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By: on 2 Dec 2010
Rating: 0.00 in 0 votes
Status: rate | *In Roadmap*
editors | spells | [Suggestion_6916]

Tileset Switching/Updating to Newer Tilesets (17)

Say, you have an old mr3 map, and you want to be able to change it to include content from newer mrs. Rather than go back and redraw everything, you could go to the map editor's main menu and open the tileset editor menu.(this requires some menu features from older map editors...)
You would then select a tileset(passive, active, or objects) and then choose a replacement tileset. The map editor would then go through the map and change all the values for the selected tileset, possibly with a stat ...[click title to read more]...
Last Comment by steve on 22 Dec 2010 12:43