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By: bloodshot on 8 Aug 2005
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Proper speech for demo 5

Ulin:hi again Merlin!
Merlin:nice to see you too Ulin.
Ulin:so how was the goblin fighting going along?
Merlin:pretty good,took a few hits on a couple of screens though.
Ulin:oh yeah,did i mention you regain health over time?
Merlin:no but i noticed.
Merlin:so,anything new now?
Ulin:well the health bars of your enemies are now visible.
Merlin:great! i was getting tired of waiting until i finished punching the goblins to death.
Ulin:and you can now switch between punching and energy blast now!
Merlin:jolly good! now i can be like Kelly "K-O-O" Robinson AND use energy blast!
Ulin:hey i thought i told you to stop thinking about boxers!
Ulin:besides,Kelly Robinson is just *Eddy Murphy.
Merlin:YEA!...57 and 0 BABY!
Merlin:Kelly Robinson baby! whooo!!!
Ulin:whoa! take it easy Merlin!
Merlin:sorry! i keep watching "I Spy" all the time.
Ulin:anyways there are now powerups that you can get.
Merlin:whoopee! now i can whoop goblins even MORE!
Ulin:well that's all in this demo.
Ulin:oh and the number of goblins on each screen ar limited to 20 i think.
Merlin:oh ok,well i should check Berlin's TV to find out what happened to him and Scarlet.
Ulin:good luck.
Merlin:tatty bye!

TV:there are no channels available as of now.
TV:but we can establish a video mailbox system.
TV:you have 1 unread voice message...1st message:
TV Berlin:hi Merlin if you're hearing this, then you're probably wondering where i am.
TV Berlin:i am having a meeting in the great alvedar wizard council chambers with the corrupted wizards.
TV Berlin:Scarlet says that the Tangerine Wizard will be on demo grounds in the next few demos coming up.
TV Berlin:and then the Ochre Wizard soon after.
TV Berlin:but don't worry...
TV Berlin:i'll be back in the next demo or so...
TV Berlin:so i'll be seeing you bro!
TV:end of transmission.

and by the way here's what i think should the screens be:


1=2 goblins
2=6 goblins
3=18 goblins
4=1 goblin
5=3 goblins
6=16 goblins
7=0 goblins
8=8 goblins
9=14 goblins

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8 Aug 2005 [comment_8829]
Good stuff!

I Spy rocks by the way!

10 Aug 2005 [comment_8914]
Here's a script for the Scarlet Wizard.
Merlin: Yep.
The Scarlet Wizard: It's take a decent amount of powerups to beat me, though.
Merlin: Yep.
The Scarlet Wizard: Anyways, goblins are weak, but the Black Sorceror is currently working on new monsters.
The Scarlet Wizard: We'll see how well you survive.
Merlin: Yes, but they're no match for the magic pro-wrestler!
The Scarlet Wizard: Are you kidding? Your punch does a pathetic excuse for damage.
Merlin: Maybe they'll be powerups for the punches in later demos.
The Scarlet Wizard: Okay.
The Scarlet Wizard: I still can't fight you though.
Merlin: Yep.
The Scarlet Wizard: I wonder what will be in store for you in the next demo...
Merlin: Okay. Toodles!

12 Aug 2005 [comment_9032]
good but are you sure scarlets gonna be back?

12 Aug 2005 [comment_9038]
Plus, i think somebody else should be in the spotlight.. So theres No "ME!" stuff.

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