3) (6,6) (12,9) (13,7) (14,7) (15,7)
kept on screens
(2,4) (4,4)

grey ghost - add stretch death

grey ghost - should fly over stuff

grey ghost - should charge faster
mana_flow increased from 1 to 1.5

health bars - not visible at bottom of screen
altered layer order to make visible

hot keys for spells - add
for wasd and zqsd
1-4 selects spells
for arrow and mac arrow
numPad 1-4 selects spells
(1 is the first spell you collect, 2 is the second etc)

hydras - reduce health (2)
hydra3 hitpoints reduced from 3000 to 1500
hydra2 hitpoints reduced from 2000 to 1000
hydra1 hitpoints reduced from 750 to 500

hydras - put fewer (2)
(5,1) - removed 2 hydra3
(6,1) - removed 2 hydra1, 1 hydra2, 1 hydra3
(7,1) - removed 1 hydra1, 1 hydra3
(8,1) - removed 2 hydra1, 1 hydra3
(8,2) - removed 1 hydra1, 1 hydra3
(9,1) - removed 1 hydra1, 2 hydra2
(10,1) - removed 4 hydra1, 3 hydra3
(12,2) - removed 2 hydra1, 1 hydra3
(13,1) - removed 3 hydra1, 2 hydra3
(13,2) - removed 3 hydra1, 3 hydra3
(14,1) - removed 3 hydra1, 4 hydra3
(14,2) - removed 1 hydra1, 2 hydra3
(14,3) - removed 1 hydra1, 2 hydra2, 1 hydra 3
(15,1) - removed 3 hydra1, 1 hydra3
(15,2) - removed 2 hydra1, 2 hydra3
(16,1) - removed 3 hydra1, 4 hydra2

hydra2 - move same speed hydra3
walk speed increased to 6 (same as hydra3)

instructions - add text about potions
added to in-game instructions
added to web page instructions

magical alliance - too easy (2)
magical alliance - too tough on screens near ePulse
no change made

merlin - needs faster level up (3)
experienceAmountRequiredForNextLevel reduced from 50 to 10. (This doubles as each level is reached)

monk healing stalls whilst walking

necros - too easy (2)
hitpoints increased from 100 to 200

necros - should charge faster
mana_flow increased from 1 to 1.5 (50% faster)

ochre wizard - add grave (2)

ochre wizard - guards start fighting each other (2)
Ochre now just has magical alliance and dark golems for guards

path finding - needs to be better around trees (5)

pit monster - damage too high, trigger radius too low
reduced damageMultiplier from 100 to 40
increased triggerRadius from 40 to 50
increase explodeCharge from 75 to 100 (otherwise PM triggers without doing any damage)

pit monsters - appearing after screen complete (13,9)
tested - the PMs are already on screen before screen is complete
- they are supposed to still trigger after screen is complete

powerups - need more (10)
added potions/medikits to screens
(8,3) (8,9) (9,4) (11,5) (11,6) (12,2) (12,9) (13,5) (13,9) (14,2) (14,9) (15,2) (16,1) (16,6) (16,7) (17,1) (18,1)

quadranids - overpowered
quadranids - increase power
not done (since I had one opinion each way, they were left alone)

rock monsters - rocks too fast
friction decreased from (7,7) to (4.5,4.5)
boulderMonster strength decreased from 18 to 12

rock monsters - lower hit points (2)
boulderMonster hit points reduced from 500 to 400

ruined city - hard not to get nailed by PMs
Deliberate, just summon some warriors to take the hits

saving - takes long time
How long?

skeleton head throwers - increase health (2)
hit points increased from 50 to 100

skeleton warriors - increase health
hit points increased from 100 to 150

team members - collect rather than summon
team members added to
(1,4) (1,6) (1,9) (2,3) (2,4) (4,4) (5,9) (6,2) (7,8) (9,5) (9,6) (9,8) (9,9) (10,4) (10,5) (11,6) (13,8) (16,1) (16,6)

enemies added to
(9,8) (9,9)

vulture Guard - add grave
already done

warriors - attack anything rather than just monsters (3)

Bug Fixes

- Army Summon charged to max when max units are on screen doesn't unsummon. Thanks Carefree_Butterfly.

- Bat misses you. Thanks andybox

- Energy mines now also damage buildings. This also means that they are triggered by buildings, which is logical if you accept that they are proximity mines, not "getting-stepped-on" mines. Thanks Eliot the conquerer.

- Hydra re-levelling after losing a head. Thanks Hechtor.

- Game Crashed. (Run Reload AI losing target.) Thanks Slane

- Monk Ghosts leaving screen. Thanks Hechtor.

