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Here are comments that people have sent in about the general topics that don't particulary fit anywhere else.
On 2nd Mar 2014, slayerman wrote,

Hey there for that game Breakout Ext'd Play. Do you know how many levels are there for that game? Or that game just keeps going and going forever? Just want to know.

steve replied,

It just keeps going forever :)

On 5th Feb 2014, chrisx wrote,

i cant play any of the games, tho i used to play them a long time ago, been waiting to play the sequels and stuff and now i cant :(

steve replied,

You should still be able to play them on a windows7 computer with shockwave installed.

On 26th May 2013, namenamename1 wrote,

Hi, when I was younger I once posted a comment under my full name: [edited by steve] and I would appreciate it if you could abbreviate or remove the comment. Thanks.

steve replied,

No problem - I couldn't find the comment at the link you sent but I did find it by searching the database. I have edited the comment in question. Please let me know if it's acceptable or if you need further changes.

On 18th May 2013, pickwick the second wrote,


It's been a few years since I visited TMB, but I really enjoyed your games back in the day and thought I'd randomly pop in.

Have a splendid day, Mr. Steve, and the best of luck with whatever you're presently working on (or taking vacations from, or wherever your current interests lie)!

--Thomas "pickwick the second"--

steve replied,

Many thanks Thomas!

Have a splendid day yourself! And please feel free to randomly pop in any time :)

On 12th Sep 2012, carusoj wrote,

I recently got a new computer - lenovo thinkpad running windows 7 and I'm using IE8. MR doesn't work on it very well - movement doesn't seem to work appropriately. for example, if I hold down the A key, merlin will move right continuously, and continue to move right until all the accumulated "A"'s are used up. If I switch from A to S, merlin doesn't immediately change direction. Happens with the morph spell when merlin moves much faster. Any suggestions?

Great games, by the way.

John Carusone

steve replied,

I would try plugging in a USB keyboard and see if it helps. Sorry about taking a year and a half to respond to this!

On 1st Apr 2012, ELFZ wrote,

how do you get rid of the update messages about the new comments and suggestions?


steve replied,

You could either log out and log back in again, or you could set the last login date to today.

On 31st Mar 2012, D wrote,

Hey steve, not sure when you'll read this, considering when you responded to the last comment, but I'm typing this nonetheless.

I joined this community back in my elementary school days, under the username "Dantheman." (Just the username makes me laugh, actually.) I'm in my final year of high school now, so that means, although sporadically, I've visited themetalbox throughout more than half my life (and does that mean I've been here for most of TMB's lifetime?) I'm old enough not to look at my earlier comments out of embarrassment and shame, but a whole lot of memories still hit me when I stumbled upon this site again. I swear I even remember one or two of the people that still hang around here. I hate to join the list of nostalgia comments that I've seen, but there you go.

You've now embedded your games into my childhood next to Saturday morning cartoons and carefree days, and I'm damn happy about it.

So, in summary, thanks. Thanks for the good memories, better games, and the best times.

See you in another life, Steve.

steve replied,

Thanks dantheman I certainly remember you - you were a very prolific poster back in the day and one of the first or second wave of regulars that joined up if I remember correctly.

This site has unfortunately become a bit of a nostalgic place for now. That was never my intention and I still hope to find a way to get things moving here again.

The people who are still here have shown great resilience and I have to give big credit to note for continuing to work on the game, and others for doing maps all which keeps the interest going.

But it's very heartening to hear that these games were an element in your happy childhood - I don't think I could ask for a better compliment!

Thanks for taking the time to write in, and yeah see you in another life!


On 11th Jan 2012, osel wrote,


been a while broo's i hope youve had a good winter break :DDD

i am here to tell you that THE CHEEZER 3 IS OUT (if you can even remember what that is, and if you cant then WATCH IT)



steve replied,

Thanks dude!!

I'm sorry it took so long to reply I wanted to actually watch it before writing back to you. I did manage to watch about 5 mins of it one time but never got a chance to finish.

Now I see the link is blocked as the video is marked as private.

Once again really sorry!

On 5th Jan 2012, Slammin Sam wrote,

Hi Steve

I remember playing Merlins Revenge when I was in grade 4 or 5, and for countless hours.

In about year 9, I found Game Maker.
I have since learnt all the GML code, and made some pretty cool games.

Only today when I wondered what happened to that Merlin game I used to love, did I discover that it was actually made with Game Maker all those years ago!

Excellent job with this Steve. Your games kept me busy for quite some time in my childhood. :D

-Sam (18 now)

steve replied,

Hey Sam - Thanks that means a lot to me. Actually the games are made in Shockwave, but Gamemaker became very important to the site, because Director was/is so expensive to buy.

