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ID Game Title Who's Doing It? Done?
[suggestion_6905] mr3 Berlin bug steve To Do
[suggestion_6908] mr4 Invisable Mines? To Merge
[suggestion_7079] mr_open Last Screen Is Already Clear To Merge
[suggestion_6980] mr4 Load/Save glitch To Merge
[suggestion_7056] mr4 Lose GMG on save game To Merge
[suggestion_7075] mr4 Saving To Merge
[suggestion_6986] mr4 Sqeeze Bug To Merge
[suggestion_6817] tmb_website Active (7 days) steve To Merge
[suggestion_6803] tmb_website Bug: Website status steve To Merge
[suggestion_4921] mr4 return of the king(not the book) Used
[suggestion_6805] mr4 Summoner AI more intelligent? To Merge
[suggestion_5028] mr4 Angry Bear To Do
[suggestion_5128] mr4 bomb To Do
[suggestion_6709] mr4 Catapults (For Goblins) crazymerlinman32... To Do
[suggestion_5996] mr4 Caveman To Do
[suggestion_6722] mr4 Desert Bandits To Do
[suggestion_6722] mr4 Desert Bandits crazymerlinman32... To Do
[suggestion_5335] mr4 Dragon Nurse To Do
[suggestion_4978] mr4 Druids Used
[suggestion_3444] mr4 Ember Mage To Merge
[suggestion_6377] mr4 Fake Tree To Do
[suggestion_5024] mr4 frosty monk To Merge
[suggestion_1842] mr3 Gargoyle To Do
[suggestion_6571] mr4 General skeleton To Merge
[suggestion_6571] mr4 General skeleton crazymerlinman32... To Merge
[suggestion_5282] mr4 Giant four-armed golem Used
[suggestion_6868] mr4 Gladiator Spear Throwers Phoenix To Do
[suggestion_5079] mr4 Green knights To Do
[suggestion_5079] mr4 Green knights crazymerlinman32... To Do
[suggestion_5385] mr4 ice golems To Merge
[suggestion_6604] mr4 Imposter Kings or Anti Kings To Do
[suggestion_6604] mr4 Imposter Kings or Anti Kings crazymerlinman32... To Do
[suggestion_6535] mr4 jetpack guy crazymerlinman32... To Do
[suggestion_5336] mr4 Lizard guy with a flamethrower (baby flamethrower dragon?) Used
[suggestion_5336] mr4 Lizard guy with a flamethrower (baby flamethrower dragon?) firestorm Used
[suggestion_6543] mr_open Mob To Do
[suggestion_5521] mr4 More elaborate enemies To Do
[suggestion_6835] mr4 Moss/Slime Golems crazymerlinman32... To Do
[suggestion_5029] mr4 Needle Plant To Merge
[suggestion_5865] mr4 orc mage Used
[suggestion_5510] mr4 orc swordsman Used
[suggestion_5124] mr4 peasents To Merge
[suggestion_5204] mr4 power ostrich To Do
[suggestion_6465] mr4 PrisonBreaker crazymerlinman32... To Do
[suggestion_6869] mr4 Roman Spellcaster Phoenix To Do
[suggestion_6871] mr4 Scarecrow Phoenix To Do
[suggestion_14] mr3 Scarlet Wizard To Merge
[suggestion_6741] mr4 Seedon crazymerlinman32... To Do
[suggestion_4982] mr4 Shrouders Used
[suggestion_4834] mr4 Skeleton Archer steve Used
[suggestion_5269] mr4 Skeliton Lord Used
[suggestion_6758] mr4 Slimy Quadranids crazymerlinman32... To Do
[suggestion_4951] mr4 speedy kung fu men To Merge
[suggestion_6572] mr4 Spintop To Do
[suggestion_6572] mr4 Spintop crazymerlinman32... To Do
[suggestion_5146] mr4 Spring Demon To Do
[suggestion_5636] mr4 sumo's again To Merge
[suggestion_6761] mr4 Sword goblins Roxblaster To Do
[suggestion_6867] mr4 Swords and Sandals...GLADIATORS!!! Phoenix To Do
[suggestion_4955] mr4 Tangerine Slinger To Do
