Changes to Road Map

Here's what has changed with the Road Map since


steve added [suggestion_4834] Skeleton Archer
steve added [suggestion_5005] Winterland
steve added [suggestion_5593] The Frigid Caves
steve added [suggestion_6485] Give everyone comment approver...
added [suggestion_6572] Spintop
added [suggestion_4568] Open Source Merlin
added [suggestion_1493] Map Editor
added [suggestion_4931] Wizards joining you
added [suggestion_4851] energy punch
added [suggestion_6543] Mob
added [suggestion_6100] Town Drunkard
added [suggestion_6795] Peasant Village
added [suggestion_5996] Caveman
added [suggestion_4832] Double sized game
added [suggestion_5521] More elaborate enemies
added [suggestion_5079] Green knights
added [suggestion_4955] Tangerine Slinger
added [suggestion_4954] Tangerine Swordsman
megaman4ever added [suggestion_4944] The Laser Spider boss
added [suggestion_6722] Desert Bandits
added [suggestion_6686] The Evil Garbage Can
added [suggestion_6604] Imposter Kings or Anti Kings
added [suggestion_6544] Priority Based Targeting
crazymerlinman321 added [suggestion_6758] Slimy Quadranids
crazymerlinman321 added [suggestion_6741] Seedon
crazymerlinman321 added [suggestion_6572] Spintop
crazymerlinman321 added [suggestion_6679] The Dorment Volcano of Death
added [suggestion_4972] Opposite-color spells for wiza...
Super_merlin added [suggestion_6621] Cast Editor
added [suggestion_1842] Gargoyle
Roxblaster added [suggestion_6761] Sword goblins
crazymerlinman321 added [suggestion_6604] Imposter Kings or Anti Kings
crazymerlinman321 added [suggestion_6722] Desert Bandits
crazymerlinman321 added [suggestion_5079] Green knights
added [suggestion_5001] Wizards Need Rest
firestorm added [suggestion_5225] Feory/storm's Composition of A...
firestorm added [suggestion_5336] Lizard guy with a flamethrower...
crazymerlinman321 added [suggestion_6709] Catapults (For Goblins)
crazymerlinman321 added [suggestion_4143] energy Barrels
crazymerlinman321 added [suggestion_6465] PrisonBreaker
crazymerlinman321 added [suggestion_5257] Western/Cowboys
Phoenix added [suggestion_6830] Temple of Ghostly Chanting
Phoenix added [suggestion_6869] Roman Spellcaster
Phoenix added [suggestion_6867] Swords and Sandals...GLADIATOR...
Phoenix added [suggestion_6866] Black Sorcerer Marks
Phoenix added [suggestion_6868] Gladiator Spear Throwers
Phoenix added [suggestion_6875] Tombstone Shooter
Phoenix added [suggestion_6870] The Magical Glacier
Phoenix added [suggestion_6871] Scarecrow
added [suggestion_5813] stats
added [suggestion_5283] The Citadel
added [suggestion_6377] Fake Tree
added [suggestion_6923] Ice cube trees
added [suggestion_6914] Palm Trees
added [suggestion_6922] Trees Growing
added [suggestion_6921] Bonzai!
added [suggestion_6919] An Even Simpler Water Suggesti...
added [suggestion_6179] A Simpler Water Suggestion
added [suggestion_6917] Menus
added [suggestion_6887] Bottom Earth Ver 2
added [suggestion_6959] Bard
added [suggestion_6992] Imagine Merlin's Revenge mobil...
crazymerlinman321 added [suggestion_6535] jetpack guy
added [suggestion_6861] stupid spell
added [suggestion_5028] Angry Bear
added [suggestion_5128] bomb
added [suggestion_6789] Dialogue Triggering
added [suggestion_5146] Spring Demon
steve added [suggestion_1497] Designs
added [suggestion_5335] Dragon Nurse
added [suggestion_6990] A bunch of suggestions
crazymerlinman321 added [suggestion_6835] Moss/Slime Golems
steve added [suggestion_7095] comment links
added [suggestion_4948] Hammer Shot
added [suggestion_7107] Max Spells
added [suggestion_7125] Wizard summon
added [suggestion_7126] Mass army summon
steve added [suggestion_7112] descent_into_darkness-megaman4...
steve added [suggestion_7153] Ratings on Created maps
steve added [suggestion_7156] Dwarves unsummoning on screen ...
steve added [suggestion_7166] Don't load all comments when a...
steve added [suggestion_7169] Golden Castle - version 1.2.1
steve added [suggestion_6905] Berlin bug


