Merlin 3 Enemies and Monsters

Here are the enemies and monsters which were suggested for Merlin 3.

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[73] The Black Sorcerer

Suggested by: AzErT | Rating: 4.01 in 613 votes | 25th Apr 2004
Well, you know who he is, of course... He should have ALL MR2 spells, including the ability to morph into common creatures to make him harder to kill.

Speed: Very Fast
Firepower: What do you think, he has Energy Beam
Special: Can disguise as a common creature
Difficulty: Very hard

[253] ooze

Suggested by: balar | Rating: 3.68 in 104 votes | 1st May 2004
a small bobbely liquide like monster that spits bits of it self at merlin.

mud ooze:
color - brown
size - small-medium
speed - slow/medium
life - medium + regeneration (it regains lost life after a while)
close attack - medium strength engulfing
range attack - light strength spit.
dificulty - easy.

poison ooze:
color - yelow/purple
size - small
speed - slow
life - small
close attack - medium strength engulfing + poisening (merling loses a bit more life every few minutes)
range attack - small strength spit + poisening
dificulty - medium.

acid ooze:
color - red/black
size - small
speed - slow
life - medium
close attack - very strong strength engulfing (near death strong)
range attack - medium strength spit

ooze's can only be found in caves and if they are exposed to sun light they become dorment and slowly die. (there can be half cave half open locations where oozes can be killed by throwing them into the open areas).

[202] Spider Turret

Suggested by: Dakar | Rating: 3.66 in 357 votes | 29th Apr 2004
A small skeleton on a spider. Fires blasts much faster than in MR2, but shooting the spider in the right way can dislodge the rider and allow you to use it yourself.

[337] fire elemental

Suggested by: extrememerlin | Rating: 3.66 in 276 votes | 6th May 2004
it looks like a ghost on fire. it charges up a red energy ball and fires it at you. if it misses and hits the ground, the ground will catch on fire for 5 seconds, so anything that walks over that piece of ground will take damage.

[200] MultiMage

Suggested by: Nat_Knight | Rating: 3.66 in 255 votes | 29th Apr 2004
When you see this green wizard, you'd better wipe them all out quick! The MultiMage fires small quick blasts (but is slow to charge them) at Merlin. However, every once in a while, the Multimage flashes red and blue and divides into two MultiMages and so on. Just a few large blasts can take this guy out.

[309] Galactic Rider

Suggested by: Shadow Ghost | Rating: 3.61 in 185 votes | 4th May 2004
A man with a jetpack that rides on a dragon. If you hit the man's jetpack he will explode, allowing you to ride the dragon.

[1] Big Skeleton Warrior

Suggested by: steve | Rating: 3.58 in 251 votes | 23rd Apr 2004
It's a skeleton warrior, right, but it's like a bit bigger than the ones in Merlin 2.
Size: medium-small
Speed: quite fast
Damage: quite a bit
Attack: sword
Strength: weak

[312] ambulace

Suggested by: DEMONSLAYRE | Rating: 3.58 in 227 votes | 4th May 2004
friendly vehicle. destroy it before it crosses the screen to get a phone(see medic) 1 rainbow potion(1 of each) and 3 medkits.
Location: different every game. u know it's coming when u hear a siren.
Health: Same as skeletal warrior.
Other: watch out for false abulaces (blue light instead of red)
realesess random fog, an injured patient ( fun to shoot at) and a doctor wielding a poision syringe.

[330] Sphinx

Suggested by: Sharp-Dressed-Man | Rating: 3.56 in 377 votes | 5th May 2004
Okay, well its clear that merlin can blow the crap out of almost anything, but how about a lil mind game???? You enter a part of the map and find only one enemy, the sphinx, She asks you a Riddle, like
"This is as light as a feather, yet no man con hold it for long... What is IT???"
and you would get either mutiple choice or just type your answer in.
Or if your a meat-head and arnt good with riddles,just blow the crap out the Sphinx till shes wasted.
Just thought a lil test of the mind would be good for a wizard...

[161] ThunderMonk

Suggested by: Nat_Knight | Rating: 3.56 in 153 votes | 28th Apr 2004
A wizard with thunder sticks. If a thundermonk zaps Merlin, Merlin will start to slow down until he comes to a complete stop, for all the enemies to hurt him. In order for the Thundermonk to stop the spell, Merlin must hit him several times with large blasts. A thundermonk can also rise any monster that has been killed (by walking up to the monster's kill point and healing it to full(and that includes buildings that create monsters)). The thundermonk takes rather long to destroy, but once it's gone, it makes Merlin's life a lot easier.

[427] Settler

Suggested by: firestorm | Rating: 3.54 in 168 votes | 9th May 2004
Like the goblin 'settlers' from MR2 which built new huts, perhaps most, or all, enemies should have settlers on MR3

[3] Magic Eye

Suggested by: steve | Rating: 3.53 in 386 votes | 23rd Apr 2004
Ok, this one starts off small - about the size of a Goblin but soaks up magic and gets bigger and more powerful the more Merlin hits it with spells. However when it gets too big (the size shown here) it bursts.
Size: varies
Attack: lightning
Speed: quite slow
Strength: medium

[233] Chain Knight

Suggested by: Nat_Knight | Rating: 3.52 in 315 votes | 30th Apr 2004
A little knight in armour. When Merlin gets in range, the knight uses a gun that shoots a chain and pulls Merlin to him. Then the knight hits Merlin with his sword, knocking him back.