[suggestion_4954] mr4 Tangerine Swordsman To Do
[suggestion_6686] mr4 The Evil Garbage Can To Do
[suggestion_5291] mr4 The Evil TVs (I knew they were up to something) To Merge
[suggestion_4944] mr4 The Laser Spider boss megaman4ever To Do
[suggestion_15] mr4 The Tangerine Wizard To Merge
[suggestion_6875] mr4 Tombstone Shooter Phoenix To Do
[suggestion_5257] mr4 Western/Cowboys crazymerlinman32... To Do
[suggestion_6789] mr4 Dialogue Triggering To Do
[suggestion_6614] mr_open Editor smaller? To Merge
[suggestion_6721] mr4 Merlin's Growth To Merge
[suggestion_6611] mr4 Needle Plant Grave To Merge
[suggestion_6925] tmb_website Ongoing Roadmap steve To Merge
[suggestion_7153] mr_open Ratings on Created maps steve To Do
[suggestion_6973] tmb_website Remove the Formus Link? steve To Merge
[suggestion_6613] mr4 Time Efficient Mines To Merge
[suggestion_6959] mr4 Bard To Do
[suggestion_6847] mr4 Garonlin the Grey To Merge
[suggestion_4972] mr4 Opposite-color spells for wizards To Do
[suggestion_6845] mr4 Prestotolin the Indigo To Merge
[suggestion_6100] mr4 Town Drunkard To Do
[suggestion_5270] mr4 Town Watch To Merge
[suggestion_177] mr3 Ulin The White To Merge
[suggestion_1497] suggestions_db Designs steve To Do
[suggestion_7159] merlin_tower_battles Merlin's Revenge: Tower Battles - The Second Wave - The Most Ridiculousest Game Title Ever - Now with 100% more subtitles! megaman4ever To Merge
[suggestion_6179] mr4 A Simpler Water Suggestion To Do
[suggestion_6919] mr4 An Even Simpler Water Suggestion To Do
[suggestion_6794] mr_open Auras Vx.y To Merge
[suggestion_6575] mr_open Backgrounds selector bigger? To Merge
[suggestion_6815] mr4 Bug: Wizard Summon with Save Game To Merge
[suggestion_6621] mr_open Cast Editor Super_merlin To Do
[suggestion_6886] mr_open Changes for Difficulty Level To Merge
[suggestion_6880] tmb_website Changes to the Website steve To Merge
[suggestion_7095] tmb_website comment links steve To Do
[suggestion_5160] mr4 difficulty levels To Merge
[suggestion_6755] mr4 Experience for Sumoners To Merge
[suggestion_6910] mr4 Faster Summoning To Do
[suggestion_7107] mr4 Max Spells To Do
[suggestion_6436] mr_open Multiple attacks To Merge
[suggestion_6843] mr4 Powerups Can be Moved Around To Merge
[suggestion_6544] mr4 Priority Based Targeting To Do
[suggestion_6471] mr4 Team Override. To Merge
[suggestion_6922] bum_earth Trees Growing To Do
[suggestion_7167] tmb_website URLs that start with https:// steve To Merge
[suggestion_5284] mr4 Waves To Merge
[suggestion_4931] mr4 Wizards joining you To Do
[suggestion_5001] mr4 Wizards Need Rest To Do
[suggestion_6903] merlin_plus 404 not found! steve To Merge
[suggestion_6990] mr4 A bunch of suggestions To Do
[suggestion_6793] tmb_website Add to Roadmap steve To Merge
[suggestion_6887] bum_earth Bottom Earth Ver 2 To Do
[suggestion_7084] mr4 cap Merlin's speed to navMode speed To Merge
[suggestion_7166] tmb_website Don't load all comments when approving steve To Do
[suggestion_7156] mr4 Dwarves unsummoning on screen clear steve To Do
[suggestion_6485] tmb_website Give everyone comment approver status steve Used
[suggestion_6825] tmb_website HTML table on make_suggestion page? steve To Merge