steve finished [suggestion_6620] Limit name lenght
steve finished [suggestion_1493] Map Editor
steve finished [suggestion_6793] Add to Roadmap
steve finished [suggestion_6779] Member Roadmaps
finished [suggestion_5552] Levelling up Sequence
finished [suggestion_4569] Slightly less open Merlin
finished [suggestion_4943] xp bar
finished [suggestion_4978] Druids
finished [suggestion_4982] Shrouders
finished [suggestion_5124] peasents
finished [suggestion_4921] return of the king(not the boo...
finished [suggestion_5510] orc swordsman
finished [suggestion_5336] Lizard guy with a flamethrower...
finished [suggestion_5270] Town Watch
finished [suggestion_5269] Skeliton Lord
finished [suggestion_5236] Energy Blast C
finished [suggestion_5282] Giant four-armed golem
finished [suggestion_6721] Merlin's Growth
finished [suggestion_6614] Editor smaller?
finished [suggestion_6613] Time Efficient Mines
finished [suggestion_6549] New Rock Tile
finished [suggestion_6526] Power Medikit
finished [suggestion_6435] Lizard dudes
finished [suggestion_6421] Sectionalised minimap
finished [suggestion_6418] Now implemented: multiple rein...
finished [suggestion_6373] Tile odering
finished [suggestion_5865] orc mage
finished [suggestion_5788] healing spell
steve finished [suggestion_6798] member ids used in links
steve finished [suggestion_6612] My new world map
finished [suggestion_6815] Bug: Wizard Summon with Save G...
finished [suggestion_6575] Backgrounds selector bigger?
finished [suggestion_6436] Multiple attacks
finished [suggestion_4951] speedy kung fu men
finished [suggestion_5284] Waves
finished [suggestion_5024] frosty monk
finished [suggestion_4918] Arctic blast
finished [suggestion_5385] ice golems
finished [suggestion_6845] Prestotolin the Indigo
finished [suggestion_177] Ulin The White
finished [suggestion_5029] Needle Plant
finished [suggestion_6805] Summoner AI more intelligent?
finished [suggestion_6843] Powerups Can be Moved Around
finished [suggestion_6611] Needle Plant Grave
finished [suggestion_6794] Auras Vx.y
finished [suggestion_4929] goblin allies
finished [suggestion_14] Scarlet Wizard
finished [suggestion_6755] Experience for Sumoners
finished [suggestion_6855] In Game Script Stones
finished [suggestion_6872] Bug: Music Does Not Play on Fi...
finished [suggestion_6571] General skeleton
finished [suggestion_6846] Verdanlin the Green
finished [suggestion_4926] golden machine gun
finished [suggestion_4812] Sword
finished [suggestion_6471] Team Override.
finished [suggestion_6832] Lessened Level-up Benefits
finished [suggestion_6822] General Script-Triggering Rock...
steve finished [suggestion_6903] 404 not found!
steve finished [suggestion_6817] Active (7 days)
finished [suggestion_5636] sumo's again
steve finished [suggestion_6803] Bug: Website status
finished [suggestion_6908] Invisable Mines?
steve finished [suggestion_6880] Changes to the Website
finished [suggestion_6916] Tileset Switching/Updating to ...
steve finished [suggestion_6925] Ongoing Roadmap
steve finished [suggestion_6973] Remove the Formus Link?
steve finished [suggestion_6825] HTML table on make_suggestion ...
finished [suggestion_6796] Army unsummon
crazymerlinman321 finished [suggestion_6571] General skeleton
finished [suggestion_5291] The Evil TVs (I knew they were...
finished [suggestion_15] The Tangerine Wizard
finished [suggestion_7075] Saving
finished [suggestion_6980] Load/Save glitch
finished [suggestion_3444] Ember Mage
finished [suggestion_7052] Player Reel
finished [suggestion_6945] Reel-Proofing
finished [suggestion_6847] Garonlin the Grey
finished [suggestion_6986] Sqeeze Bug
finished [suggestion_7056] Lose GMG on save game
finished [suggestion_7079] Last Screen Is Already Clear
finished [suggestion_5160] difficulty levels
finished [suggestion_6886] Changes for Difficulty Level
finished [suggestion_7084] cap Merlin's speed to navMode ...
steve finished [suggestion_6288] Spam/fight zone
steve finished [suggestion_7122] Website status links
steve finished [suggestion_7167] URLs that start with https://
megaman4ever finished [suggestion_7159] Merlin's Revenge: Tower Battle...
megaman4ever finished [suggestion_7169] Golden Castle - version 1.2.1


