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Game: merlin_ziggle (Change)
Type: plots_scripts (Change)

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By: cjfjcjfjc on 9 Nov 2006
Rating: 5.00 in 1 votes
Status: rate
merlin_ziggle | plots_scripts | [Suggestion_4670]

MZ2 plot (2)

(you see a red and yellow planet)
(screen goes to inside goblin base)
goblin mage: ive discovered a very powerful weapon
goblin leader: what is it
goblin mage: a black bomb that is very powerful
goblin leader: are they easy to make
goblin mage: yes, you pump all the air out of an extremely strong bottle, then you pump out all the nothingness until theres black matter left. then you open the lid of the bottle and an incredibly strong bolt of energy flies out.
gob ...[click title to read more]...
Last Comment by NeyBar on 3 Jan 2007 10:07