Merlin's Revenge 1

Have you ever read Lord of the Rings and wondered why Gandalf didn't just blast his way through the entire book? Well, here's your chance to put things right...

Merlin's Revenge is a wizarding blast 'em up. As Merlin, you romp your way through many screens full of monsters, searching for your borther Berlin, who has been kidnapped by the evil Scarlet Wizard for unknown reasons. Merlin's weapon is his energy blast, which can be charged to various amounts. The game features realistic physics for extended fun blasting ememies around the screen. There are powerup potions to collect to improve the speed and size of Merlin's weapon, and some big, bizarre baddies to fight.


Use the cursor keys to move Merlin
Hold left mouse button to charge a spell
Point to where you want it to land
Release left button to fire

Power Potions

Red - increase maximum energy blast size
Blue - increase the speed at which the energy blast charges
Purple - increase the initial size of the energy blast
Green - increase Merlin's walk speed

Game Controls

"s" - Toggles in-game sound effects
"h" - Brings up in game help


Thankyou to everyone who commented on Episode One! This encouraged me greatly to make Episode 2! :)

All about Merlin's Revenge

Free Online Game

Merlin's Revenge is one of the most popular free online games around. The game is set in a fantasy setting (like Warcraft) with wizards, goblins, giant bats and rock golems roaming the land.

We've had lots of comments from Halo and Half-Life addicts about MR. If you're into these games, you'll probably get a kick out of Merlin's Revenge! There have also been comparisons to Zelda - a massively popular Role Playing Game. In fact, Merlin's Revenge plays more like a First Person Shooter than a Role Playing Game or Real Time Strategy.

Popular Online Game

When Merlin's Revenge was first released it attracted *huge* numbers of players...
This was in 2002 but its timeless addictive nature means it's still being played by thousands daily. for example have informed us regularly that it is still entertaining their visitors, and they're as excited about future MR games as we are. Merlin's Revenge has been played by thousands of players on hundreds of games websites and has probably been played well over a million times!

First Person Shooter

Merlin's Revenge is the first in the series and introduces the player to the basic concepts of game play. It gets fast and frenetic, and good reflexes and arcade skills are required for victory!

If it all gets too tough, there are cheat keys to help you through the game. These can be discovered by a bit of experimentation or by reading through some of the posts in the comments section.

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