Move Your Feet - Game A

Everybody, move your feet and feel united!!

...or become a squirrel hell bent on blowing stuff up...

These three squirrel games were made to promote Junior Senior's song "Move Your Feet" on the internet. The games were released at intervals, with passwords for games B and C which could be discovered either by playing through or by joining the Junior Senior mailing list. The reason they are referred to as game A, game B and game C is because Junior Senior's web designer (Rasmus at SLRP) came up with an excellent Game & Watch style console to play the games on.

The games were based very strongly on the video (by Shynola) which used an "old school" graphical style making it very easy to make into a game. The video itself was made to an image size of 96 x 74 in 256 colours, making it small enough to put fairly long sequences into the games without increasing the filesizes too much.

The video contains a very amusing sequence at the end where the squirrel uses a plunger to blow up all manner of items including the world itself. The games are all about the squirrel working towards that final conclusion.

Game A was made using the Merlin's Revenge engine - as the squirrel you explore the level to find eight sticks of dynamite to use at the end of the game to blow everything up. The scenery and enemies are taken from the video. There is a road scene, some trees and a sauna. In the video, the squirrel uses some chilli sauce to give Senior a massage so in the game the chilli sauce acts as a power up. In Game A, it causes the squirrel's nuts to exploded bigger making it easier to hit stuff.


Cursor keys to move.
Mouse to aim.
Left mouse button to fire.
Hold button to fire continuously

Power ups

The Chilli Sauce causes the squirrels nuts to explode bigger, making it easier to hit enemies.
Collect the hat on the first screen for added protection against enemies. You can only die if you get hit without your hat on!

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