Move Your Feet C Comments

Here are comments that people have sent in about Move Your Feet Game C.
On 4th Mar 2006, Donut wrote,

When you log on and wait awhile, it unlogs you.(this is the third time today)
And who are the people on The move your feet game at the end? And,And did Evilshies write that music, cause I Like it!!!

Steve replied,

Yeah, that time is setup by the server, I'm not exactly sure how to change it, but it does make the site more secure by having people time-out.

The poeople in Move Your Feet are the band "Junior Senior". Actually, they have a new video coming out and are offering people the chance to feature in it.

No, the band "Junior Senior" wrote the music. You can find out more about them at their website . (Click on 5 to see the MYF games in their proper context)


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