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By: midget mage on 16 Mar 2007
Rating: 5.00 in 1 votes
Status: rate
suggestions_db | feedback | [Suggestion_5212]

the fan kit (3)

it doesnt have mr3 stuff in it. can you plz update it if you ever get spare time(although i doubt you will get spare time cuz you probly have many more pressing mr4 matters)
i put it in the suggestions db sec of the suggest db cuz i didnt know where to put it maybe we need an 'other' catagory.
Last Comment by steve on 18 Nov 2008 02:11

By: midget mage on 13 Mar 2007
Rating: 0.00 in 0 votes
Status: rate
suggestions_db | feedback | [Suggestion_5200]

shop what happened to it (3)

i know i know this isnt about the suggestions database. but i cant seem to find the shop anymore. what happened to it. where there just not enough sales and it shut down cuz ive spen a whole year trying to convince my parents to let me buy something and i think im wearing them down. TMB RULZ(the misspelling makes it cooler, lol).
Last Comment by steve on 23 Mar 2007 10:25