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By: JewishJammer on 3 Aug 2006
Rating: 5.00 in 1 votes
Status: used
mr3 | feedback | [Suggestion_4250]

It's good but i have ideas

In the game you need to travel to every land to win the game, you should only need to beat the boss. It would be nice to have a better fighters come out from the blue spell. I beat every game of mr so keep them comming!!!


4 Aug 2006 [comment_15573]
Added to my list.

4 Aug 2006 [comment_15613]
I don't quite understand this suggestion, someone please explain it.
I think I get it but...I'm still somewhat confused, don't you know.

21 Nov 2006 [comment_16986]
no one
I think that he thinks you need to clear every screen to win, and that the basic soldiers are too weak.

You don't need to clear every screen to win (I think), but yeah, the basic soldier is kind of weak.

26 Nov 2006 [comment_17018]
Well, I hardly ever use soldiers, so I wouldn't know.

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