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On 20th Feb 2010, megaman4ever wrote,

Lol, Harry Potter holds the lowest MR2scoring score.

I was bored.

steve replied,


Merlin > Harry Potter

On 14th Jul 2009, Sgt. Imrak (None) wrote,

All of your games are great. I used to play them a long time ago, and decided to try them again. I can play Merlin 1, Merlin 3, and Repunzles Escape with no problems, but when I try to play Merlin 2 and Merlin 2 scoring, my browser crashes when it gets to the start screen. Is there anything I can do to fix this?

steve replied,


It's odd that you can play the others but not MR2. Unfortunately, it works for me which means it's pretty much impossible for me to troubleshoot it.

My advice would be to try a different browser and see if that makes any difference (the plug-in is different for Firefox than for IE). If that doesn't help, try a different computer if that's possible.

Sorry that's not very good but it's the best I can do.

On 23rd Apr 2009, Exsilism (Merlin's Revenge) wrote,

When i have the golden gun in the game i cant turn it off

steve replied,

If you're using the default keys (asdw to move), press 'e' to switch the golden machine gun on and off.

Please write back if you're still having problems.

On 23rd Apr 2009, Exsilism (Metal Box) wrote,

When I played Merlin's Revenge 2. I tried to call for help by pressing the numpad 0 but it did not work even the num lock was on.

steve replied,

Unfortunately, I can't test this at the moment as numlock does not seem to be working on my keyboard right now. Perhaps someone else will read this and be able to throw some light on the matter.

I assume you have made sure that:
- you have the right key layout selected ('arrow' not 'asdw')
- you have some calls for help left (you only get 5 in MR2 I think)

Sorry I can't be more help right now.

On 10th Mar 2009, deesnuts24 wrote,

this is not my email its my moms anyway ugh when i was playing merlins revenge2 and merlins revenge 2 scoring the morph scroll thing was on the first level is that supposed to be like that?and anyway everytime i got it,it wouldn't let me change back to the normal yellow scroll

steve replied,

There are two ways to change back - you can press '1' or you can press 'q' and click on the icon for the first spell.

Yup, the morph spell is on the first screen. That's because if you play it on hard you need to morph into a goblin to be able to run fast enough to get away from the enemies.

Have fun!

On 8th Dec 2008, Super_merlin wrote,

The bonus links are at the bottom of mr1 and mr2 pages.

ps.I did get 3 because of this. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

steve replied,

lol k

On 15th Sep 2008, Hobbes wrote,

Hey Steve/Lokey every time I try to play MR 1 or 2 the little shockwave bar lodes and then this popup error message comes up
"messageincorrect configuration
undef’d statement error
guru meditation #00ccef

for advice (quote guru meditation number)


After I clicked ok on that this popup message comes up
"This shockwave movie has errors that have caused playback problems. please contact the author of this content regarding this problem.
Shockwave is unable to continue.".

Does you guys know what this means and if so how do I fix it?



Steve replied,

Yes it's the copy protection. Make sure you're playing at and if it still doesn't work try using Firefox rather than Internet Explorer. If all that doesn't work please write back again.

On 7th Sep 2008, Donut wrote,

yeahhh i've been having problems with merlins revenge 2.. and its something with the website. everytime i play it, some script thingy messes up and then shockwave gets an error. merlins revenge 3 works fine, and i played 2 on a different website and it worked fine.. i tried playing mr2 with scoring, but that didnt work also.. sooo whats wrong?

lokey57 replied,

No idea... time to forward to steve.

On 30th Jul 2008, attackjack wrote,

ummm in MR2 i think u need about 16 max blast potion b4 u can turn into a golem and or summon basicaly u need to get all the potions in da game.=] thats all.

P.S. u cant summon golems with the golden machine gun on. hope this helps

lokey57 replied,

Yup. Nice observation skills :P

On 5th Apr 2008, cui25 wrote,

MR2 isn't working. When the game is done loading some thing pops up that says....incorrect configuration
undef'd statement error
redo from start
guru meditation 00#ccef...
and then the shockwave error pop up comes up saying theres an error in the script. The title page comes up but you when you click the buttons nothing happens

steve replied,

yep sorry about that - all fixed now.

On 25th Mar 2008, salcuz777 wrote,

all of the merlin games r nice but when i try and play 1 or 2 it says that the configuration is wrong and to contact you

steve replied,

yep sorry about that - all fixed now.

On 29th Feb 2008, Jeweled Ace (N/A) wrote,

Hey, im contacting you again to let you guys know that when I submitted the contact about MR1/2 not working, I forgot to mention it works on other sites, all except here. This might be a key to fixing this problem, so I alerted you again.

steve replied,

Thanks for the info - it's all fixed now.

On 28th Feb 2008, Hobbes wrote,

It's me again.
I have been having problems with Mr. 1 and Mr. 2.
Every time I try to play them the little loading bar loads and then right before the main menu comes up a little box pops up that says
"incorrect configuration
undef’d statement error
guru meditation #00ccef

for advice (quote guru meditation number)"
then the menu comes up
but none of the menu options are clickable.
You just posted an update about how it might be Vista and/or IE7 but the thing is I have IE6 and Xp not Vista and not IE7.
Do you know what else it might be?
Thanks for listening.


On 26th Feb 2008, Hobbes wrote,

Hey guys it's me once again about the same problem I had earlier.
I just found out that I get the same error on mr 1.
So if you know what to do please tell me.

P.S. I only get the error on mr 1 and 2, mr 3 works fine.

On 26th Feb 2008, Hobbes wrote,

Hey Lokey/Steve-
I just tried to play mr 2 and it gave me this error massage: "incorrect configuration
undef’d statement error
guru meditation #00ccef

for advice (quote guru meditation number)".
What does this mean, and what do I need to do to fix it?

steve replied,

Yep sorry about that - fixed now.

On 17th Feb 2008, anthony wrote,

i tried to play the merlin 2 on this site but it says that it has the configuration and wont let me play

steve replied,

yep, sorry about that. fixed now

On 16th Feb 2008, anthony wrote,

you said the morph scroll is in the first screen of merlin 2? i dont see it

lokey57 replied,

Are you playing the latest version from the site? Or the outdated version from an external source?

On 7th Jan 2008, hoho501 wrote,

mr2 isnt working

lokey57 replied,

Can you clarify on "How it isn't working"?

On 30th Apr 2007, cuo2 (N/A) wrote,

dis is a sic cheat... in MR2, (me no no about de uders)in QWERTY mode, keep pressin I in a trky spot it makes u invincible and really helps wen ur on low HP an u have no medkits

Steve replied,

It works for 30secs in MR2 in MR3 it's permanant until you press 'i' again.

Well done on finding it!

On 7th Apr 2007, Erik o'Neil wrote,

how many potions do u need to morp and summon a golem?????

Steve replied,

Honestly, I can't rememeber! It was a long time ago when I made MR2.

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