- Pit Monster "explode" anim not playing after re-entering screen. Thanks cjfjcjfjc

- Pit Monster / Energy Mines save crash. Thanks AZERT and Carefree_Butterfly

- Spells sometimes appear beneath game objects. Thanks stripes.

- Stars appear in front of speech text. Thanks Eliot the conquerer.

- Thundermonk bullets never stop. Thanks andybox.

Version 0.11


Bat Tree
Berlin The Pink
Black Orc
Boulder Monster
Cross Bolt (Orc bullet, orc not added)
Dark Golem
Energy Mines Spell
Energy Pulse Spell
Fang Bunny
Fang Bunny Baby
Fang Bunny Portal
Grey Ghost
Lightning (Vulture Guard Bullet)
Hyrda (stages 1,2 and 3)
Kong-Fu Chicken
Ochre Wizard
Pit Monster
Run-Reload AI
Vulture Guard


In-Game dialogue fixed and completed
New Bigger Map

Version 0.10


- Bomb Mage. Thanks Sketch for graphics
- Dojo. Thanks Sketch for graphics
- Karate guy. Thanks Sketch for graphics
- Goblin Warrior
- Mysterious Cloud
- Skeleton Thrower. Thanks Sketch for graphics
- Thundermonk and Thunderblast. Thanks Sketch for graphics


- Levelling up toned down (1/4 effect)
- Monks hang back more
- Shuriken Ninja attack anim changed. Thanks Sketch.
- Warriors and Archers have double previous hitpoints at level 0 (300 and 200)

Bug Fixes

- "Merlin not levelling when punching bug" investigated - he does.
- Fixed rocks not being solid. Thanks poop.
- Fixed shuriken ninja firing in random directions when you stand close to him bug. Thanks to Feory

Version 0.09


- copy protection/licence message
- ninja added (melee only)
- pre-levelled enemies
- buildings level up - produce levelled up units (no extra exp awarded for them though)
- shuriken ninja (ninja that fires shurikens)


- maxCharge Speed implemented for spells (army summon)
- number of enemies changed from 24 to 16
- number of friends changed from 5 to 8
- monk ghost goes on separate team
- monk ghost only get half exp (lose a level)
- monk levels up from healing
- monk ghost only receives 1/2 exp from monk (drops 1 level)
- building exp calculated from residents therein
- skeleton graves no longer move
- characters don't gain as much health from levelling


- monk spell remained if the target of heal blast was teleported out during charge
- fixed spell behaviour when mouse is out of screen (Octavo)
- fix skeletons (and others) turning white while running into trees. Thanks to Zilchil and austonst

Version 0.08.1a

Bug Fixes

- Units are able to leave screen bug. Thanks Pi_Man
- Dwarf left near tree causes crash. Thanks Zilchil

Version 0.08.1


- Dwarf behaviour changed to force them all to collaborate on a single tower. (Thanks Jeppo [Suggestion_3296] evilishies and others)
-- A new tower will only be started if existing one is destroyed
-- Fighting dwarves can be made to build by unsummoning and resummoning
- Tower now targets buildings before units
- Tower axe damage increased
- Dwarves build more quickly after they level up (Lots of people asked for this)
- Units no longer increase in size when they level up (Lots of people asked for this, too)
- Max numbers of units set to 20 Enemies and 5 Friendlies (not including Merlin) to keep things running faster.

Bug Fixes

- Crash on returning to screen with summon spell in
- Crash on moving between screens with summon spell. Thanks austonst
- Summoning extra units across screens (charge on clear screen release on crowded)
- Spell reports itself as enemy to minimap. Thanks austonst
- When game is saved during dwarf tower build, building health didn't rise

Version 0.08c

Bug fixes

- Color transform not being properly restored after save game. Where the game was saved with someone flashing, the bug manifested itself a short time after reloading the game with the message "List Expected"

- Dwarf not stopping building when tower was completed if interrupted by save game or leaving / re-entering the screen. Thanks Pression

- Upon re-entering a screen with a half built dwarf tower but no dwarf, the dwarf tower appeared to be complete. Thanks the_voice and Pression

- Monk lost spell on save game or move screen

Version 0.08b

Bug Fixes

- Units not being insta-healed when unsummoned. Thanks Pi_Man
- Dwarfs still turn mini map red
- Charged blast doesn't unsummon. Thanks Pi_Man
- Unit lost on teleport out while changing screens. Thanks Fatty-Boy


- Remove fake tree. Thanks Papermario
- Switch on message window on crash, display error message and halt movie

Version 0.08a

Bug Fixes

- Dwarf Tower makes mini-map square red. Thanks cjfjcjfjc_65536 and yellow_stripes_ed
- Levelupness stays across new game. Thanks andybox
- Unit left near tree causes crash upon re-entering the screen.
- Dwarf Tower appears as black dot when half built, left on screen and returned to.
- Dwarf Tower moves when levelled up.

