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Merlin's Revenge 1 Free online game Merlin's Revenge 2 Free online game

You are Merlin - The Scarlet Wizard has captured your brother, Berlin. Defeat the 25ft high evil robot baby, rescue Berlin, and then find the Scarlet Wizard and kick his butt! Wizardly mayhem included.

Scarlet is defeated but the Black Sorcerer has run off with three wizards. Track the Ochre Wizard down to his hideout, and use your army of "Blokes With Swords" to defeat him!

Poor Rapunzel is stuck in the tower without so much as a clean toothbrush. The handsome Prince has fallen asleep, and Big Witch has the tower guarded with lots of minions and creatures. Solution? Use your long hair to kick some butt and get out of there! (or should that be "whip" some butt? (I dunno, can you even whip butt? (I dunno, who are you talking to?)))

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Take Merlin 4 for a test drive!

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