New Features in Merlin's Revenge 2

There's a lot of new stuff in MR2. Here is a run down of what you can expect to find and some tips on how to use it...


New Game Features

Game Save - allows you to save at any point.

Bigger Map - over 100 screens to explore.

Summon Berlin - call Berlin to your aid, the morph spell works on him too!

Plus Golden Machine Gun, improved Medikits, improved game speed, choice of keyboard layout, visible health, temporary invincibility.

New Spells

> Energy Beam - good for taking out heavy monsters or buildings.

> Morph - fire it at yourself to temporarily turn into a different creature, for a health or speed advantage. See bottom of the page for more on how to Morph.

> > Monster Summon - summon monsters to fight on your side.

New Enemies

> skeleton warriors

> quadranids

> orcs

> bugs, which come from eggs thrown by > > lizard soldiers

> pit monsters

> black orcs

> dragons

... and more! (grey ghosts, necromancers, sumo wrestlers, hydra, improved goblins, and of course - The Scarlet Wizard!)

Visual Instructions for Morphing

> collect the purple scroll

> charge up a morph spell

> fire it at yourself

> press Ctrl or Q to change back to Energy Blast

> proceed to next screen and run around twatting stuff!

> at any time press Crtl or Q to switch spells. To morph back into Merlin, fire a blank Morph spell at yourself

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