[124] Fake Potion

Suggested by: prestobbunny | Rating: 3.52 in 289 votes | 26th Apr 2004
It is an enemy that looks just like a potion, could be any kind. If you touch it it takes one ranking of the potion it pretends to be away from you. You could tell the difference because hitting a normal one makes it flash white. These flash red when you hit them. The good part is, if you just hit it enough times it turns into a real potion.


Suggested by: DEMONSLAYRE | Rating: 3.51 in 318 votes | 6th May 2004
It's me!!! A monster you can summon that will wield a sword of death.
Damage: Skelton warrior, but instantly kills any demon type enemy.
Speed:Mystic warp
Other: Reqires 10 red potions to summon
VOTE 4 IT!!!!!!

[55] Unique Monsters: Scarlet, etc.

Suggested by: AzErT | Rating: 3.51 in 214 votes | 24th Apr 2004
Remember the three wizards which the Black Sorcerer took with him (Scarlet, and two more?) What if you needed to "kill" all three before fighthing the Black sorcerer. They could each have their own special attack.

Speed: Fast
Firepower: HUGE (Not kidding, possible one-hit kill)
Special: Can summon sorcerers (See my other monster)
Difficulty: I think you already know.

[421] Suckers!

Suggested by: Waddle Dee | Rating: 3.51 in 159 votes | 8th May 2004
Little sucker guys that come in VERY LARGE GROUPS. they run into you and do a little tiny bit of damage, and die from running into you. sometimes (about 1 in 15 times) they will grab on to you and keep on sucking out your health intil you blast yourself. They die in one hit, but since they are in such large groups its hard.

[215] Goblin (with an addition)

Suggested by: Scorch | Rating: 3.51 in 75 votes | 29th Apr 2004
The same standard goblin that was in MR1 and MR2 only with special magic-proof armor that makes him immune to spells. Only physical attacks (like from summoned monsters) will be able to affect him. Fires a bit slower than normal.

[199] Death Cube

Suggested by: Nat_Knight | Rating: 3.50 in 225 votes | 29th Apr 2004
Likely to be a boss. Just a blue cube made of jell that doesn't do anything until Merlin blasts it. Then it will get mad and transform into a flamethrower dragon (or any large monster) with the same health and attack, but when Merlin defeats this form, it splits into 2 smaller monsters (but different, like sumo wrestlers or something), and so on, untill there are only goblins left.

[296] skeleton healer

Suggested by: MR2isdbest | Rating: 3.50 in 162 votes | 3rd May 2004
runs around healing enemies, and can't attack. very high defence and no attack

[345] Goblin summoner

Suggested by: Mastermerlin | Rating: 3.50 in 42 votes | 6th May 2004
Summons true goblins. It is very annyoing.
Attack: Sometimes it shoots arrows.
Defence: very high.
Speed: None.
Stamina: very high.

[132] Land Mine

Suggested by: Firzenn | Rating: 3.49 in 123 votes | 27th Apr 2004
If merlin walks over this,(it's almost invisible)it will count down until it explodes(about 5 seconds).
This will also affect enemies.(Start the count down, the blast it so it flies into a crowd of enemies!)

[432] Fire Wizard

Suggested by: Shadow Ghost | Rating: 3.49 in 118 votes | 9th May 2004
A wizard who is engulfed in flames. He throws fireballs and every 15 seconds one thirtieth of the area turns to lava. If he collides with a rock golem, they turn into a magma monster. If you defeat him you get 1 of each potion.

[424] Mirror Merlin

Suggested by: | Rating: 3.48 in 389 votes | 8th May 2004

[234] Black Wizard Hovercar

Suggested by: Nat_Knight | Rating: 3.48 in 127 votes | 30th Apr 2004
A little hovercar thingy that has 4 Black Wizards from MR2 (or any other enemy, really) piloting it. The hovercar thing has a gun that fires large magical blasts at Merlin. When Merlin destroys the hovercar, the 4 wizards come flying out and start acting like normal black wizards.

[314] skele-joucer

Suggested by: Berlinodoom | Rating: 3.48 in 97 votes | 4th May 2004
a skeleton on a horse that has a lance.

speed:very fast
damage:not that high

[408] Fake Tree

Suggested by: Joe102 | Rating: 3.47 in 191 votes | 8th May 2004
Looks like a tree, and stats say it's a tree, but when Merlin gets to close, it attacks.

[354] golems

Suggested by: Berlinodoom | Rating: 3.47 in 188 votes | 6th May 2004
like the golems from MR1 and MR2 but different

fire golem

lightning golem
power:mediem(if hit, merlin will get shocked every 2 minates until you clear the screen)

water golem

[247] Womb

Suggested by: Jhot | Rating: 3.47 in 93 votes | 1st May 2004
Gives birth to all enemys.

Stamina:very high
Defense: very high
Special:when you defeat it, you get a choice of a "wingman" to help you or more Berlins

[52] Water Dragon

Suggested by: piller298 | Rating: 3.45 in 129 votes | 24th Apr 2004
This dragon shots water it is blue and it is like the fire dragon from merlin2

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