Merlin's Revenge 3 - A Diary of a Game

This is a diary I kept while making the game.

People often commented on this and the game itself. Click here to read the MR3 comments

MR3 1.08

25th Jul 2008

There is a new version of MR3 out. It's nothing major, just some minor bug fixes and an overhauled leveling up system. Unfortunately, I had to break backwards compatibility with the save game to achieve this but it had to be done as the old system was nothing short of crazy. Now the experience points for each enemy have been assigned based on how strong they are rather than at what point you'll meet them in the game.

Other than that, the only other difference is an archer on the first screen. He is there to give new players an immediate demonstration that this game is primarily about the army

This post was written using "Dasher", which is a way of typing without using the mouse. I think it's really cool. If you want to try it out type sudo apt-get install dasher in Ubuntu or go to to download the Windows version.

~ Steve.

Team Battles now in SDB

1st Mar 2007

I have added MR: Team Battles to the Suggestions DB so that you can leave feedback for it there if you wish.

Merlin 3 1.07 - minor fixes

28th Feb 2007

Just a few minor fixes in 1.07. Please check the version history on the MR3 page for more details.

MR: Team Battles already has these changes.

MR: Team Battles online!

27th Feb 2007

Ok this is a first! A while go, megaman4ever made a new map for MR3 which s/he called "Team Battles". Today, I have finally finished surrounding this map with the stuff it needs to make it a stand alone game.

I think megaman4ever did a fantastic job, and I hope this will encourage you to take a look at the Map Editor if you haven't already.

Team Battles gives a very different experience of MR than MR3, so if you're a fan of the series it's definitely worth checking out, you might even prefer it!

New MR3 icons

23rd Jan 2007

Not a terribly productive day today, I'm afraid. I did get around to starting to make a few changes to the website in preparation of MR4, but so far the only visible changes are some new MR3 page icons, which I updated to fit in with the overall MR3 icon look.

I updated the icons for the roadmap, enemies and log pages. You'll see them if you go to the MR3 page. (If you still see the old icons with the white background, hit 'refresh' (F5).)

Merlin 3 1.06 - Speech changes

17th Jan 2007

When you speak to Ulin, just before picking up the Army Summon, the keys he refers to were only correct if you were using the default layout. I have now altered it so that it changes to match whichever key layout you're using.

Thanks to Feory for pointing that out.

Merlin 1.05 Bug Fixes

16th Jan 2007

Just two small ones

- Only need to clear endRoom to beat game
- Dwarf Towers no longer show up blue on mini-map

Sifted Emails

15th Jan 2007

I didn't get much done today. Personal, non-MR-related stuff took over most of the day, and by the end all I'd managed to do is sift through my emails (of which there were many) and reply to one or two.

Two people said they didn't like the dwarf towers showing up blue on the minimap, so I am going to change that back for the next update.

MR2 Scoring Ending Updated

11th Jan 2007

I've also updated the ending to the scoring version of MR2.

MR2 Ending Changed

11th Jan 2007

I have uploaded the new version of MR2 that I made yesterday. It now links straight to MR3, so players can continue playing more seemlessly.


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