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Here are some comments from people who played Rapunzel's Escape...

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Also, whilst I am delighted to read your ideas and suggestions, I would like to make it clear that there are currently no plans for a Rapunzel 2 and even if there were, most ideas would not make it into the game. The reason for this is simply that it takes a lot of work to implement each idea and there is only me doing it! That doesn't mean don't send in ideas - I just don't want to raise false expectations, especially among the younger people.



On 20th Feb 2010, megaman4ever wrote,

Could it not be impossible to make Rapunzel maps on the MRopen too?

steve replied,

As it stands, you could make the maps but you couldn't play them.

Originally, I made MR3 and Rapunzel run on the same engine, but sometime during MR3 development, the engine became incompatible with Rapunzel and then I realised that and decided to forget about Rapunzel until MR3 was finished and then I'd make it compatible again. But then I didn't.

So in conclusion, it could be possible to make the current MR Open engine compatible once more with Rapunzel maps, or we could start from the last version of Rapunzel and go from there. Both options represent quite a lot of work though.

On 20th Dec 2007, NeyBar wrote,

i think this is a bug:if you run around and jump around and press x and c at the same time rapidly it will say the movie can't continue.

lokey57 replied,

I think you overloaded the flash movie but... Try submitting this to the bug report section.

On 20th Dec 2007, NeyBar wrote,

Why can your hair go off the screen? And when it gets cut it still stays there! and it even follows you to other screens!!it is impossible to get but it is still down there. Btw hope your hands get better.

lokey57 replied,

Uh, I believe its so the "hair" has more free movement and doesn't clog up the screen as much. Otherwise if we turned on collision detection for the hair... well it'd be a mess.

And I'll relay the hands bit to Steve.

On 10th Aug 2007, wrote,

um you said this in RE coment, um

I have not displayed your email address because the fastest way to get your inbox flooded with spam is to display your email address on a website.

good idea cuz, thats alot of discusting meat.

Steve replied,


On 10th Aug 2007, wrote,

the eyes of remusel are trasperent and the eyes of the enemies on the roof are transperent. i don't think thats right.

Steve replied,

This happens when the number of colours on your computer are set too low. To correct:

- right click on your desktop
- click on "Properties"
- click on the "Settings" tab
- select "Highest (32 bit)" from the drop down box labelled "Colour Quality"

If you don't have an option for 32 bit colour, I'm afraid her eyes will have to stay transparent.

On 5th May 2007, legokiller wrote,

hey steve i found a cheat 4 repunzels escape of course yu know it butfor those who don't press K to kill every thing on the screan press X to Xtend repuzels hair and press C to Cut it

also your site is so awsome i wish i could do the same programming and stuff oh and the merlins revenge ghames ROK!

Steve replied,

Thanks! Cool name by the way.

On 4th May 2007, Amy Newlyn wrote,

hi Steve,i complained a while ago to you about a few things on Rapunzel's escape.I just wanted to thank,you for the lovely email you sent back. Thank you, Amy

Steve replied,

Hey, no prob!

On 23rd Mar 2007, .:Дρρυяεж:. (Krenim Imperium) wrote,

Quite an interesting site you have here... L&!ke the MR games, but Rapulnzel is just weird.

Steve replied,

Cool name.

Well, glad you like MR. Dunno what to say about Rapunzel being weird. Is that bad?

On 24th Feb 2007, Amy Newlyn wrote,

rapunzel's escape game is over the top. it's so hard to complete and you can't get hardly any lives.you can't even save it and it gets me really frustrated.Whats the point of the game anyway?if the prince is supposed to be rescuing rapunzel,why is she nearly killing herself to try and save him?if i was to rate this game it would be frustrating and too hard.

Steve replied,

Sorry you feel that way. When it first came out it was easier, but lots of people said it was too easy, so I made it harder.

The thing about her resucing herself is supposed to humourous on the one hand, and a nod to feminism on the other. It's to apply our modern thinking that women are capable of doing anything that men can do to a fairy story where usually women are there only to be rescued and whatnot.

Right now, it's difficult for me make changes to Rapunzel, but if I return to it someday, I'll add a save option and perhaps some difficulty settings.

