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By: steve on 29 Jan 2005
Rating: 4.88 in 42 votes
Status: rate
mr3 | map | [Suggestion_185]

Cities Ver 2 (76)

I have been thinking about the role of cities. How about this?

A city or town could be a collection of screens arranged in a square, with a town or city centre square in the middle.

When you first come across a city, it would be overrun with enemies, or might even be an enemy city (like an orc or goblin city). You fight your way to the middle where you fight a big battle. If you win, you restore the rightful king(good town) or install a puppet king (enemy town) who can clear the rest of st ...[click title to read more]...
Last Comment by Owl on 23 Jul 2007 19:59

By: steve on 27 Jan 2005
Rating: 4.72 in 39 votes
Status: rate
mr3 | weapons | [Suggestion_107]

Droppable Weapons (91)

Weapons should be droppable and pick-up-able.

Creatures like Goblins, Orcs and Men drop their weapons when killed. Others can pick up and use them. There would be no size limit to which weapons could be used by which creatures, so you could have a tiny little man or goblin weilding the massive sword that the Black Orc uses.

The damage done would be calculated by the strength of the character plus the damage of the weapon.

Some characters could have ranged or melee or magic bonuses, maki ...[click title to read more]...
Last Comment by crazymerlinman321 on 11 May 2010 01:13

By: midget mage on 25 Jan 2007
Rating: 5.00 in 33 votes
Status: used | *In Roadmap*
mr4 | general | [Suggestion_4943]

xp bar (156)

i think that in this game you should have xp bars right under the hp bars. in mr3 i could never tell when i(on my allies) were gonna gain a lvl. it should be simple enough to make i think so it wouldnt take away from making the rest of the game.
Last Comment by on 17 Nov 2010 18:32

By: dantheman on 25 Jan 2005
Rating: 3.33 in 33 votes
Status: rate
mr3 | spells | [Suggestion_42]

Energy Beam should go (35)

I don't think the Energy Beam should be in the next game, it makes things too easy.
Last Comment by no one on 18 Aug 2006 22:12

By: Sketch on 28 Apr 2006
Rating: 4.38 in 32 votes
Status: rate | *In Roadmap*
mr4 | enemies | [Suggestion_3444]

Ember Mage (79)

A mage that uses energy blast that looks like this
Last Comment by crazymerlinman321 on 1 May 2010 07:27

By: steve on 24 Jan 2005
Rating: 4.28 in 32 votes
Status: rate
mr3 | enemies | [Suggestion_9]

Big Baby (46)

If you want to see the Big Bearded Baby from MR1 in the next game, vote for this one.
Last Comment by dyrfmaster on 17 May 2009 05:44

By: steve on 30 Jan 2005
Rating: 4.93 in 30 votes
Status: rate
mr3 | friends | [Suggestion_214]

Scout (84)

Once you've cleared a screen, you can summon this chap to go and have a look at the nearby screens to see what monsters lie in wait for you. He will come back with a verbal report giving a rough idea of the types and quantities, giving you a chance to prepare for the battle.
Last Comment by u on 23 Dec 2006 14:53

By: Sketch on 3 Apr 2007
Rating: 4.96 in 28 votes
Status: used | *In Roadmap*
mr4 | enemies | [Suggestion_5269]

Skeliton Lord (81)

It was a cold and sleepless night. An overcaffinated Sketch lurked over his computer and began to draw... What he drew that night was a monster that would not die easily... It was an army of one.

Anyway I made a monster that err.. borrowed ideas from a few suggestions and combined into 1-8 monsters. And props to Carefree_Butterfly he made me want to draw again.
[Suggestion_5218] Feet Idea
and I couldn\'t find the Idea for the Spliting Monster
[Suggestion_5152] And ENchanted Sword that F ...[click title to read more]...
Last Comment by destroyer0340 on 11 Oct 2009 11:17

By: steve on 24 Jan 2005
Rating: 4.85 in 26 votes
Status: rate | *In Roadmap*
mr4 | enemies | [Suggestion_15]

The Tangerine Wizard (72)

Foelin the Orange got turned evil at the end of MR2. You must fight him and turn him back to good.
Last Comment by on 4 May 2012 23:03

By: steve on 3 May 2005
Rating: 4.96 in 25 votes
Status: rate | *In Roadmap*
suggestions_db | general | [Suggestion_1493]

Map Editor (93)

Vote for this if you would like me to give a high priority to making a map editor.

The plan would be:

- Bring the MR3 game engine up to the standard of MR1 (ie Merlin has energy blast, and there are a few creatures to fight)

- Make the map editor

The map editor would be usuable to make maps for Rapunzel's Escape as well as Merlin's Revenge. As features are added to the game engine (spells, enemies, etc) they would be made available in the map editor a short time later.

