Rebellion Comments

Here are comments that people have sent in about Rebellion. This is one of my favourite things that I have done, I'm very chuffed that people are taking an interest in it!
On 8th Jan 2007, Darren wrote,

The highest number of Farmers a lone Cyber-tech Warrior on Rebellion (with all weapon/running sytems on default and the Farmers lined up vertically) can defeat is 12.

Steve replied,

Lol. Now that's what I call "science in action"!

On 8th Nov 2006, Lars (YDWTK) wrote,

I found glitch in rebellion... the super huge farmer!

Steve replied,

I haven't seen that, how do you do it?

On 14th Oct 2006, Donut (will work for spare change) wrote,

steve rebellion is still messed up. i think it might be because i have the laser set to 0. i'm not gonna bother to try again cuz i had to restart my computer. welllll bye!

Steve replied,

Ok, I dunno what has happened there. You'd probably need to delete the files it creates to reset it.

Does it crash immeadiatly or can you do stuff before it crashes?

On 14th Jul 2006, noobie wrote,

if you set the lazer width to zero with one rebelion guy and 24 farmers with 9999 lazer range, the rebelion guy will still die. the funny thing is that if you do it again and look imidiatly at the farmers there should be one extra large farmer that takes two squares horazontally. this will only happen until the guy moves. then he will be normal again.
P.S. how do i post a comment? i am a member.
P.S. my member name is noobie

Steve replied,

Well, I tried what you said, but I could see the effect that you described, also the tech ninja won when I did it. Maybe you had changed some of the other settings.

Your comment is posted when I reply to it. Which I now have so if you check this page:

You should see your comment, and my reply there.

On 22nd May 2006, Hrainian (YDWTK) wrote,

I love this game! i like setting the laser beam to size 0, then it looks like the farmers are dropping dead. Or i can set the range to 22 squares, so they kill each other immediately!

Steve replied,

Lol! good stuff!

On 16th Mar 2006, Raikuu (???) wrote,

Hey, y'know Rebellion? That game's cool. I played it for 2 hours once (just kidding). I think you should make it so that you can change the units' movement speed.

Steve replied,

Thanks! I don't have any plans to mess with it right now though.

On 4th Mar 2006, Donut wrote,

I tried that thingy about rebellion that you told me, but it says awhole pile-o-stuffs about *teasy voice* can't find it! check the name! bla bla bla bla!!! Also could you change the name to a less long name. I'd hate to have a name like that!!! But I don't so Who cares!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Steve replied,

The only bit of the filename I control is "rebelsettings.txt" the rest is defined by windows and the shockwave plugin.

I'm sorry you didn't have any success with this. I don't really know what else to suggest.

On 2nd Mar 2006, megaman4ever wrote,

why i cant change the amount of ninjas in that rebellion game? if it recuires shockwave player 8 to run it, then id know the reason. i pressed apply button if it might be from that so dont suggest that.
thanks for information even tho i havent got it yet!

Steve replied,

Once you have pressed the apply button, you must change the number on the right hand screen.

The left hand one is disabled.

Change the number under where it says "God Tech"

then press "apply" again.

Does that help?

On 23rd Feb 2006, Donut wrote,

Every time I try to play that rebellion game thingy, it freezes when I press the play button. That game is fun, so could you fix it.

Steve replied,

Sorry dude, I couldn't get that to happen when I tried it. I'm not saying it's not happening for you but it's just that I can't fix something I can't see.

Tell you what, try going to:
"C:\Documents and Settings\steve\Application Data\Macromedia\Shockwave Player\Prefs\\"

and deleting the file called "rebelsettings.txt"
maybe that will help.

On 16th Feb 2006, blaster (Bloodstain productions) wrote,

I just wanted to say, on rebellion if you put everything the same for farmers and for tech warriors the game will get confused on who died first and crash

Steve replied,

oh. :0

I'll have to try that.

On 7th Aug 2005, stimpy wrote,

me again i was wounder why none of ur interactive animations will load do i need a plug-in and when u get done with mr3 or if u got some spare time will you work on some more like Rebellion i havent played it yet but it sound reallllly cool thx * ?T|MP?

ps. do u got a site where i can find the symbles above? |

Steve replied,

Yes you need the shockwave plugin, which is available from this page:

I may do some more on rebellion but first, I'll need to work on the website for a while.

Sorry, can't help you with the symbols.

On 8th Jan 2005, matt wrote,

Hey Steve, I was playing the game Rebellion and I put the laser width to zero and the soldiers killed the farmers almost 62.8% faster then at 1.

Keep up the good work,


Steve replied,

Hey cool! I don't think I've ever had a Rebellion comment before!

I'll have to try that out sometime.



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