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On 20th Dec 2006, Donut wrote,

i've noticed taht the ninja disapears if you leave him alone for a while. i was on there a few mintues ago making screens htos of him cussing you out, and i came back, he was gone! is this sosposed to happen or is that a glitch?

Steve replied,

Yeah, he follows your mouse so if you clicked outside the screen, he will go there and take a while to come back on. So yeah, it's supposed to happen. Sort of.

On 25th Mar 2006, simon-jacobs (Ninja) wrote,

LOLZ its funnie but why or how they go small? also another menu would be nice here 5 ninjas make it crowded ?_? also why does he say jacobson? scary how its almost like my name jacobsen :P whas it to mess with one of the staff members?

Steve replied,

You're the first person to ask why they go small.

It says jacobson because I was quoting a sketch by British comedy duo Fry and Laurie. They did a sketch where they were pretending to be US army guys talking about how "It's my ass on the line, so you better get your ass into gear before the general gets his ass over here." Sort of thing. The sketch ended with the line, "Nobody likes a smart alec".

Well, it was funnier when they did it.


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