Move Your Feet - Game C

In Game C the squirrel's devious plans finally come to fruition. He finds himself at a wierd night club with themed areas where his target objects are lurking.

Gameplay is similar to Game A with the squirrel exploring the areas to find the eight targets and prime them with the dynamite he collected in the first Game. There is more variety of scenery and enemies than in Game A, with desert, space and sea to explore. The targets are guarded by scorpions, piranhas, space invaders, and toughest of all, the chorus faces from the video which can duplicate themselves while they are fighting!

An important addition to the engine for Game C is that you no longer need to start again when you die. Game C remembers which screens you have already cleared so that you don't need to clear them again.


Cursor keys to move
Mouse to aim
Left mouse button to fire
Hold button to fire continuously

Power ups

The Chilli sauce appears in Game C as a powerup which make the squirrel fire faster, rather than bigger. Handy for knocking out those pesky chorus faces!
Collect the hat on the first screen for added protection against enemies. You can only die if you get hit without your hat on!

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