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26 Aug 2005 [comment_9409]
Thanks for the very clear explanation - it makes it so much easier!

This has been fixed in demo 0.05a.

27 Aug 2005 [comment_9438]
it doesn't look fixed - I just had that in 0.05a

27 Aug 2005 [comment_9454]
Damn, Lord_Murderer said the same thing. I can't check it until Monday. Just on the offchance, are you sure you're seeing version 0.05a? the version number is shown on the title screen. I only ask because some browsers will show the old version from the cache.

29 Aug 2005 [comment_9511]
I checked, it was 0.05a

30 Aug 2005 [comment_9530]
Ok. I can see what you're talking about now. I'll look into it.

18 Sep 2005 [comment_9878]
I noticed that too but i was too lazy to be bothered to report it.

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