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On 19th Mar 2006, Donut wrote,

What are the cheats for myfa, b, and c? and how many username guys can we use? and and at school the computers black your website, is there a loop hole?

p.s. If you feel offended by me not capitalizing the beginning of sentences, make a game that has people slapping me. if your not offended make it any way.

p.s.s If you ever herard of the magnet school Kealing tm, in seventh grade the have an elective about making video games.(I'm going to Kealing!!!!!!)

p.s.s.s Sorry about the one measage with all the I'll TRY not to do so many. And something I forgot, but MINICLIP HAS THE MOST GAME IN THE WORLD. lETS CHANGE THAT! I don't know why i capitalized that. Bye!

Steve replied,

the cheats for myf a and c are

k - kill all

there are no cheats for myf b

I am afraid that finding loopholes in your school networking system is a matter between you and the school.

p.s. I'm not offended, and er, I probably won't make that game.

p.s.s. Cool! I would go there too if I were you. When I was at school there was nothing about games. In fact, there were barely computers in there. And the stupid teachers didn't even know how to use them!

p.s.s.s OK! That sounds like a good thing to do to me.

On 23rd Oct 2005, osel wrote,

you know what that move your feet game is good but no one talks about it i think you should make it more populer

Steve replied,


But right now I am busy making MR3.


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