Merlin's Revenge 3 - Comments and Ideas

Here are comments and ideas that people sent in for Merlin's Revenge 3.

I'm currently working full time so unfortunately, there isn't much time available for answering comments, though I will get to them eventually. The Suggestions database is now open again, so please make your suggestions there, as that is the proper place for them, and you can get proper feedback on them there. Suggestions sent through this form will still be considered, but may be forgotten about and won't be credited in the game.

Similarly please report bugs to the bug report site. (Instructions on the Merlin 3 page.) Bugs will be dealt with more quickly and more thoroughly there.



p.s. If you'd like to leave a comment on this page, please use the Contact Form. Your comment will appear on the relevant page (unless it's rude).

p.p.s Thanks to Feory for pointing out this message needed changing.

On 2nd Aug 2011, Sonatavarius wrote,

First off, I'd like to say that I'm a huge fan of the MR series. I played them for hours and hours back when was a gaming site. (I'm getting some shopping site now). I'm now a member of It's a somewhat popular flash site. I'm here to request that you maybe toy with the idea of submitting the MR series to the site so that the Armorgamers can play them. I'd think that it'd actually be somewhat beneficial to have a game about magic on a medieval themed gaming site. If not, then that's fine. I just really enjoyed your games and I'd like to share them with the users on the site I frequent. Thank you for your time.

steve replied,

Thanks! It's certainly something I'd consider, however, the MR games are already on Kongregate and I still haven't gotten around to intergrating properly with their achievements system.

Promotion isn't my strong spot - we really need a marketing manager!

On 9th Mar 2011, Bedrin wrote,

I was wondering...Im Constantly playing merlins Revenge when I get the chance, so, is there a way to download them, so I dont need internet?

steve replied,

Well, you could download mr open from the downloads page. It's an .exe I think the MR3 map is in there along with a load of other maps.

Unfortunately, there are no .exes of MR1 or 2 at this time.

On 26th Sep 2010, wenxian wrote,

i cant get merlin's revenge: TB from starting despite allowing shockwave access. can you help me?

steve replied,

Try it again now. I think it's fixed now.

On 29th Nov 2009, morry2 wrote,

I was wondering if there is the possibility of a download of the Merlin game series, so that oyu can play the game on a computer without internet access, or just to keep in the possibility of the website closing down someday. If possible, can a download be made available?

steve replied,

Yep, I'm working toward this. Progress is very very slow these days because I don't have much time to dedicate to the site. But I will do it. One day.

On 27th Sep 2009, Hobbes wrote,

Hey Steve, I just attempted to play M.R. 1, 2 and 3 on Vista and I just thought I'd let you know that they worked perfectly.

steve replied,

Great! There's never really been a problem with Windows but the support for shockwave on Linux/Mac is terrible.

Even though I started on Windows I was attracted to shockwave because it would run Mac too. More recently, you could run shockwave on all three - Windows, Linux and Mac. These days it's Windows only which makes me wonder what adobe is up to.

On 5th Jul 2009, Big Kev ( wrote,

I have not been to your site in about 2 years. Recently I have just started my own website and I just wanted to thank you for putting so much time and effort into making games that can be enjoyed by so many people. Thanks a million for all the time you have put in!!
Kevin Kinnison

steve replied,

Well thank you for such a kind email. Of course, it wasn't just me, I had lots of help from the amazing TMB community - especially on MR3. And it looks like I'll get even more help on MR4.

Glad you like the games. It makes it all worthwhile to get messages like this.

What is your website?

On 30th May 2009, Sakro (LIbrary Leechers, School Class Creatures and Bedroom Beasts Anonymous) wrote,

-Bad Info-
I've been having problems running Merlin's Revenge since recently picking it up.

-Good Info-
I believe I've been able to locate the general problems stemming from people crashing. I believe that resides with the sound. While running Merlin Open, I decided to mute sound via the in game options and I was able to play much more than just one minute.

Perhaps when a sound is being triggered, to stop all sounds beforehand? The problem seems to present itself when an immense ammount of sound is being played at once or very closely together.

Thank you for creating and continuing to support your creations.

steve replied,


Because I am running the game on Linux rather than windows, it tends to run more slowly so to improve the speed I usually switch off the sound.

Shockwave is capable of playing eight sounds at once. The way the game works is that when a new sound needs to play it looks for the next available channel.

Channel 1 is reserved for music, so it looks through channels 2-8. If none are available, the sound doesn't get played.

I once tried it that if no channels were available, it would interrupt the oldest sound, but this was much more noticeable than simply not playing it.

Anyway, it's an interesting tip, if you're having problems with crashing, try switching off the sound.


On 13th Apr 2009, AzErT wrote,

Hey there! I haven't really been on this site in a LONG time... but I noticed one thing about MR3 now, because of the new leveling system.

