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By: Morsh on 28 Apr 2005
Rating: 5.00 in 2 votes
Status: rate
comics | enemies | [Suggestion_1395]

Werlin (13)

What's Werlin look like? Does he wear armor, robes, regular clothes, nothing but heart boxers? You guys tell me cos i am not sure. people, please post suggestions. steve that means you too. what do you think werlin should look like?
Last Comment by The master of wizards on 19 May 2008 21:53

By: Morsh on 20 May 2005
Rating: 5.00 in 2 votes
Status: rate
comics | enemies | [Suggestion_1708]

Uproot Wizard (5)

... Think maybe in some part of the comic there could be an evil wizard who uproots trees and throws them at Merlin?
Last Comment by Morsh on 13 Jun 2005 06:38

By: bingo_bob on 21 Apr 2005
Rating: 4.60 in 10 votes
Status: rate
comics | enemies | [Suggestion_1290]

Well, here we go... Enemy:Bingo Bob (18)

Yes, I know I'm suggesting myself, but after a little thought it I decided that it would be neat if the stickman I created became one of werlin's helpers, and the main reason that all of werlin's plans fail. However, if Merlin (or werlin) gets mad and kills him, he just comes to life again! Vote for it!
Last Comment by bingo_bob on 20 Jun 2005 23:26

By: Morsh on 26 Apr 2005
Rating: 4.33 in 3 votes
Status: rate
comics | enemies | [Suggestion_1359]

The Narrator (13)

You know how in comics, they have th elittle box at the top of the panel that says whats going on sometimes... maybe merlin could get into a fight with him , and since the narrator controls everything, he'd be able to make the comic like fall apart1
Last Comment by ovrlndnsea on 3 Feb 2006 22:07

By: cjfjcjfjc on 14 Jun 2005
Rating: 4.00 in 2 votes
Status: rate
comics | enemies | [Suggestion_2014]

walking flower (1)

this is a blue flower every 12 sec when it is the sun it will use a dust making it grow
like in the comic:

merlin: look a flower a rare one
ulin: come on
merlin okok
berlin enters
ulin whats that
all wizards AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Last Comment by zed617 on 21 Jun 2006 19:02

By: cameron on 28 May 2005
Rating: 3.67 in 3 votes
Status: rate
comics | enemies | [Suggestion_1785]

the thingamablobber (4)

what should the thingamablobber look like? i cant picture it even though i made it up. tell me what it looks like please.

oh and cjcjcjcjcjc er whatever no more thingamasnipple.
Last Comment by cameron on 1 Jun 2005 02:48