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Merlin's Revenge 3 on YouTube

23rd Apr 2020

I've recorded MR3 on in three parts. They'll be released on Fri 24th, Sat 25th and Sun 26th of April at roughly 22:00 GMT. I say roughly because YouTube seems to think I'm in Algiers, which I'm not.

Here's the link for the convenient playlist:
Merlin's Revenge 3 complete playlist

And each video
MR3 part 1

MR3 part 2

MR3 part 3

Merlin's Revenge 2 on YouTube

18th Apr 2020

I've managed to struggle my way through Merlin's Revenge 2 and I am not as good at it as I thought I was :)

Still, I did clear all the screens and get to the end so if you'd like to see me struggle - watch the playlist on YouTube

Merlin's Revenge 2 playlist

I had fun playing it again, hope you have fun watching it

Miracle on Metal street

13th Apr 2020

Well, now.

A surprising sequence of events has meant that this website is now back up and running.

The hosting company the site is hosted with decided a while ago that php 5 was no longer supported and to upgrade everyone to php 7. This was fair enough but it did mean that TMB crashed. Given enough time I could probably fix it and bring it up to speed but time has been in extremely short supply for me for the last ooooh 8 years or so. So after a while I started doing a simple html page with some kind of log entries in it, just hard coded in.

Then, said hosting company got bought by another hosting company and changed the location of the TMB server. I was staring at a white page and thinking the site just wasn't resolving at all. So I wrote to support and said the site wasn't working and they said "ah yes, it needs php 5.6" and voilá! TMB is back!

I don't how long it will last, but here it is! :DD

I've copied the few log entries I'd on into the news feed below...

Play TMB games again with Pale moon and Rebellion videos on YouTube

5th Apr 2020

Very exciting news! You can, if you're so inclined, get this website fully working again on your Windows 10 computer. (Possibly even on your Mac but I don't have one to test it on).

Here's a video about it

Pale Moon browser (scheduled for 10pm GMT - 2020-04-05)

And here's the link I was referring to, with the original information on it.

How can I play shockwave games

And in perhaps, not-quite-so-exciting-but-still-quite-exciting-if-you-ask-me news, here is a video on Rebellion

Rebellion (scheduled for 10pm GMT - 2020-04-06)

MYF C and Rapunzel's escape videos on YouTube

1st Apr 2020

I have two more videos scheduled on YouTube

Move your feet c (scheduled for 10pm GMT - 2020-04-03)

Rapunzel's Escape (scheduled for 10pm GMT - 2020-04-10)

Triangle pool MYF A and MYF B videos on YouTube

28th Mar 2020

Three more videos are scheduled for release on YouTube

Triangle pool (out now)

Move your feet a (scheduled for tonight at 10pm GMT - 2020-03-28)

Move your feet b (scheduled for tomorrow at 10pm GMT - 2002-03-29)

It was fun playing these games again, especially move your feet b (the one with the horse)

YouTube video of Merlin's Revenge 1

25th Mar 2020

I've done the first official TMB video. A playthrough of MR1 with a commentary. It's a bit quiet so turn up the sound and I'll speak louder next time.

I plan to do some more of the games from the site.

Thanks to Hobbes and cjfcjfjc for being so quick with views and comments, it really encouraged me.

Merlin's Revenge 2 exe

15th Feb 2020

I've added an exe version of Merlin's Revenge 2. It has the same limitations as the MR1 .exe - no sound, no zoom. No idea why! :(. Oh! one very important point - I've remapped the help key to TAB rather than ESC. ESC quits the game and if I left ESC mapped as the help key then, well, there was no way to quit the game. MR for ever! Like, literally for ever! Well ok, you could still stop it with Task manager. So anyway, when you're saving your game think "TAB, save", "TAB, save" not "ESC, save" or you'll lose your progress. Which would get fairly annoying fairly quickly. Besides all that it's still a way to play it at least! :)

MR series on YouTube

9th Feb 2020

I was inspired to start doing these .exes after having this YouTube series by SteamBoy27 pointed out to me by Antony Rugman - thank you!

Merlin's Revenge 1 exe

9th Feb 2020

I've added an exe version of Merlin's Revenge 1. It does run under Windows 10. Known issues: no sound, does not zoom to fill screen (turn your screen resolution down if you can)


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