Here are the downloadable files. You'll need a zip file extractor (such as 7-zip) and a PC running Windows to make use of a lot of 'em, though some can be used with Linux running Wine and open formats are offered where possible.

Merlin Open

This version is mostly editable without needing Director. You can create, edit and play maps and cutscenes. You can also adjust the data for characters and enemies and the actual game code too. Only thing you can't change right now are the graphics.

These executables are compatible with Windows windows compatible and WINE wine compatibleversion 1.0.1 or higher

The zip file also contains the .dir files for those people who have Director MX or higher for people who want to mess with the graphics. The source code and data is available in the casts folder. The game will automatically load your changes when it runs.

This is the latest version of Merlin Open. If you have downloaded before, make sure to clear your cache before doing so again. The filename stays the same, and your browser may think it's the same as the one you already downloaded even though it's not.

Merlin Open (most recent from note)


This is a map pack made by merlin1234. Not only does it contain some excellent maps, but also cut scenes too. Download and use in conjunction with Merlin Open.

merlin1234 map pack(zip, txt, 87kb)

Source for games!

These projects are released under the GPL. You will need Director MX or later to actually edit or run them though. These are the exact game files that are used to build the games on this site. You are welcome to download them, modify them and make your own games from them. Please give me or themetalbox credit where it's due though.

Please write any usage questions in a contact form. I will do my best to answer and to include the topic in future documentation.

These projects are getting a bit long in the tooth now. Merlin Open (above) tries to tie most of this stuff together in one package.

Instructions for use(odt, pdf, doc, 5.2mb)
Map Editor (dir, 4.7mb)
Merlin 3 (dir, 6.3mb)
Merlin 4 (dir, 7.7mb)
MR1 GFX(tif, 4.5mb)
MR3 GFX(bmp, 1.4mb)
MR4 GFX(bmp, 1.5mb)
Rapunzel(dir, 1.4mb)
Trees of War 1(dir, mov, 65mb)

Graphics Tutorials

The aim here is to get you started with drawing graphics the Merlin's Revenge way. The tutorials use the GIMP because it's free and available to everyone.

Draw GFX (doc, odt, pdf, 2.9mb)
Animate GFX (doc, odt, pdf, xcf, gif, 4.6mb)

Logo Design Kit

If you want to design a new version of the logo for the site, these files will help you get started. You will need the GIMP to open the .xcf files.

TMB Logo and template (xcf, png, 13k)


Sam's Shooter (463k, exe)
Breakout: Extended Play (2.6mb, exe)

Interactive Animation

Trees Of War (1.6mb, exe)


fileRename (1.7mb, exe)
Render Bender (2.2mb, exe)

Gamemaker Tutorials

megaman4ever Tutorials (14mb, txt, gmb, gm6)

Fan Creations

A Soldier In The Night: Story (by MR ROX!) (136k, doc)
Black Sorcerer Transform anim (by Roxblaster) (14k, gif, xcf)
Berlin the Rockie animated gif (by AnonomusIII) (914k, gif)
Carefree_Butterfly's Story (by Carefree_Butterfly) (386k, odt,pdf,doc)
Merlin's Revenge Animated Cursors (by Darren) (13k, ani)
More Cursors, with pointers (by Darren) (13k, ani)
More Cursors, with pointers and different colours (by Darren) (13k, ani)
MR2 enemies list (by bobmuffinmaker) (126k, pdf)
MR4 enemies suggestion with graphics (by Roxblaster) (35k, doc, odt) (for [suggestion_4806] )
TMB trading cards (by cjfcjfjc) (54.3k, doc, xls, odt, ods)

Fan Games

Demonic Action AW (by bw26) (1.1mb exe)
Merlin Snowball (by bw26) (2.1mb exe)
Merlin's Revenge: Fan Game (by bw26) (3.5mb, exe)
Merlin's Revenge Plus (by bw26) (4.4mb, exe)
Merlin's Revenge MegaManKillAll (by megaman4ever) (2.3mb, exe)
Red's Breakout (by Red Runner) (2.8mb, exe)
Spectral Wars (by Red Runner) (3.4mb, exe)
Spectral Wars 2 (by Red Runner) (3.5mb, exe)
Stripes' Fan Game Pak (by Stripes) (2.8mb, 3 exes)

Editable Fan Games

These games may or may not be fully functional but they are editable. So take a look!

You'll need Game Maker to open these files. You can download it for free from here.

Blast the Things (by cjfcjfjc) (13.9k, gm6)
Editable Fan Games (by cjfjcjfjc) (75k, gm6, 2 files)
Gameavoid (by cjfcjfjc) (3.7k, gm6)
Merlin's Revenge Plus (by bw26) (3.2mb, gm6)
Merlin Ziggle (by cjfjcjfjc) (142k, gm6)
Merlin Ziggle Extension Exploration (by cjfjcjfjc) (150k, gm6)
MR Avoider (by megaman4ever) (144k, gm6)
Red vs Blue 2 and 3 (by cjfcjfjc) (62k, gm6)
Red Vs Blue 4 (by cjfcjfjc) (101.2k, gm6)
Starpiggy1 (by cjfcjfjc) (18.4k, gm6)
Starpiggytimed (by cjfcjfjc) (18.4k, gm6)
Ultimate Editable Game Pack (by cjfjcjfjc) (643k, gm6, 13 files)
Wizard Picker (by Roxblaster) (411k, gm6)

Learn Gamemaker

This collection of files and tutorials will teach you how to use gamemaker bw26 style!

bw26's Deluxe Example Fan-Game Pack (by bw26) (1.3mb, gm6, bmp, lib)

Stuff to with external projects relating to TMB

This is a spreadsheet that gives you a TMB rating. You can copy your stats in from your TMB CV page and then tweak the weightings to demonstrate how YOU are the most important member of TMB!

You'll need to install Open Office to view the file, don't worry - it's free and available for all OSes.

Members Spreadsheet (32k, ods)

TMB Members Creations

This is stuff made by TMB members, though not necessarily based on anything pre-existing on this site.

A Simple Campaign (Wesnoth Campaign by Megaman4Ever) (16k, rar)
Bob Muffin (story by bobmuffinmaker) (41k, pdf)
Intro to Free Software (pamphlet by Steve) (4.1mb, pdf)
Red Vs Blue (game by Red Runner) (1.2mb, exe)
Slug Sports (game by Ben Johnson) (1mb, exe)

Fan Game Kit

Want to make your own MR fan game? This kit contains graphics and sounds to get you started. It is licenced under a Creative Commons Licence which means you can do what you like with it, so long as you
- don't make money off it
- make your changes available to others
- give credit to me (Steve Riddett) or in some way.

(Now I know you're a good person and you would've done that anyway, but this just to make sure that if a business comes along and finds a way of making a bob or two with this stuff, I'll get my cut. ;) )

MR Fan Game Kit (3.2mb, png, bmp, wav)

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 England & Wales License.

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