The customisable settings are as follows:

God Stuff:
People The number of people that start on each side. The maximum this number can be is defined by the size of the home area. However, the absolute max for Farmers is 500, for Tech Warriors, 5.
Delay The number of frames after the start of the battle when the followers of the God become active. Can be used like "Farmers, you will start on my first whistle...". Give an advantage to one side or the other (or set both sides to a high value for a tense dramatic pause at the beginning).
Home The rectangle within which all the followers of the God will initially be placed. The maps origin (point(0,0)) is at the top left. The rectangle is defined by two points [(x1,y1),(x2,y2)], the first is the top left corner of the rectangle, the second is the bottom right. The program keeps track of how many men a certain home area allows, eg. [1,1,2,2] would be a very small home area in the top left of the map able to support a maximum of four people, [12,1,22,26] is a large home area covering most of the right hand side of the map and able to support up to 176 people.
Be aware overlapping the two home areas and then setting the num of people near the max amounts may cause errors.

People Stuff:
Range The distance within which the enemy can be attacked. The width of a square is 1. But a diagonal attack takes a range of 1.5. Setting the farmers range at 2 or above may produce some weird looking results.
Runaway The distance at which the enemy is considered too close and must be retreated from. At this distance, the man will start looking for escape routes. He will only attack the nearest enemy if no square around him meets the requirements of a safer haven.
Dontrun The distance the enemy must be away from a proposed escape route for the route to be taken. This a setting which prevents the man from running from one enemy straight into the arms of another. Setting this higher than or equal to 'Runaway' will result in the man never running away.
WalkDelay The range of values which are randomly chosen from each time a man finishes walking somewhere to define how long it takes him to decide ( in frames) what to do next. Set these values higher to make people take longer to walk places, lower to make them faster, further apart to make them less predictable, closer together to make them more so.
AttackTime The range from which the amount of time it takes a man to attack his target is randomly chosen. Set these values higher to make people take longer to fire, lower to make them faster, further apart... you get the idea. Attacks are always successful and both sides take but one hit to die.

Laser Stuff:
BeamWidth The width of the Tech Warriors Laser beam (in pixels) This setting is for aesthetic purposes only it has no effect on the performance of the laser gun or the Tech Warrior who is holding it.

Changes to settings take effect at the start of a new battle. (Remember to press "apply".)

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