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Here are comments that people have sent in about Trees Of War. I will include any comments about Trees of War 1 here too.
On 2nd Apr 2009, eclipse wrote,

I was thinking Trees of War would make a great screen saver. Is there any way I can have the source code for it?

steve replied,

I used to have Trees of War as my screensaver. I can't remember how I did it right now, but I have a feeling the message box use to appear, which was not the desired effect.

But sure, I'll post up the source file to the site. It's a director MX .dir file you will need Director MX or later to be able to view and change the source code.

Have fun!

On 1st Apr 2009, Cheerios623 wrote,

Trees of war is the first thing I played at TheMetalBox, and it's what keeps me coming back every 6 months or so. There's something fascinating about seeing evolution in progress! Of course, it's also always fun to use the flame tool to keep your favorite underdog species alive as long as possible.

Somehow my friends never understand my enthusiasm for ToW2. . .

Thanks for the awesome game!

steve replied,

Thanks dude!

Yeah, not many people understood my enthusiasm for making it in the first place either. It's good to know that a few people out there get it though. It really is evolution pared down to it's most basic level - 1 gene.

I've started an expansion to trees of war called bottom earth. It's kind of a meld of trees of war and MR. It's still in the very early stages at the moment but the aim is to eventually have evolving humanoid behaviour.

It's on launchpad and it's open source. I'm going to do a proper post to announce it on the site with instructions for how to download and run it.

Anyway, glad you like Trees of War, it's one of the better things I've done.

On 7th Dec 2008, Super_merlin wrote,

Steve, feel free to burn me at stake,( I know how it feels☺)but I was playing trees of war, and I think I like better than mr! I hate whaen you try to wipe out the biggest map, and the trees have sawn rates of like 10 or 11.THEY KEEP RESPAWNING!!

steve replied,

Lol, actually I'm glad to hear it! MR has plenty of fans - Trees of War is more of, um, an acquired taste.

Trees of War was a very interesting project for me, and I still intend to finish it some day (it wasn't supposed to be just Trees that were at war you see.)

But yeah, glad you like it! :)

On 31st Jan 2007, Carefree_Butterfly wrote,


Trees of War is just so fascinating!

I wiped out the massive map!


But you should have like, a restart button. Cuz when you end it, or wipe them out, you have to refresh the page.

Steve replied,

Yeah, it's one of my favourites. Perhaps there should be a start button, but the chance of me going back and adding one anytime are practically nil. Sorry!

On 23rd Dec 2006, Eric Thompson (University of Texas at Dallas) wrote,

I absolutely love Trees of War! There is something so deeply fascinating about it that always brings me back to it and your site. Is there any possible way you could make a downloadable version of Trees of War 2? Keep up the excellent work! (BTW, MR3 is loads of fun!)

Steve replied,

Wow dude! Getting this comment in the middle of a bunch of MR3 stuff was such an unexpected surprise!

I agree with you, trees of war is pretty interesting if you have the right kind of mind. (At the moment it seems that it's just me and you, though!)

I'll look into doing an executable trees of war 2 when I get some time, but I seem to remember thinking it was hard or undesirable to do for some reason, but I can't remember why now. (It was a long time ago when I made that.) I'll look into it though.

On 3rd Feb 2006, Donut wrote,

The trees of war thingy got messed up on my computer, and it told me to tell you that it's busted. Any who it said that it had problems and it had play backs or something.

p.s. What is trees of war 2 do?

p.s.s. Is there a trees of war 1?

p.s.s.s. Sorry about not capitalizing the name, butI'm lazy.

Steve replied,

Ok, well I haven't done any work on trees of war for ages now. I don't even know if I have the original files anywhere! So I guess if it doesn't work then it doesn't - sorry!

It has a bunch of trees that grow and compete for space, the species that evolves quickest will eventually dominate the others. It basically demostrates how evolution works, and gives a rough metaphor for the development of any species, if you choose to read it that way.

On 13th Jul 2005, Morsh wrote,

I've been playing on the massive map mode... It is really hard to wipe out an entire species, even with flame tool, when youve got the map that big! You should try it! They just...keep...growing!

Steve replied,

I know, I've tried it! I made that game while I was still working in a 'proper' job. When I was bored I used to get on the net and have a go of trees of war or breakout lite.

In theory, you can steer where the fire goes by controlling the wind arrow, though the fire burns so quick that it's hard to get to the arrow quick enough to make a difference.

An easier way to eliminate a species (though harder to watch) is by holding the wind in a particular direction. The seeds from the trees fall whichever way the wind is blowing so if you hold the wind blowing the species you want to get rid of towards the edge of the map, it will eventually die out. It's kind of gruelling to watch though!

On 13th Jul 2005, Morsh wrote,

I've been playing Trees of War for about the past 40 minutes... I swear I'm gonna take those pink scumbags down!!! BUT THEY KEEP RESPAWNING... No! We're being overrun... Hold them back! Use the flame tool! Use the flame tool!

ANyway, my point is, that trees of war, somehow, may be even more addictive to me than Merlin's Revenge! We need a sequel! I mean this is just plain fun to me! lol

Steve replied,

hehe! Your the first person who's every written anything to me about trees of war!

What I've noticed is sometimes the more you burn a forest, the stronger it gets. Really wierd!

Glad you like it!


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