[suggestion_6992] mr3 Imagine Merlin's Revenge mobile! To Do
[suggestion_5552] mr4 Levelling up Sequence steve To Do
[suggestion_5552] mr4 Levelling up Sequence To Merge
[suggestion_6620] tmb_website Limit name lenght steve To Merge
[suggestion_6435] mr4 Lizard dudes To Merge
[suggestion_1493] suggestions_db Map Editor steve To Merge
[suggestion_1493] suggestions_db Map Editor To Do
[suggestion_6798] tmb_website member ids used in links steve To Merge
[suggestion_6779] tmb_website Member Roadmaps steve To Merge
[suggestion_6418] mr4 Now implemented: multiple reincarnations To Merge
[suggestion_4568] mr3 Open Source Merlin To Do
[suggestion_6945] mr4 Reel-Proofing To Merge
[suggestion_4569] mr3 Slightly less open Merlin Used
[suggestion_6288] suggestions_db Spam/fight zone steve To Merge
[suggestion_5813] mr4 stats To Do
[suggestion_6846] mr4 Verdanlin the Green To Merge
[suggestion_7122] tmb_website Website status links steve To Merge
[suggestion_4943] mr4 xp bar Used
[suggestion_6866] mr4 Black Sorcerer Marks Phoenix To Do
[suggestion_6921] bum_earth Bonzai! To Do
[suggestion_7112] merlin_c descent_into_darkness-megaman4ever steve To Do
[suggestion_4832] mr4 Double sized game To Do
[suggestion_4143] mr4 energy Barrels crazymerlinman32... To Do
[suggestion_7169] mr_open Golden Castle - version 1.2.1 megaman4ever To Merge
[suggestion_7169] mr_open Golden Castle - version 1.2.1 steve To Do
[suggestion_6917] editors Menus To Do
[suggestion_6612] tmb_website My new world map steve To Merge
[suggestion_6549] mr4 New Rock Tile Used
[suggestion_6914] bum_earth Palm Trees To Do
[suggestion_6795] mr4 Peasant Village To Do
[suggestion_6421] mr4 Sectionalised minimap To Merge
[suggestion_6830] mr4 Temple of Ghostly Chanting Phoenix To Do
[suggestion_5283] mr4 The Citadel To Do
[suggestion_6679] mr4 The Dorment Volcano of Death crazymerlinman32... To Do
[suggestion_5593] mr4 The Frigid Caves steve Used
[suggestion_6870] mr4 The Magical Glacier Phoenix To Do
[suggestion_6373] editors Tile odering To Merge
[suggestion_5005] mr4 Winterland steve Used
[suggestion_6872] mr4 Bug: Music Does Not Play on First Screen To Merge
[suggestion_5225] mr4 Feory/storm's Composition of Awesomeness firestorm To Do
[suggestion_7052] mr4 Player Reel To Merge
[suggestion_6822] mr_open General Script-Triggering Rocks To Merge
[suggestion_4929] mr4 goblin allies To Merge
[suggestion_6855] mr_open In Game Script Stones To Merge
[suggestion_6832] mr4 Lessened Level-up Benefits To Merge
[suggestion_6526] mr4 Power Medikit To Merge
[suggestion_4918] mr4 Arctic blast To Merge
[suggestion_6796] mr4 Army unsummon To Merge
[suggestion_5236] mr4 Energy Blast C Used
[suggestion_4851] mr4 energy punch Used
[suggestion_4948] mr4 Hammer Shot To Do
[suggestion_5788] mr4 healing spell To Merge
[suggestion_7126] mr_open Mass army summon To Do
[suggestion_6861] mr4 stupid spell To Do
[suggestion_6916] editors Tileset Switching/Updating to Newer Tilesets To Merge
[suggestion_7125] mr_open Wizard summon To Do
[suggestion_6923] bum_earth Ice cube trees To Do
[suggestion_4926] mr4 golden machine gun To Merge
[suggestion_4812] mr4 Sword To Merge