Rapunzel's Escape


Find the Big Witch and kick her butt!!

Kill all monsters to gain access to adjacent screens.

Find potions for more hair.
Collect 100 Hair Gems for an extra life.


Use the cursor keys to Rapunzel
Left/Right - Move left/right
Up - Jump (hold longer to jump higher)
Down - Drop through platforms

Esc - Pause game and show instructions

Power Ups

Hair Conditioner - increase the length of Rapunzel's Hair by one segment.
Hair Potion - regrows hair by one segment per potion to it's orginal length after cutting.
Hair Gem - collect 100 for an extra life. Each also restores a small amount of health.

Automatic Regeneration

Rapunzel will automatically slowly recover health.
If her hair is cut and you have no hair potions, her hair will gradually grow back to 3 segments long.
Please see instructions for more details.


The graphics may not display properly if the number of colours on your computer is set too low. In particular, Rapunzel's and the other characters' eyes will be transparent.

Right click on the desktop
Select "Properties"
Click on the "Settings" tab
Set "Color quality" to "Highest (32 bit)"

Version History for Rapunzel

Version 1.4a

Worked around a bug in the new shockwave player (10.1.1r16).

For any shockwave developers reading this, the bug is as follows.

The function

ilk(anImage, #image)

No longer works if anImage is an image. It returns the error "integer expected". If anImage is not an image it works fine. And obviously, it still works in authoring.


ilk(anImage) = #image


Version 1.4

Skippable Dialogue

You can now cancel the dialogue with the prince by walking away from him.

Instruction Screen

Press 'Esc' to pause the game and view the in-game instructions.

Version 1.3

Minimap Added

An Merlin's Revenge 2 style minimap has been added to make it easier to see where you are on the map, and which rooms you've visited.

Version 1.2

Gameplay changes

Big witch behaviour tweaked, health increased to 300 from 100.

Big witch room layout altered to make it more challenging.

Bug Fixes

Collision detection error where enemies could leave screen at high speed fixed.

Collision detection error where small objects could force their way through inside corners at high speed fixed.

Rapunzel's hair no longer flicks around upon entering a new screen.

Other tweaks

Stars now appear when Rapunzel's hair grows.

This was because of a suggestion by Eric9000 which reminded me about them. I don't have a credits section in Rapunzel yet so I hope mentioning your name here will suffice for the time being!

Version 1.1

New collision detection system

Much improved performance, slow computers will be able to run the game more comfortably.

Some rooms redesigned

The roof is slightly more interesting, the goblin armoury is much more interesting and challenging.

Other Tweaks

Goblin soldiers made slightly lighter.

Enemy AI tweaked so that enemies don't "over-jump" when attacking.

Version 1.02

Reduced File Size

The file size has been reduced from over 3mb to 715k.

Accurate Loading Bar

The loading bar now reflects the state of the game loading in correctly.

Other Tweaks

The instructions now start at the top rather than half way down.

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