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By: Jeppo on 29 Mar 2006
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mr3 | game_mechanics | [Suggestion_3296]

Dwarf AI

I've got a few ideas on how to make the dwarf work better. Of course you probably have your own ideas on how the dwarf will work but here's a few ideas what the dwarf could have.

-There are two modes: Build mode and attack mode. Build mode is when he's building a tower and attack mode is when he's throwing his axe at enemies.
-Only one dwarf tower can be built on one screen, so if one dwarf is busy building and you summon another dwarf, it will waddle towards that tower and and help to build it, making the tower quicker to build.
-Once the dwarf's Health dips below 50% he will stop building and go into attack mode, throwing his axe at enemies. If he gets healed up to the point where his Health rises above 75% he goes back to build mode again.
-If the tower is destroyed while it's being built, the dwarf(s) will go straight to attack mode and won't go back to build mode ever on this screen.
-Similarly as soon as the tower is fully functional the dwarf will go straight to attack mode.

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31 Mar 2006 [comment_10501]
I like this a lot. Lots of people have been having problems with the dwarfs.

- Build and Attack mode - this is how it works already. Which is a good thing because it means less work for me.

- Good idea!

- This is a way to program the dwarf *simply* to decide whether to fight or build. I'm not sure whether it will lead to reasonable behaviour in practice, but it might be worth a try.

- This happens now...

- and so does this, which is great!

31 Mar 2006 [comment_10518]
-This sorta relates to what 'The Big Eye', in the way that there could maybe be a way to toggle between fight and build for the dwarf. I agree with this, but if it's too much trouble i dont think its necessary.
-also, maybe u could have a toggle for that...
-This would pose a problem cause if he got below 50% in the first place, it means he's under attak, so if he got healed by a monk and went bak to work, he would just go back under in a sec...wouldnt get very far...
-he already does this (correct me if im wrong)
Note to Steve: if im adding to many comments just tell me not to...!
Thnx for looking,

3 Apr 2006 [comment_10549]
yeah, i kinda made one like this just the oher day... weird how Tylonol PM works like that...

3 Apr 2006 [comment_10550]
I didn't implement the 'resume fighting' part of this. My feelings were that it made sense that the dwarf would be too angry at being attacked to go back to calmly building his tower. It's not a lot of hassle for the player to unsummon him and then summon him again. And the player can summon him closer to the tower than he probably ended up.

9 Apr 2006 [comment_10600]
Yeah you're right steve. The AI is probably better with the way it is now (0.08.1a)

Anyway, I'm glad that I'm helpful!

30 Apr 2006 [comment_11577]
I actually find it annoying that Dwarves leave their building, because usually I just summon dwarves to build a building as fast as they could, but I guess that would make it too easy too.

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