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Here are some comments from people who played Merlin's Revenge 1...

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On 8th Dec 2008, Super_merlin wrote,

Hey Steve,on mr1, if you blast like cazy and enter a new screen, then some of your blasts will become transparent. It doesnt increase damage or anything and the only thing i've noticed about it is that if you go to an enemy screen while charging a transparent blast, it doesn't dissapear.

steve replied,

Cool! :)

Well so long as the game is still playable, it doesn't seem serious enough to warrant fixing.

On 29th Feb 2008, Donut wrote,

heeey steve. saw the thing about how mr1 wouldnt work on ie7. i have a vista (it's very shiny) and firefox aswell, and when i tried mr1 on firefox, it worked perfectly. sooo it must be ie7..

steve replied,

Well it turned out it wasn't IE7, it was me being a nonce. Anyway all fixed now!

On 16th Apr 2007, the gold wizard! wrote,

i won mr1 withot kill all cheat or meadakits!

Steve replied,

w00t! nice one!

On 30th Jan 2007, NeyBar wrote,

if not then we could make a mr1 ver 2,it could have differend or new stuff,or the same stuff but better grafics...

sorry steve,but,i coundn't beat any of the mr game without cheating...on easy mode....

and i got a new lego.
thats all.

Steve replied,

You can use the open version of MR3 to re-create MR1 if you so wish. Then you can make it easier for yourself.

Lego is cool!

On 20th Jan 2007, NeyBar wrote,

um..steve...there should be a mr1 suggestion thing in the database.and the game is too hard.

Steve replied,

Well, MR1 is finished beyond belief. I mean, I am really not going to make any changes to it now. It's just too old, and too well established.

It is tough, but it's short too.

On 8th Jan 2007, Darren wrote,

Hehe. I've just been reading the reviews of MR1 on helps me remember how great these games are (it's here, anyone else who wants to remember).
Uh...why does everyone think James made the game...I thought it was just you? And why a few other sites think it was James?

Steve replied,

It was me that made it, but it was originally for James' website He wanted "something that looks like rebellion but with a wizard." After I'd done the first playable demo (which just had Merlin in a single screen, blasting goblins that never died, and never attacked) he came up with the name "Merlin's Revenge". I guess some people think he made it because it was on his site, and he promoted it sometimes, especially to Bonus.

On one site it lists the author as "Scott Riddett". Lol, close enough I guess. I'm just not egotistical enough to go around trying to correct everyone.

On 1st Jan 2007, superdarkace wrote,

I have played the Merlin's Revenge 1 and I noticed that if you blast a potion towards yourself the potion name will keep sliding.

Also the Merlin's Revenge games are the best online game that I know of and it's becuse of them that i've gotten so interested in programming.

Steve replied,

Yes, i thought that was quite cute at the time.

Wow, thank you for the compliment! I wish you the best of luck with your programming endeavours. Please note that the source code of Merlin's Revenge 3 is available to download should you wish to see how it was put together.

Good luck!

On 9th Aug 2006, Ophelia (Home) wrote,

Having problems with opening Merlin's revenge and I can't get Trapped at all can you please tell me what's going on?

Steve replied,

Er, what happens when you try to open it?

And what's "Trapped"?

On 23rd Jul 2006, cjfjcjfjc wrote,

hey steve i killed a goblin hut in i hit in mr1.pretty normal.but i hit the exact centre pixel and it stood still when i blasted it

Steve replied,

yup, could happen. Makes sense when you think about it. However, I changed it for MR3 so that a unit will always move even if you get it dead centre.

On 25th Apr 2006, Darren (Book/Chewing Productions) wrote,

Err, Steve, those bird things (with unicycles) from MR1 seem to stand there, doing nothing if they can't reach you...

Steve replied,

Well, yeah. I know. Erm, not ideal I guess, but there it is.

On 26th Mar 2006, Darren wrote,

Was playin' MR1, havin' a great time, then I reached the Baby...I shot it once, in the usual way, and it flashed white-perfectly norman...the it turned completely black, also unable to use its odd powers. I deestroyed it it it became the usual destroyed robot. What happened?
Also, why do the unicycling birds ignore you if you are far away???????

Steve replied,

Yup, that's a bug. The black frame is used for some enemies for the white flash. Some enemies looked ok with just their usual frame, but some didn't and had a black frame that is then turned white.

In MR3 the flash system is completely different, but still very occasionally something will turn white and stay white. Very odd.

Er, the unicycling birds don't ignore you, but sometimes they can't get to you because of scenery being in the way.

On 6th Mar 2006, Morsh wrote,

uh, it just occurred to me that in Merlin's Revenge One, you kill a baby :S That's disturbing, Steve. Fortunately it's a robotic baby (hopefully).

Steve replied,

Hey, it's a 25ft high robotic baby which spews monsters out of various orifices! And it had a beard. Most real babies don't have beards.

I don't think people will get confused, but just in case: "Hey kids, don't go blasting real babies with real energy blasts in real life, k?"

On 23rd Feb 2006, Ovrlndnsea (n/a) wrote,

I really like MR1 because it isn't as well programmed as MR2 and MR3, so if you DO decide to make another based on the better engine, please have the "old" MR1 as the main MR1, or at least keep it.

Steve replied,


don't worry, I've no intention of replacing it!

On 20th Feb 2006, bob the billder wrote,

I dont like #1 because it dosn't have the medikit cheat

Steve replied,


On 18th Aug 2005, l00t wrote,

I wish you could save in MR1. That would be great!

Steve replied,

Once I've finished the MR3 engine, I'll probably recreate MR1, or a least do an MR1-like level in it so that we can have a save feature.

On 28th Jul 2005, unclassified (unclassified) wrote,

well i have been experimenting merlins revenge 1 alot. And i have found out , many people have been asking about "cheats". Try playing an repeditly presssing "m" key to keep gaining health. Well thats how I beat it. :D

Steve replied,

I tried this but it didn't seem to work for me. In MR2, 'm' will give you another medikit. In MR1 the only cheat is to press 'k' to kill all the enemies on the screen.

On 27th Jul 2005, Eric9000 wrote,

I beat MR1 with no potions; just walked to the castle and saved berlin!

Steve replied,

hehe nice one!

On 30th Jun 2005, Eric9000 wrote,

Do you think there will a MR1 scoring ever?

Steve replied,

Probably. But I'm not happy with MR2 scoring just yet. Also, it will delay MR3 a little bit.

On 18th Jun 2005, Jeppo wrote,

I love the new scoring mode for MR2. Are you thinking of having a scoring mode for MR1? It would be brilliant if you do.

Steve replied,

oooh I hadn't thought of that!

I'll consider it...

On 8th Jun 2005, Lord_Murderer wrote,

I beat MR1 by only walking to the Scarlet Wizard's fortress, clearing the whole fortress and picking up all the potions. I didn't use the potions ourside the fortress and neither cleared the wilderness above the fortress. YAY! =)

Steve replied,

Nice one!

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