Merlin's Revenge Evolution

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How much fun we are having as a community

Total played: generations - 205, maps - 2286, rooms - 26391

Top players

Rank Name Maps
1 Anomolin 1472
2 byan 372
3 megaman4ever 69
Rank Name Rooms
1 Anomolin 19656
2 byan 3830
3 FilianGuard 375
Rank Name Deaths
1 Anomolin 5203
2 byan 774
3 steve 62
Rank Name Maps Completed
1 Anomolin 521
2 byan 131
3 FilianGuard 18

Instructions for how to play


The game will try to evolve the map to be more fun. So if you're not having fun, just quit!


WASD - move around

Q - display weapon selector, click weapon icon to change to that weapon.

Left Mouse to attack

If you have the energy blast:
- mouse to aim
- left mouse to charge blast
- release to fire
- blast will damage all enemies within it's blast radius

If you have the army summon spell:
- mouse to aim
- left mouse to charge blast
- icon indicates type of unit to be summoned
- blast will not damage enemies
- blank spell unsummons friendly unit
- unsummoned units are instantly healed
- ESC -%gt; Show Reserve Army to view units that you have previously summoned

Once you have found Berlin:
- press "f" or RIGHT SHIFT to summon, (depending on the layout you're using)
- press again to unsummon or fire blank army summon to unsummon
- he will automatically unsummon himself at the end of the screen
- leaving the screen before Berlin is fully unsummoned will result in him being left behind


There are 4 different types of potions to collect. They all increase Merlin's power but in different ways. Merlin drinks the potion as soon as you collect it.

Green Potion (Speed Up)

Increases Merlin's walk speed

Red Potion (Max Blast)

Increases the size of blast that Merlin is capable of charging. With attacking spells, the spell becomes more powerful.

Purple Potion (Quick Blast)

Increases the size that the blast starts out at when it first appears above Merlin's head. With the attacking spells such as Energy Blast, this means that when you want to fire rapidly, the spells will be that bit bigger. It also reduces the amount of time it takes to charge to the maximum size (since it starts off bigger in the first place).

Blue Potion (Faster Charge)

Increases the speed at which the spell charges. Some spells such as Army Summon have their charge speed capped, otherwise it becomes difficult to choose the unit you wish to summon. For spells such as Energy Blast, this potion allows you to charge a big blast more quickly.

Version 1.00

The first version. The game will try to evolve the map to be more fun. So if you're not having fun, just quit!