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By: steve on 22 Jan 2007
Rating: 5.00 in 3 votes
Status: rate
mr5 | general | [Suggestion_4932]

MR5 - Overview (24)

MR5 is the final battle with the Black Sorcerer. In the MR3 suggestions there are lots of ideas about the Black Sorcerer taking various forms, which must be defeated. I want to make that an entire game.

The map would be small - about 5x5. Like MR4, you choose one wizard per screen to help you (but you now have the entire order to choose from). In each screen would be a different form of the black sorcerer (25 forms). They do not all have to be single creatures, he could be a flock of bats in ...[click title to read more]...
Last Comment by Gnorthan, king of the nylon green pig people on 17 Apr 2009 17:39

By: ree on 8 Mar 2009
Rating: 4.00 in 1 votes
Status: rate
mr5 | general | [Suggestion_6261]

Gold or silver (2)

it would work well with my town and extra world ideas, so ocassionally enimies drop gold when killed. In town, you could buy potions, spells, health, etc. maybe a new world also...
Last Comment by The master of wizards on 9 Mar 2009 20:47

By: Carefree_Butterfly on 28 Jan 2007
Rating: 3.00 in 2 votes
Status: rate
mr5 | general | [Suggestion_4966]

MR6 - Overview Ver 2 (4)

Well, how about this...

In MR6, you can choose the following... become evil, and have like, 10 HUGE STARS representing level 100, and try to wipe out the Wizard Council once again, but this time, you've run out of Golden Bullets, so therefore you waste all the wizards, and they give you the chance to relinquish your powers.

If you say no, you'll have to repeat the exact same thing again, until you decided to become good.

In MR6, the object of the game is to restore the damaged landscape ...[click title to read more]...
Last Comment by steve on 9 Feb 2007 14:32

By: cjfjcjfjc on 23 Feb 2007
Rating: 2.00 in 2 votes
Status: rate
mr5 | general | [Suggestion_5106]

MR6 - Overview Ver 3 (2)

i have a much better idea for MR6. because it will never get done, how about it being a normal MR? how about this:

with the black sorcerer defeated and all the evil wizards restored, yet another problem appears. ulin is turned evil by a mysterious force, and merlin is stripped of his powers once again and vanishes. dellin will go and take vengeance on this. halfway through the game, you get an item called the black obsidian. this shoots energy pulse bullets at regular intervals, but you also ...[click title to read more]...
Last Comment by cjfjcjfjc on 23 Jun 2008 16:53

By: HawkZero on 28 Jul 2007
Rating: 0.00 in 0 votes
Status: rate
mr5 | general | [Suggestion_5689]

Boomerang Axe (2)

When you find this Axe, you equip it the same way as you equip punching, and then you throw it by clicking at a certain part of the screen and it moves in a thin loop. The max hatchets you can throw after getting all the potions should be three
Last Comment by HawkZero on 12 Aug 2007 17:38