Version 0.08

Army Summon Spell Added

You may now summon/unsummon human units to come and fight for you.

- Warrior (melee)
- Archer (ranged)
- Monk (heal)
- Dwarf (build tower, ranged)

Other additions

- Levelling up system
- Reserve Army stores units for use
- Units glow red when health < 50%


- New map
- Dwellings expel enemies more slowly


- Numerous bugfixes

Version 0.07b


- Wrong sound for the graves dying (Thanks Eric9000)
- Corpse/graves flashing (Thanks Jeppo and Eric9000)
- Bugtesters added to credits (Thanks Feory)
- Smooth out the walking in the first cut scene a bit (Thanks Feory)

Version 0.07a

Bug Fixes

- Credits screen no longer contiues to display "Loading..." message after credits are loaded. (Thanks yellow_stripes_ed)
- Cutscene no longer continues playing when you return to title screen
- Ulin longer turn green when walking on start cutscene in 16bit colour mode (Thanks Donut)
- Goblin huts no longer continue to expel enemies after being killed by the "k" cheat (Thanks to Feory and Voronnen)


The amount of processor time the game takes up has been reduced. This means that it degrades more rapidly under load, but also that the browser responds better and you may be able to play mp3's whilst playing.

Version 0.07


- Credits
- Save/Load game
- Cut-scene sequences at beginning and end

Balance Changes

- GoblinArcher health reduced
- GoblinArcher strength reduced (slower arrows)
- Goblin Huts health reduced
- Merlin punch made weaker

Bug Fixes

- Merlin no longer flashes in pause mode

Version 0.06


added skeleton warrior
added goblin huts
added skeleton dwellings
added permanent graves
added medikits
added potion invicibility
added potion health regain
added speed potion
added population limits
added "potions drunk" display
added medikit cheat "m"
added maximum collisionRects


redesigned menu
buildings now flash white when hit
made rollover health bar appear over screen borders

Bug Fixes

energy blast/pausing (Thanks jamincash)
ctrl key on mac (Thanks firestorm (now Feory))

Balance Changes

energyBlast fight speed increased from 6 to 10
goblinArcher damageSpeed increased from 2 to 3
goblinArcher dexterity increased from 3 to 10
goblinArcher strength increased from 10 to 12
goblinArcher walkSpeed increased from 3 to 4
goblinBow reach increased from 100 to 200
merlin walkAcceleration decreased from 3 to 2
merlin manaBurst increased from 1 to 5
merlin manaCapacity increased from 10 to 12
powerups frictionReel decreased from 50,50 to 10,10 (Thanks Lord_Murderer)

Version 0.05b

Bug Fixes

- Merlin stops punching when in conversation (by Giant Gob)
- Energy Blasts appear from correct location when changing screens (by Lord_Murderer, jackospade, poop, asdfqwer, star_mage, Sketch and blaster)
- Goblins outside blast radius no longer get hit (by Voronnen)
- Minimap squares now reset to red on restart game (by DeanXeL)
- Game no longer crashes when restarted when roll over health bar was on screen at the end of the previous game. (By Lord_Murderer and Eric9000)

Thanks chaps, for your observational prowess!

Version 0.05a

Bug Fixes

Fixed 2 bugs relating to the energy blast when you change screens.

Releasing blast whilst changing screens glitch

This was spotted by:
[suggestion_2878] by jackospade
[suggestion_2888] by star_mage
[suggestion_2892] by Sketch
[suggestion_2894] by blaster (this was the clearest explantation)
Thanks guys!

It happened when you:
1 - charge a blast
2 - exit the screen
3 - release the blast while the new screen redraws.
The blast appeared from the opposite side of the screen

Energy Blast not cleared from screen when changing screens.

This one was spotted by
[suggestion_2880] by poop
[suggestion_2881] by asdfqwer
Very well done! - it was very subtle. I couldn't even spot it at all until I'd fixed the other bug.

As it turns out it wasn't quite as you described, but you gave me enough to be going on with. :)

I narrowed it down to:
1 - charge an energy blast
2 - exit the screen
3 - release the energy blast on the next screen
4 - before the energy blast lands, exit the screen again
The energy blast is not cleared from the screen when you exit the second time and continues merrily on it's way making it seem as if the next room already contains an energy blast.

