Move Your Feet - Game B

Game B sees the squirrel mounting his trusty (nitro powered) steed and jumping over massive amounts of buses and bouncing off piranhas. The chilli sauce appears in this game as a nitro boost, which speeds up the horse temporarily. Additionally, you can collect speed ups which permanently increase your maximum speed (until the end of the level anyway). There are six levels to complete and you are awarded medals if you can complete them quickly.

The game has parallax scrolling and recreates the crash sequence from the video, even down to the screen bouncing when the horse hits the ground.


Left and right to speed up and slow down. You may speed up and slow down in mid air as well as on the ground.

Power ups

Nitros (Chilli Sauce) - Temporary speed up, lasts until you slow down.
Speed up - Permanently increases the horse's top speed.

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