On 26th Aug 2006, betty kwong (The Metal Box) wrote,

i am currently playing Rapunzel's Escape right now, and i think im on level 4 or 5. i don't know how to go to level and i already passed levels 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. i think.

Steve replied,

You need to stand over the wooden area and press down. Rapunzel can drop through wooden planks this way.

Alternately you can jump into the top right hand corner, that will take you to the roof. But once you've done that, you'll need to return and go down anyway.

Good luck, hope that helps!

On 18th Aug 2006, cjfjcjfjc wrote,

good job on hiding the "un platform tile" i am referring to the 2nd screen from the right on the roof where there is a jagged edge to the next screen. the lowest point when you fall in it makes you fall when it should be a platform tile.

Steve replied,

Well spotted, that was of course an error. I'll fix it after I've finished with MR3.

On 14th Aug 2006, I_am_the_muffin_queen wrote,

Rapunzel's escape is brilliant! I played it the honest way the first time around, then just killed everything really quickly with the hair cheat :D I did experience some lags with the cheat but I suppose that's to be expected. I bow down to your great game making skills *goes to build a temple*

Steve replied,

Thanks man, I think Rapunzel's Escape is definitely my most polished game so far.

On 11th Jul 2006, elizabeth wrote,

this game is the coolest.i like rapunzel's hair because it is long.
ok,girl just get me rapunzel's weave cause i am black

Steve replied,

hehe glad you like it!

On 22nd Jun 2006, zed617 wrote,

can u pls add a little more health to the big witch?not that i think its too easy,its just that it seemed like the witch would be more powerful

Steve replied,

I can't make any changes to Rap right now, it'll have to wait until sometime after MR3 is done.

On 1st May 2006, dieorelse wrote,

Hey Steve, how come Rap sais to the knite " My Hero!" after he kills a spider after several days when she herself had killed tons of em'? oh and you spelled of wrong, it sais fo. lol.

Steve replied,

Because of the roles that fairytales force on their protagonists...

fo is er, oldlish for er, of.

Oh alright I bodged it.

On 25th Apr 2006, Darren wrote,

Why is the prince rapunzel's hero for killing a spider? She just killed loads...
(I love dots...see?...)

Steve replied,

Rapunzel is a heroine, but the conventions of the fairytale demand that she be rescued by a handsome prince. She's brave, but she's not stupid, if she doesn't "make out" that the prince is her hero, she'll be lonely. And let's not forget, the Prince might not be the brightest spark in the fire, but he is handsome and Rap has brains enough for both of them. So she figures it's a good match.

On 25th Apr 2006, Darren (Book/Chewing Prodictions) wrote,

Steve, on the end sequence of RAP, it sayes "they stared at each other for a long moment, ect..." If you look at their eyes, however, they are looking at you! Doesn't make much sense...

Steve replied,

Er, the er, photo was taken just afterwards, they er, caught the photographer out of the corner of their eyes, and er, looked around at him.

Er, or something.

On 25th Apr 2006, Darren (Book/Chewing Productions) wrote,

Ahem, err...Steve, I just completed RAP, then restarted the game and began to play again...but to my utmost surprise, all the screens were mapped as cleared, and yet weren't...also, the witch screen was green on the minimap, not yellow as it should be...okaaaay this just got wierder...although on my first playing I killed everyone, some are dead, some alive...the witch alive...closer examination reveals that most screens are full...actually, they might have all been full, I can't remember which ones I just cleared...

Steve replied,

Yeees. I did fix that offline but I can't recompile the game again until after I finish MR3 because the two code bases are tied together and I've done work on MR3 which means the Rap doesn't work anymore until I get around to fixing it.

Sorry about the long sentence.

On 25th Apr 2006, Darren (Book/Chewing Productions) wrote,

Hey, Steve! Those PAP goblins are really dumb. I was under the table, fighting a soldier, and he began headbutting the table in in an attempt to get one of the stick-thingy above...LOL!

Steve replied,

Lol! Yup.

On 25th Apr 2006, Darren (Book/ Chewing Productions) wrote,

Umm...Steve, I have a friend who is probably Rapunzel's Escape's biggest fan, and she says that she can knock the helmet off a dying goblin soldier, but never manages to show me...err, is this true?

Steve replied,


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