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By: Roxblaster on 6 Jan 2007
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mr4 | enemies | [Suggestion_4806]

Bucket of enemies to start people out!

I have a bunch of enemies to kick off Mr4, so here they are. I drew them out too, but the thing wouldn't let me paste them here. Would it be ok if I sent the full document to you by regular E-mail Steve? Anyway, here's the stats of them. Enjoy, and make many comments!

1. The other guy besides Ochre and Scarlet. Uber Powerful (Ultra-Super)
Hit Points: 95
Attack: 100
Def: 93
Speed: 60
Attack Range: Far with Fire Jet attack. (sends a blast that after hitting designated target shoots big pillar of flame up. {new attack for Merlin?!?!?!????})
Special Ability: Can summon his minions (mainly summons Tornado Wizard (See below) and Necromancers)

2. Viking (warrior): Very weak enemy replaces goblin warrior. There are also archer forms of it.
Note: All stats are based from 1 to 100 in this enemy sheet
Hit points: 10
Attack: 17
Defense: 9
Speed: 40
Attack Range: Close with sword.
Spawns from: Small caves

3. Viking (archer): Very weak enemy. Replaces goblin archer.
Hit points: 10
Attack: 14
Defense: 8
Speed: 45
Attack Range: Far to Close with arrow.
Spawns from: Small caves

4. Gila Lizard: Standard powered enemy. Stats increase if it has a rider.
Hit points: 34
Attack: 39
Defense: 33
Speed: 20
Attack Range: Close with teeth, small distance to close with glob shoot.

5. Gila Lizard with rider: Moderately powered enemy with Viking on top.
Hit points: 44
Attack: 56
Defense: 47
Speed: 40
Attack Range: Close with teeth and sword, small distance to close with glob shoot.
Special Ability: When it is killed, a Viking warrior appears where it died.

6. Needled Digger: Standard powered enemy. Attacks by diving underground and coming up with needle.
Hit points: 28
Attack: 30
Defense: 19
Speed: 50
Attack Range: Anywhere on screen with tunneling needle.

7. Eskimo: Weak enemy.
Hit Points: 22
Attack: 21
Defense: 19
Speed: 45
Attack Range: Close with spear.
Spawn Point: Igloo.

8. Yeti: Very powerful enemy.
Hit Points: 78
Attack: 81
Defense: 79
Speed: 40
Attack Range: Close with giant ice club.
Spawn Point: Ice Cave.

9. Tornado Wizard: Powerful enemy. Attacks by calling bolts of lightning to strike its opponents.
Hit Points: 57
Attack: 59
Defense: 55
Speed: 30
Attack Range: Anywhere with lightning bolts.
Spawn Point: Old Tower.

10. Giant Scorpion: Standard Powered enemy. Attacks by shooting needles from stinger at Merlin.
Hit Points: 27
Attack: 28
Defense: 25
Speed: 40
Attack Range: Anywhere with needles.
Spawn Point: Pile of Rocks

11. Evil Fiend: Powerful Enemy. Shoots Black spells at Merlin and attacks him with his red claws. (You might have to squint to see them!)
Hit Points: 58
Attack: 58
Defense: 55
Speed: 33
Attack Range: Anywhere with Dark Blasts. Close with claws.

12. Zeus Clones: Very Powerful Enemy. Floats around shooting Thunder-bolts at enemies.
Hit Points: 82
Attack: 85
Defense: 86
Speed: 60
Attack Range: Anywhere with Thunder Bolts.

13. Sorta-Grimm Reaper: Irredeemably evil, but doesn’t like to send people to oblivion. Will slash you up good though. Whenever he attacks, he says “Sorry, my bad” or “Hate to do this to you” or “Boss’s orders” Very Powerful enemy.
Hit Points: 79
Attack: 83
Defense: 76
Speed: 30
Attack Range: Close with Scythe
Spawn Point: Bloody Casket

14. Potato Catapult: Weak enemy. Flings Hot Potatoes at Merlin.
Hit Points: 30
Attack: 29
Defense: 18
Speed: 23
Attack Range: Short Distance with Hot Potatoes.


12 Jan 2007 [comment_17668]
Yes please do, I'll post it up so people can see.
Alternately, you can upload the images to something like imagebucket and link to them from a comment (or a new version of the suggestion).

13 Jan 2007 [comment_17736]
i like them but they have to much attack.

29 Jan 2007 [comment_18340]
Ok, Roxblaster sent through the file and I finally got round to uploading it. You can see the images by downloading this file.

It's in doc format and I also put it in odt too.

31 Jan 2007 [comment_18425]
Wow that is a lot of neat ideas. I really like the picture for the Zeus Clones.
The Yeti looks awesome but hard to animate/ make a sprite sheet for.
I don't think that replacing the goblins with your Vikings is a happening thing.
I like the idea of the grim reaper but I don't know about the graphics(looks a little too friendly to me)
Overall great stuff but hard to rate when you put so many ideas in the same suggestion.

31 Jan 2007 [comment_18426]
I took a second look and desided I really liked the Zeus clones. Would you mind if I used your graphic as a base to animate a Zeus clone unit?
I would change some things about it such as the shading and the shape of the lighting bolt and crown. I really like the pose you have him in and for some reason I really like the way you did his hands.
For his attack animation I would have him slam the 2 lighting bolts into one and throw it.
I would mostly just make some changes to the cloud to make it look like it is moving.
Anyway hope to hear from you.

4 Feb 2007 [comment_18591]
Do anything you like Sketch! I'm glad if it gets in the game!

5 Feb 2007 [comment_18638]

10 Feb 2007 [comment_18843]
I most wanted the yetis in the game, cause even I thought they looked awesome, and I was the one who drew it. I know you said it's hard to animate, but I would really appreciate if you would Sketch. As for the Vikings, they don't need to be replaceing the Goblins. (I was actually thinking of makeing a mini-game called Merlin vs. The Horned Helmets, and I guess I didn't remove that replacement scentence when I coppied. Oops.)

16 Feb 2007 [comment_19028]
The sprite drawer tends to like their own work.
Personally, I don't like the Yeti drawing.

23 Feb 2007 [comment_19136]
I like the Zeus clones, the scorpion, the little Viking dude, and yes, the Yeti.

23 Feb 2007 [comment_19153]
WOOT! STEVE LIKES THE YETI!!! Sorry, had to do that in all-caps.

2 Mar 2007 [comment_19443]
Well Darren, would the Sprite Drawer make work if he didn't like it? No, I mean I really like it, more than the other ones I drew. Favorite, that's the word.

9 Mar 2007 [comment_19545]
No, I'm just saying that I'm not surprised he liked it, though he sounded surprised.

29 Jun 2007 [comment_21812]
How long did it take to do these???

7 Jul 2007 [comment_22109]
Not that long. No animations you see. Two or three days perhaps? I don't remember...

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