While it might be an intended feature for the energy pulse to still sort-of work, if you do not use your army at all you can get Merlin to such a high level that even with the one-pulse he can easily demolish everything on the final levels... faster than even after taking the time to build an army.

Maybe the Pulse damage could be nerfed as well to 1%?

steve replied,

Hey AzErT,
Good to hear from you again!

Yeah, that was an unintended happening with the energy pulse. It was pointed out to me shortly after the game came out, but I left it in because I kind of like to leave ways around things like that for people to find. After all, the Army Summon isn't for everyone. In the next game you won't have to use it all, but it will be there if you do want to.

I like the gameplay to be as open-ended as possible and to reward people's creativity in finding new ways to play, so I'll leave it in. :)

On 14th Mar 2009, Phendorm wrote,

I am not sure if it is bug or not. In MR3 when you entre an area with 1% magic you can still use the engery pulse spell, however there is only one shot pet click. You can still use it to kill bad guys, just not as quickly.

lokey57 replied,

Last time I checked, I believe that was an intended feature of the game just in case you failed to train your army up enough so that you wouldn't be utterly stuck. I could be wrong though.

On 2nd Feb 2009, Super_merlin wrote,

Steve, is mr4 still in production?Also, are you dead?(Remember when people sent are you dead messages when you hadn't been on in a while? Gooood Times. Gooood Times)

steve replied,

Erm, MR4 is currently stalled. I had an idea to get it going again, but haven't had time to do much about it yet.

My idea is to seperate out the files that make up MR4 so that people can edit them without needing director, then use and bzr (bazaar) to version control the files, so we can all collaborate.

All I've done so far is start an account on and create a team called themetalbox. You are welcome to start an account and join this team if you so wish.

If I ever get anywhere with it, I'll announce it here so there's no rush.

On 23rd Jan 2009, Harlan wrote,

Hey there. My internet connection sooooo slow it's sick, so is there a way to download the MR games so that you could play them offline? I'd really appreciate it.

steve replied,

I never got around to making .exe of the Merlin games. You could make own by downloading the source files from the download section, downloading the trial version of Director MX or Director MX 2004.

If you manage it, send 'em in and I'll put them in the downloads section for other people to use.

On 20th Jan 2009, AnonomusIII wrote,

I have a gif i made of Berlin rockin' out at the end of MR3 I would like to submit for the downloads section.
The gif can be found here:

steve replied,

Cool! That's going in, no prob. :)


On 30th Dec 2008, Super_merlin wrote,

I posted this bug in the right spot but it doesnt seem to have been brought to your attention, so here it is. If you unsummon a soldier right as he is being healed, the game crashes.

steve replied,

Bum! I thought I fixed that.

On 12th Dec 2008, Super_merlin wrote,

Hey Steve, I'm not totally sure but i think in mr3, merlin gets bigger as he levels up. Any explanation?

steve replied,

Oh yeah, I might have switched on the getting-bigger-if-you-level-up thing.

It works on all characters not just merlin, but I made the effect more subtle so you won't notice it except for really levelled up characters.

It was switched on for some of the MR3 demos, but I was really in two minds about it. Aesthetically, I prefer it switched off, but functionally, part of my brain insists that strong things should be bigger. :)

On 3rd Dec 2008, Marcos wrote,

y loved it.

steve replied,


On 24th Nov 2008, Super_merlin wrote,

In mr3, is it normal to be able to get about level 40 or so? Cause I used to only be able to get about 20 or so.

steve replied,

Yeah, I overhauled the leveling system so it probably changed.

On 24th Nov 2008, Super_merlin wrote,

In the mr3 game help, it STILL says "since this is a beta, make sure to save often". Thought you might want to know.

steve replied,

Thanks I'll add it to my to do list

On 4th Oct 2008, robert v 3.0 wrote,

I found a glitch on MR3 when i was going through one of the screens with some units boxed into one of those wall things i wanted to let the dwarf finish the tower so i unsummoned the archers and the monk but when i did the 2 remaining skeletons stopped moving i could kill them and all but the didnt move even if i stood in front of them and tried to make merlin hug them...

not sure if its serious or not but i found it on the second row from the top side of the map third from the left.

P.S sorry ive been so inactive the last couple of years ive been kinda busy with school etc.

lokey57 replied,

Bug noted and forwarded to steve the next time I see him. Thanks!

Don't worry too much about the inactivity though, school gets to EVERYONE before they're adults.

On 12th Sep 2008, Zodiac1233 wrote,

I've updated my game again new spel, added spider webs, slight difficulty increase, and a few minor updates

lokey57 replied,

Post Updated... again!

On 30th Jul 2008, TheOrange wrote,

I was able to reach the final boss of MR3 but it always crashes about 45 seconds into the battle. The crashing also happened at random times while I was fighting on the final four screens.

lokey57 replied,

Huh, thats weird. I'll test it out myself and see, for now I'll just display this so steve can take a look at it.

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