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By: Tormented Souls on 30 Sep 2006
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hwc | game_mechanics | [Suggestion_4585]


Accuracy is the stat which governs monsters ability to hit something. From now on, All HoWC monster weapons have a 1-6 number under the heading of UR. this stands for Use Rating. a monster must beat this number when rolling a six-sided die if he wants to hit his target. Monsters also have an accuracy rating, which is either a D6, a D8, or a d12. this is what they roll by if they are making an accuracy Check.

By: Tormented Souls on 6 Oct 2006
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hwc | game_mechanics | [Suggestion_4609]




It is the future. In the year 59,000 A.D., Humanity has expanded into a vast Imperium spread across the stars of the galaxy. Yet all is not well. Humankind is assaulted at all sides by the fell Xenos scum that dwell in the far-reaching star systems of the galaxy. The ravenous Hyraxids, Daemonic invaders from beyond the edge of the galaxy raid and pillage the outposts of the Imperium. Heathen worshippers of the Demon-Gods Moloch and Karínaűl threaten ...[click title to read more]...
Last Comment by Tormented Souls on 20 Oct 2006 19:22

By: Tormented Souls on 6 Dec 2006
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hwc | game_mechanics | [Suggestion_4709]

i got it done early (0)

Ze Zwordz and Zhieldz rulebook!
Vot you meen, iz not right?
Ztart over.
Ze fantaztic Heroez of War and Conquezt rulebook!
Heroes has not changed much. The rules are basically the same. The only thing that is changed is the creature stat block. And the German guy in the title. Thatís my sister. Ignore her. In this version, you need more dice. As such, I will cut and paste appropriate rules here:


I first had the idea for this game when I sat down at my computer at the age o ...[click title to read more]...