Maps would ...[click title to read more]...
Last Comment by the gold wizard! on 15 Apr 2007 18:00

By: dantheman on 16 Jan 2007
Rating: 4.95 in 22 votes
Status: rate
mr4 | player | [Suggestion_4890]

Stance (107)

whenever he stands still, he'll do something like blink or shake his hand.

it gives that little touch, that little thing that really makes you admire it. It's on most games..
Last Comment by crazymerlinman321 on 4 May 2010 01:55

By: steve on 24 Jan 2005
Rating: 4.82 in 22 votes
Status: rate
mr3 | enemies | [Suggestion_10]

Pit Monster (60)

Those horrible things from MR2 which would attack both friend and foe.

I thought they were one of the better monsters myself.
Last Comment by Carefree_Butterfly on 10 Sep 2006 22:55

By: steve on 29 Jan 2005
Rating: 4.45 in 22 votes
Status: used
mr3 | spells | [Suggestion_183]

Army Summon Spell (36)

This would replace Monster Summon and allow Merlin to summon human type creatures to fight for him instead of monsters.

Things like Warriors, Archers, Magicians.

There should be a way to set which unit you wish to summon. With Monster Summon it was hard to spam Skeleton Warriors without accidentally summoning Orcs.
Last Comment by u on 10 Jun 2006 18:05

mr4 | spells | [Suggestion_5236]

Energy Blast C (58)

Like big explosions? Want to wipe out a screen of bats in one shot?

With the Energy Blast "c", you can!

Let's say we have Energy Blast. This variation, has an infinite loading size. That means you can make an explosion as big as you want!

It'd load a bit slower than normal, at the speed of Morph.

Eventually, if you charge long enough, you'll be able to wipe anything out in one blast. Like say, Fire Golems. And their caves.

And say, Ochre wizard. Vote high! Cuz you want to blast ev ...[click title to read more]...
Last Comment by crazymerlinman321 on 2 Jul 2010 12:20

By: dantheman on 22 May 2005
Rating: 4.62 in 21 votes
Status: rate
mr3 | spells | [Suggestion_1721]

Firestream (14)

Merlin summons a fireball. when he lets go, a Stream comes out hitting everything in it's path. But with every monster it hits it decreases it's power. like this:

-:Path of spell

Loses.. 5hp 3Hp 1Hp

It decreases it's power by 2 every time.
Last Comment by MR ROX! on 7 Aug 2006 17:25

By: kraigon on 23 Apr 2006
Rating: 4.85 in 20 votes
Status: rate
none | general | [Suggestion_3424]

steve!!!!! (18)

vote high for this if you think steve is doing a great job. this man doesn't get enough credit for what he does.
Last Comment by on 29 Jun 2007 06:07

By: helo on 24 Feb 2005
Rating: 4.55 in 20 votes
Status: rate
mr3 | spells | [Suggestion_570]

Warp (27)

A spell that should be found a bit later in the game. Now all of you hate it when you go a very far way but then find yourself in a dead end so instead of walking through the levels that you passed you should be able to warp to a level youve already beaten. To do this all you should have to do is be in a level that has no enemy there (I.E. a cleared level) then charge up the spell, use it on yourself, then the mini map in the corner will take up the whole screen. Then you just double click on th ...[click title to read more]...
Last Comment by MR ROX! on 7 Aug 2006 16:59

By: Saindor on 2 Feb 2005
Rating: 4.95 in 19 votes
Status: rate
editors | World Editor! | [Suggestion_293]

A world Editor! (54)

I think it would be cool if MR3 had a feature so that we could make our own areas to play with, and save them in a file(like how you did the Save Games for MR2) and also a feature to submit them to you as 'extra' levels that people can play. (via a link on the site)
Last Comment by firestorm on 27 Apr 2007 11:19

By: on 17 Jun 2007
Rating: 4.58 in 19 votes
Status: used | *In Roadmap*
mr4 | enemies | [Suggestion_5510]

orc swordsman (31)

basically the orc equivalent of a warrior:
strong attack, heavily armoured, melee, same speed as crossbow orc

i'm somewhat indecisive for this animation so:

or walk2


the first swing does high damage, low kickback, the shield push does minimal ...[click title to read more]...
Last Comment by steve on 25 Oct 2012 16:11

By: dantheman on 26 Jan 2005
Rating: 4.47 in 19 votes
Status: rate
mr3 | spells | [Suggestion_64]

Zap! (16)

When you hit one monster, 3 other monsters around the hitten monster get zapped.
Last Comment by Darren on 28 Apr 2006 14:56