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Game: tmb_smash (Change)
Type: general (Change)

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By: metalheadedgamer on 2 Aug 2005
Rating: 5.00 in 1 votes
Status: rate
tmb_smash | general | [Suggestion_2636]

the suiquiral(i cant spell good) (3)

the squiriall off of move your feet should be on the game.(harry potter and xialion showdown rock)(i would suggest harry potter and oni but there copyrighted)
Last Comment by Voronnen on 4 Aug 2005 13:55

By: dantheman on 30 Jul 2005
Rating: 4.00 in 2 votes
Status: rate
tmb_smash | general | [Suggestion_2619]

Me and Berlin-Merlin (1)

As both of us seem have to made the idea, i think that BOTH of us shuld get credit for this.
Last Comment by noihoimi on 23 Jun 2006 19:30

By: cjfjcjfjc on 10 Jun 2006
Rating: 0.00 in 0 votes
Status: rate
tmb_smash | general | [Suggestion_3787]

power effects (0)

these help a player after a special attack

flare affect if a fire attack is used this does damage

bleed affect if the apponant is struck by a special melee attack this does damage

hyptonic affect after a stream of weak attacks
this confuses the enemy stopping it from attacking

By: e snipple e on 12 Mar 2008
Rating: 0.00 in 0 votes
Status: rate
tmb_smash | general | [Suggestion_5898]

the ants plan for revenge (0)

the ants are planning to revenge for locking them in a tiny page!!!!!!!
leader ant: we have been there long enough
all other ants: revenge for that!!!!!
an ant: lets shoot them with lasers
other ant: where do we get the lasers?
another ant: from the secret laser storeroom!!!!
an ant: but we do not know where it is
other ant: we have to find it
(all the ants talk about what to do)
leader ant: SILENCE!!!
leader ant: why the secret laser storeroom
when there are lots of blaster cannons l ...[click title to read more]...