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By: bloodshot on 4 Aug 2005
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Merlin's Revenge Demo 00.3 Ver 3:longer and changed scripts

Here's what I (bloodshot with a few changes,corrections and improvements) think Ulin, Berlin and the Scarlet Wizard should say in the next demo:
(Merlin fires at Ulin as he waves at him.)
Ulin: Hello, Merlin.
Merlin: Hello, Ulin.
Ulin: can fire now. Well, you better put that Energy Blast to good use.
Merlin: Why?
Ulin: They're are now a lot of goblins around.
Merlin: Don't worry, Ulin, I kick goblin tuckus all the time!
Ulin: True...but I mean swarms of golbins.
Merlin: Mommy!
(Merlin summons and hides in a blue blanket)
Ulin: I thought you said you kicked goblin tuckus all the time.
Merlin: True, but SWARMS of Goblins?! They're much more of a challenge than one goblin!
Ulin: C'mon, Merlin, you've rescued Berlin,defeated the big bearded baby and defeated the Scarlet Wizard! If you can do those things, you can blast the heck out of swarms of goblins!
Merlin: Oh, you have a good point.
Merlin:Well before I leave,have potions been added?
Merlin:Darn it!!
Ulin:Don't worry! you have unlimited lives remember?
Merlin:Oh yeah!
Merlin: Well, bye!
Ulin: Farewell.

Scarlet Wizard: HA HA HA HA HA!!, feel the wrath of my master's forces! uh-I mean goblins!
Merlin: I kick goblin tuckus all the time! no problemo about that!
Scarlet Wizard: D'oh!
Scarlet Wizard: Well, I think I'll waste you myself!
(He tries charging up but nothing happens)
Scarlet Wizard: Hey, how come I can't fire an energy blast at you?
Merlin: The battle against you hasn't been made yet.
Scarlet Wizard: Oh.
Scarlet Wizard: Mommy!
(Scarlet summons and hides behind toilet)
Merlin: Hey, don't forget that i can't damage you either.
Scarlet Wizard: Oh.
Merlin: Well, I better get moving now.
Scarlet Wizard: Of course...sort of.

Berlin: Hey, Merlin!
Merlin: Hello, Berlin.
Berlin: I've finished watching those two episodes of Star Wars. Now I'm the last episode of Star Wars.
Merlin:let me guess...Revenge Of The Sith right?
Berlin:Right o...I hope Obi Wan Kills Darth Vader
Merlin:Brother,you can't say that... everyone has different opinions about those two.
Berlin: Okay, I can't remember what I've been doing for the last two days.
Merlin: Oh great, my brother has short term memory loss.
Berlin: I don't remember having short-term memory loss!
Merlin: Yep, my brother does have short-term memory loss.
Scarlet: Prepare to die without your T.V., Berlin!
Berlin: Whatever...... wait....
(Scarlet summons 10 goblins and 6 huts then leave the screen)
Berlin:Merlin! we have to work together to kill them all!

Mission:Destroy all huts and goblins;you lose if Merlin,Berlin or the TV is defeated Difficulty:Very Easy(Because of Berlin's "Call Berlin" power and both Berlin and the TV's High health.)

After the battle:
Berlin:That was CLOSE!
Merlin: I know, i'm almost wasted.
Berlin: Well, I think we've talked long enough. I've got to go to the movies now.
(Berlin waves and then teleports)


{Talk to Ulin after the fight}
Ulin:Hey Merlin!
Merlin:Ulin! I DID IT! I was able to even kick goblin tuckus at Berlin's TV place!
Ulin:Great! now you should see poor ol Scarlet now.
Ulin: He's not feeling so good lately.
Merlin:Since when?
Ulin: after that battle.
Merlin:Oh ok.
Ulin:Good luck, and be careful.
Ulin:There's no telling what he'll do to you.
Merlin:Will do!
(Ulin heals Merlin)

{After 2nd Ulin conversation}
Merlin:Scarlet what's wrong?
Scarlet:I never thought you kicked THAT much goblin tuckus!
(Scarlet does exasperated sigh)
Scarlet:... ...
Scarlet:... ... ...
(Scarlet lunges toward Merlin trying to hit him HARD but he misses and runs around out of control)
Scarlet:Man I need a break!
Merlin:I'll leave you to it ok?
(Scarlet teleports)

Hope you like this!

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Merlin's Revenge Demo 00.3 Ver 2 | Rating: 4.33


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