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By: MerlinRulez on 27 May 2010
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mr6 | plots_scripts | [Suggestion_6644]

Merlin's Revenge 6 (88)

Now that the Black Sorceror was dead, Merlin thought he could now officially rest in peace. But it seems that he just might be doing it a different it turns out, Mortillin had a son, Kronollin, also known as the Grey Wizard, and he's not happy what Merlin did to his Dad. Unlike his father, he possessed a very special ability, the ability to manipulate time itself. Using this ability he plans to revive his father and cause all of Aldevar to submit to darkness. Merlin must stop him befor ...[click title to read more]...
Last Comment by crazymerlinman321 on 18 Jun 2010 02:31