Version 0.05


Kelly Robinson sequence in Ulin script by bloodshot [suggestion_2697] hehe lol! It just seemed the most appropriate of the three scripts that were submitted since Merlin is doing a lot of punching in this demo (as it turned out). But thanks to Jeppo and dantheman for submitting some good and funny scripts as well!

Bugs Not Fixed

Dialogue not canceling upon movement [suggestion_2772] by mojassty. I just couldn't get this to happen under authoring. Maybe something I changed in the mean time fixed it. (Well, here's hoping!)


Weapon Selector - "Q" to display.

Key Set Chooser - select from title menu or in-game menu. Your choice will be remembered the next time you play from that computer.

Char Properties - this a behind the scenes addition which affects the way characters will use droppable weapons.

Potions for spells - these increase the character properties of Merlin which are to do with casting spells. The speed up potion has not been added yet.

Rollover health bar - shows the health of the character that was last underneath the mouse pointer in a little health bar.


Default keyset now "WASD", was "Arrow".

Goblin dexterity increased to 3 from 1. (Decrease attack cooldown by 66%.)

Goblin fight dampend by 50%.

Goblin strength increased to 10 from 8. (Slightly increased range.)

Merlin punch power increased from 5 to 50. (Kill a goblin in 2-3 punches.)

Bug Fixes

Ability to move writing around with blasts after collecting potion/scroll.

Multiple hit where one goblin doesn't move. [suggestion_2819] by DoomGiver

Lose charging spell when changing screen. [suggestion_2705] by MerlinRulez

Screen arrows displaying wrong colour. [suggestion_2869] Eric9000

Minimap displaying red for energy blast scroll. [suggestion_2796] by DoomGiver

Removed green tuft from landed arrow. (Can't find suggestion but I remeber Morsh pointed that out) - comment on [suggestion_2801] (thanks to Octavo for pointing that out).

Version 0.04a

Bug Fixes

Attacking now cancels dialogue

Previously, if you punched during dialogue, you could then move around without cancelling the conversation. The speech bubbles would still appear in the right place, but wouldn't follow you around and could be clipped by the top of the screen.

Ulin now immune to attacks

Whilst you couldn't damage Ulin, you could use energy blasts and punches to move him around the screen. Now he stays where he is.

Minimap no longer show incorrect red squares

If you exited a screen while energy blasts were still active, they would be recorded as enemies, and the minimap would show the screen as red. This no longer happens.

Version 0.04


Dialogue between Merlin and Ulin was based on [Suggestion_2650] by MerlinRulez, world350 and bloodshot. I couldn't include all of it for pacing reasons and the engine doesn't support people running about yet. But well done guys!

Punch Added

Merlin can now punch his enemies. Press left mouse to punch. Once you pick up the Energy Blast, you can no longer punch. This is because weapon swapping hasn't been added yet.

Energy Blast Added

Once you've collected the orange scroll, you have the Energy Blast.
- Left mouse to charge
- Mouse to aim
- Release Mouse to fire
- Energy Blast will damage enemies within it's blast radius

Screen Draw Speed Increased

When you re-enter a screen you have already been on, the amount of time it takes the screen to appear has been greatly reduced. It is now nearly as fast as MR2.

When first entering screens, they may take a few seconds to appear, especially when there are lots of enemies.

Hittable Enemy Arrows

For now, the enemy arrows are hittable with the energy blasts, providng you hit them while they are in the air. Once they have landed they cannot be hit.

However, this reduces performance considerably as it puts quite of lot of extra work on the CPU. Therefore, I will probably disable it in future demos, and offer it as an option.

Version 0.03

In-game menu added

Press 'Esc' to bring up the in-game menu. This will pause the game.

Dialogue Modified

The dialogue now displays in a narrower box over several lines if required.

Dialogue is slightly slower to make it easier to read.

Skippable dialogue added

You can walk away from chatters to cancel the dialogue.

Minimap included

The minimap has been added.

Yellow squares contain special items or characters.
Red have enemies in them.
Green are clear.

This was actually added to a previous demo, but I forgot to update the version number and this record.

Version 0.01

Screen Manager Implemented

Screens can be handled with greater ease than in MR2.

Title screen added.

Version 0.02

Game Engine Implemented

The game engine from Rapunzel's Escape has been implemented for MR3.

One significant change is that it is no longer neccessary for at one enemy to appear on each screen.

Collision Detection enhanced

The collision detection system run more quickly than both the original Rapunzel system, and the MR2 system. This change has been re-implemented in Rapunzel.

It also now copes with screens where solid tiles do not match across entrances/exits.

Dialogue enhanced

The dark boxes have been added around character speech to make it easier to read no matter what background they appear in front of.

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