steve removed [suggestion_4921] return of the king(not the boo...
steve removed [suggestion_5336] Lizard guy with a flamethrower...
steve removed [suggestion_5510] orc swordsman
steve removed [suggestion_5029] Needle Plant
steve removed [suggestion_5124] peasents
steve removed [suggestion_4978] Druids
steve removed [suggestion_5204] power ostrich
steve removed [suggestion_4982] Shrouders
steve removed [suggestion_5269] Skeliton Lord
steve removed [suggestion_4951] speedy kung fu men
steve removed [suggestion_6572] Spintop
steve removed [suggestion_5270] Town Watch
steve removed [suggestion_4931] Wizards joining you
steve removed [suggestion_4943] xp bar
steve removed [suggestion_4918] Arctic blast
steve removed [suggestion_5236] Energy Blast C
steve removed [suggestion_4851] energy punch
steve removed [suggestion_4812] Sword
megaman4ever removed [suggestion_6788] Achievement system GET!
crazymerlinman321 removed [suggestion_6434] Update!
MerlinRulez removed [suggestion_6988] Young Merlin
crazymerlinman321 removed [suggestion_6184] Water Hydra
steve removed [suggestion_5028] Angry Bear
steve removed [suggestion_5985] Armored Man
steve removed [suggestion_5128] bomb
steve removed [suggestion_3444] Ember Mage
steve removed [suggestion_6377] Fake Tree
steve removed [suggestion_5024] frosty monk
steve removed [suggestion_6655] HTML Check
steve removed [suggestion_5132] Leeches
steve removed [suggestion_5146] Spring Demon
steve removed [suggestion_6789] Dialogue Triggering
steve removed [suggestion_5504] skeleton artillery
steve removed [suggestion_4866] Caladrius Egg
steve removed [suggestion_6877] Suggestion Preview
steve removed [suggestion_6534] intro corner
steve removed [suggestion_6594] Screenshots
steve removed [suggestion_6788] Achievement system GET!
steve removed [suggestion_5113] black sorcerer movement
steve removed [suggestion_5160] difficulty levels
steve removed [suggestion_6843] Powerups Can be Moved Around
steve removed [suggestion_6784] Extract Bitmaps from MR Open
steve removed [suggestion_6785] Extract Screens from MR Open
steve removed [suggestion_6786] Move away from shockwave
steve removed [suggestion_7013] No more whitespace spams
steve removed [suggestion_6523] Polls
steve removed [suggestion_6783] Put the data in the database
steve removed [suggestion_6595] (100# suggestion for me) Note...
steve removed [suggestion_6990] A bunch of suggestions
steve removed [suggestion_6998] Preview Comments
steve removed [suggestion_6888] Release system
steve removed [suggestion_6519] Self voting member status
steve removed [suggestion_6831] Suggestion *In Roadmap* link
steve removed [suggestion_5216] The Great and Mysterious Name ...
steve removed [suggestion_6516] Uploads
steve removed [suggestion_4930] Map Overview
steve removed [suggestion_5225] Feory/storm's Composition of A...
steve removed [suggestion_4890] Stance
steve removed [suggestion_4922] apprenticeship
steve removed [suggestion_4929] goblin allies
steve removed [suggestion_6855] In Game Script Stones
steve removed [suggestion_5185] Merlin loses his powers
steve removed [suggestion_5233] Fragmentations Blast
steve removed [suggestion_4948] Hammer Shot
steve removed [suggestion_4867] Phoneix's Ashes
steve removed [suggestion_6948] View Recent Comments
steve removed [suggestion_4926] golden machine gun
steve removed [suggestion_6797] Road map on the CV page
removed [suggestion_6918] Size Based Attack
removed [suggestion_7030] Bug: F button sometimes does n...
crazymerlinman321 removed [suggestion_6690] Dragon Rider
crazymerlinman321 removed [suggestion_3585] Ancient Mummy
crazymerlinman321 removed [suggestion_6524] Firework Mage
crazymerlinman321 removed [suggestion_6592] Squash-roller
crazymerlinman321 removed [suggestion_6689] StoneRock
crazymerlinman321 removed [suggestion_6708] The Death Machine
crazymerlinman321 removed [suggestion_6713] Ulin wants a Quest
crazymerlinman321 removed [suggestion_4948] Hammer Shot
crazymerlinman321 removed [suggestion_6611] Needle Plant Grave
crazymerlinman321 removed [suggestion_5001] Wizards Need Rest
crazymerlinman321 removed [suggestion_6754] The Sparkling Tree
crazymerlinman321 removed [suggestion_6853] Palm Tree Catapult...guy
megaman4ever removed [suggestion_6596] Everything on Epic MR
megaman4ever removed [suggestion_3145] colosseum mode
steve removed [suggestion_7159] Merlin's Revenge: Tower Battle...


unfinished [suggestion_6910] Faster Summoning
unfinished [suggestion_5204] power ostrich
steve unfinished [suggestion_5552] Levelling up Sequence