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By: Tormented Souls on 10 Jun 2007
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hwc | game | [Suggestion_5479]

Mark 5 (1)

Heroes of War and Conquest: Mark V
The main content of this stuff is the really really basic BrikWars rules, compacted into a paper and pencil format. Not to say that I copied all this stuff: the core is brikwars but most is me. Therefore, BrikWars is C 1995 Mike Rayhawk. For more information, go to
I have pretty much given up on making Heroes a really complicated game, and so I am just going to publish what I have in a playable format here.
The object of Heroes ...[click title to read more]...
Last Comment by steve on 15 Jun 2007 09:21

By: Tormented Souls on 2 Feb 2008
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hwc | game | [Suggestion_5869]

Heroes of War and Conquest Gold Edition (0)


“The Darkness is upon us…have faith.”

Heroes of War and Conquest
First Draft

Articles I and XI along with all names in all ‘Army List’ sections are property of Target Games AB © 1993.
Pictures are property of
Background in section XI from
Background in section I from

Article I. The Background of The Game I:3
Article II. Begi ...[click title to read more]...