Merlin's Revenge 2


Find the Scarlet Wizard and kick his butt!!

Kill all monsters to gain access to adjacent screens.

Find potions for more power.
Find scrolls for more spells (collect the orange scroll on first screen to fire energy blasts).
Find medikits for more health.
Find Golden Machine Gun for auto-fire capability.

Controls (default)

Use the cursor keys to move Merlin
Hold left mouse button to charge a spell
Point to where you want it to land
Release left button to fire
Please note that you can't fire until you collect the orange scroll at the beginning.

Ctrl - changes the spell Merlin is using
Left shift - toggles Golden Machine Gun on/off (once collected)
NumPad 0 - calls Berlin for assistance

Additionally, you can choose an alternative keyboard layout by clicking on "keys" on the title screen. (I recommend using "qwerty")

Power Potions

Red - increase maximum energy blast size
Blue - increase the speed at which the energy blast charges
Purple - increase the initial size of the energy blast
Green - increase Merlin's walk speed


Orange - Energy Blast
Yellow - Energy Beam
Blue - Monster Summon
Purple - Morph
Please see in game help (press "esc" during play) for more details.

Game Controls

"s" - Toggles in-game sound effects
"h" or ESC - Brings up in game menu for saving, loading and help.
To change the difficulty level quit to the title screen and click on "[easy]" at the left of the screen, it will change to "[norm]" and then "[hard]". Then start a new game.

All about Merlin's Revenge 2

Free Online Game

Welcome to Merlin's Revenge 2. Quite simply Bigger, Better, Blastier than MR1.

It's set in the same fantasy land as MR1 - but this time there are tons of new environments to explore and creatures to blast. Games like Halo and Half-Life allow you to pick up additional weapons. In Merlin's Revenge 2 it's additional spells that increase your destructive powers...
Summon Berlin to fight alongside you. Turn roaming monsters to your side using 'Monster Summon'. Utilise the fearsome Energy Beam, locate the Golden Machine Gun and let the mayhem commence...

Popular Online Game

The response to Merlin's Revenge 2 has been nothing short of incredible. *Even more* players have blasted their way through the lands of MR2 than the first game...

Though it was launched back in 2002, MR2's timeless, addictive nature means it's still being played by thousands daily. for example have informed us that it is still entertaining their visitors, and they're as excited about future MR games as we are. Merlin's Revenge 2 has been played by gamers on hundreds of games websites and has probably been played well over a million times!

First Person Shooter

Merlin's Revenge 2 is the second in the series and expands the gameplay and plot experience greatly over the first game. There are very different ways to tackle the screens and a lot of choice about the best way through the game. Like the first game, it gets fast and frenetic, and good reflexes and arcade skills are still required for victory!

But again, if it all gets too tough, there are cheat keys to help you through the game. These can be discovered by a bit of experimentation or by reading through some of the posts in the comments section.

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