The games kept me busy too (making them of course) and still do, whenever I get some spare time. :)

Steve (37 now)

On 15th Nov 2011, 0224123 (Azmi :) ) (--) wrote,

I just wanted to say that, even though I may not know you personally, I consider this website to be a nice addition to the tale of my life, and I must thank you for all of the countless hours of fun I spent on this site :) Thank you :) Your friend, even if you don't really know me, Azmi :)

steve replied,

Well! Thanks very much :)))

On 18th Dec 2010, bw26 wrote,

Hey Metal box. It's been a while, but it's good to see this site is still up. It brings back a lot of nostalgia. You know how once in a while we make a noticed of things you guys think rock/should be randomly mentioned and share them?

One of the things to show if anybody gets the chance, should be the Webcomic 'MS Paint Adventures.'

I have spent a lot of time reading on it the adventure Homestuck' recently, (And by that I mean a few months ago as it's 4000+ pages by now) and am incredibly addicted.

It's webcomic about 4 lovable kids that play a video-game, and it destroys the world, and then they go on adventures. It heavily parodies gaming-culture at times, and the plot/characterization is just incredible, as well as quite intricate.
Also all of the animations, flash games, and music it's provided are excellent. There's also the fact that a lot of the content is fan-based/made/driven from suggestions and submissions, which kinda mirrored TMB. (They have a suggestion box, polls, ect)

Here's a link to awesome stuff from it:


[S]: Descend

[S] Jade: Enter


I wouldn't doubt anyone who still checks here from time to time, would find it quite interesting and engaging.

Well, that's all I have to share for now, keep strong Metal box =D! I know this place can rise to it's former glory again someday.

steve replied,

Cool stuff!

I have to post this into a suggestion so it will stick around longer and people can share their thoughts.


On 22nd Nov 2010, Erik Rodriguez wrote,

Thanks so much steve,the Fake Trees are great!And thanks for making such a great site!

steve replied,

No problem! Thanks for coming here!

I don't think I did the fake trees though and actually, I haven't really done anything on MR4 the credit for that belongs to other TMB members.

On 16th Jun 2010, Erik Rodriguez wrote,

People say they have merlin cursers,i looked in downloads and couldnt fine it!help!

steve replied,

Darren did some ages ago, they are very good.

They are on the downloads page, here is the direct link:

They are for windows.

On 3rd May 2010, chrisx wrote,

whats the new site for, its been replaced by some online store thing, it was such a great game site :(

steve replied,

Unfortunately, have gone out of business. I received letters about it for a while because I was a supplier.

I miss them!

On 16th Feb 2010, crazymerlinman321 wrote,

i cannot see my suggestions when i try to see them.

steve replied,

They have to be approved before you can see them. I should probably change that so you can see them whether they are approved or not. But I didn't think of that when I was doing it.

On 29th Jul 2009, Feory wrote,

Heh, I think IaMP is literally the only game I don't have (besides UFO demo). I'm pretty lousy at SWR though, so I doubt I'd be much good at IaMP either.

I'd be up for some PoFV though, though I've not actually looked at how to play that online yet.
Also, there must be some better way of talking than this.

On 24th Jul 2009, Feory (I seem to remember I used to put random things in here. Oh well.) wrote,

Haven't visited here in a while.

I have no clue if shockwave works on not on the new macs, so if you've heard it doesn't, then I guess it probably doesn't. Of course, new macs seem to have the capability to boot into windows anyway (boo hiss etc), that might not be so much of an issue.

Also, Lokey, you play the Touhou games too? Did you find out about them on your own, or did my very brief mention on the forums do it? And in general, woo someone else who plays them etc etc.

lokey57 replied,

Found out about them myself, have been quite addicted to them of late... If you want a game against me on IaMP, just let me know.

On 7th Jul 2009, osel wrote,

A few questions

1. first to clarify, is Steve back or something? because hes in the updates apparently

2. could we maybe get a new forum? since the old one is officialy dead

3. thats about it

thank you

Lokey57 replied,

As I'm the one who was responsible for the forums after the first one closed down, I'll give my response regarding the second question, I'll leave the first to steve himself when he sees it.

2. Depends, we're probably back to the early days where activity is mostly centered in the suggestions DB, and is rather minimal. At this point, a forum is really unneeded as we have about 10-15 members tops, and the suggestions DB is generally enough. Should we get more active members, I'll consider restarting a forum.

On 6th Jun 2009, ♪ ((0)(0)) wrote,

I must say that I think this is really cool:

steve replied,

Looks interesting. I read through the pages carefully. I won't be able to put it on TMB though, since I don't have full access to the server.

I hope it succeeds in making spammers lives more difficult. At the same time it seems to me that we're moving away from email anyway.

On 14th May 2009, Super_merlin (Monster Inc.) wrote,

Hey Steve, did you know that old services page is still up if you go to:

You may wanna take that down, or some visitor may get the wrong idea...

steve replied,

Hehe. Well, if someone gets all the way in there, reads it and decides they want me to do some work for them, that's fine with me. :D

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