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By: ironman2244 on 22 Mar 2005
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mr3 | game | [Suggestion_870]


it just struck me that we all sit here and make suggestions and comment and vote and read and change, then the game is made, we beat in about 3-4 days, and we begin teh process again.
this game should have you be able to once you've defeated whoever the 1st wizard is, still travel, fight monsters, and protect the towns and cities, maybe doin quests for dantheman's king if hes in there. all work an no play makes jack a dull boy, but who cares about him, MR is fun an i hate waitin, now then, if u hav even read this whole speel of longer gameness, farewell.


22 Mar 2005 [comment_2056]
Once MR3 is done it should be possible to do other levels much more rapidly.

The reason MR3 is taking so long is because I am programming it from scratch rather than using MR2 as a starting point, and the reason I'm doing that is because MR2 wasn't very well programmed and is very difficult to make changes to.

So the upshot is yes, if everything works out, that should happen.

24 Mar 2005 [comment_2162]

24 Mar 2005 [comment_2223]
i like this idea. oh yes. i do. thats right i said it , what you gonna do ,lol

25 Mar 2005 [comment_2240]
lol, lotr return of the king for gba was like this, only u continued through the game multiple times witht he same stats an items an stuff, so u could get really strong. but this could be a "life of merlin" game.

25 Mar 2005 [comment_2269]
Oh right. I misunderstood what this suggestion was at first. I see what you're saying now, that's far more interesting than what I thought you said.

I'll give that some thought.

26 Mar 2005 [comment_2289]
all right!

28 Apr 2005 [comment_3652]
do you mean once you finish the game you can keep playing in the game world? I personally think that would rock out loud wicked sick style. Or do you mean you can play through the game again with the same stats? that also would rock, but not wicked sick style.

2 May 2005 [comment_3881]
Morsh:i think he ment keep playing in the game world for the king and stuf

23 Aug 2005 [comment_9334]
Max Boose
I like it, Voronnen

23 Aug 2005 [comment_9344]
El Zilchil
Let's say the game "upgrades", like steve makes new quests for the game every week or so...

But the ideas might get stale, like "save the magic princess for the 476th time!"

24 Aug 2005 [comment_9356]
Yes indeed, but hopefully I'll be able to add new features which you'll be able to use in your levels as well, to help add variety.

21 Jun 2006 [comment_14338]
RPG warning! RPG warning! don't know if that's good or bad, just thought i'd say that. my only other comment is, would the enemies get harder? or would you become so powerful that one energy blast clears the whole screen.

26 Jun 2006 [comment_14526]
Yea, it's getting rather RPGish, but I personnally *like* RPGs.

26 Jun 2006 [comment_14527]

9 Jul 2006 [comment_14918]
*Carefree_Butterfly has gone insane*.


Imagine. The fantasical game world of ""Merlin Mayhem"", MM, multi-player.

Choose from, the modes:

Survivor: Billions of Merlins on screens, blasting each other.

Team: You're put on a team. Blue Merlin Team VS. Pink Berlin team. Who'll win??!!!

Multi-player Quest: Everyone helps with a HUGE MR game... with HUGE DRAGONS, HUGE GOBLINS....

***Please steve, investigate RPG... it'll reveolutionalize gaming... you'll be rich. I think.

14 Jul 2006 [comment_14980]
If I could click my fingers and bring all that stuff into existance, I would. And yes, it would be great! But actually making it would take me, on my own, all my life to do that. So I need to expand this operation before thinking of such massive projects.

15 Jul 2006 [comment_15015]
carefree butterfly i like ur thinking but y didnt u suggest it properly? cos less ppl c it here and ppl cant vote 4 it if i culd ide give it 6 out of 5!!! especially the last idea: multi player quests! that'd be awesome.I wonder how many ppl work for jagex and how long runescape took?

15 Jul 2006 [comment_15035]
Carefree_Butterfly, you oughta shut down that imagination.

To make an RPG, you will need to have impressive amounts of servers to host all of the Multiplayer data.

Also, all the Computers will be able to connect to the server through a client... Web Browsers make for poor clients.

Steve will only become rich if he charges $50 for the game and a well-deserved monthly fee, which many children (Such as you) would not be able to pay easily.

An RPG is difficult but an MMORPG is just an incredible challenge, especially for one man. The server costs will be incredibly high unless you charge monthly fees as well.

Plus then you need anti-hacking measures in case people mess with the client to get an edge.

15 Jul 2006 [comment_15040]
It actually takes me about a day to complete MR3.

20 Jul 2006 [comment_15114]
midget mage
i like the idea of a merlin rpg but i think thatit would take time away from makin mr3. so he should just make it as a side thing for fun till mr3 is done

13 Jul 2007 [comment_22256]
I like all of these comments, but just 1 thing. MR3 is done, MR4 has wut, 4 screens, MR5+MR6 aren't even close(and thats if steve doesn't choose not to make MR6). Sry if i sound rude ><...

17 Sep 2010 [comment_37606]
This idea seems like something that can be built upon. MR4 has taken several years to get to where it is now and that's not too much progress. In the end, the experience may only last a couple of hours. It would be nice if there was something to go back to once the initial game was completed. More bosses, more enemies. Maybe not a new story all together but just something to extend the experience.

18 Sep 2010 [comment_37614]
That's actually the exact thing that we've been doing with mrOpen. (not developing mr4, per se...)

18 Sep 2010 [comment_37615]
Really i think the game engine for MR3 is capable of much more than the map for MR3 was able to demonstrate.
The only reason MR3 was so small was because I didn't have time to design and playtest a bigger map.
The TMB community has done a great job adding new enemies and features to that engine and I think we'll be able to design and playtest the MR4 map as a community, meaning it can be much bigger than any of the previous games.

Bear in mind as well that the MR4 demo does not represent the latest developments. For that, you need to download MR Open. However, I will rectify this soon by creating a new MR4 demo from the latest MR Open.

18 Sep 2010 [comment_37637]
I like this idea. It would be nice to do a few side-quests at the end. On the other hand, I wouldn't really care because after MR4, I can just play my or other people's maps.

18 Sep 2010 [comment_37641]
Yeah, this was before Open.

Personally, as always, I agree with that guy who said 'RPG ALERT'.

I think that for nonlinear games with open explorable world this kind of thing would be awesome, especially if there open new things to do. Something along the lines of Zelda - Wind Waker(hehe).

Unfortunately MR doesn't fit this category. Maybe someday there will be a MR RPG, but I don't think it should be started to be done before the 'official' MR series is finished.

18 Sep 2010 [comment_37649]
I am just saying...

18 Sep 2010 [comment_37660]
I do like to think of MR as non-linear though.

It does have a definite beginning and end, but how you get from one to the other should be as wide open as possible.

18 Sep 2010 [comment_37663]
Have you played Wind Waker? Probably not.

There are 49 quadrants in the Great Sea, each quadrant having one or more islands. Many of the islands offer plenty to explore, some are singular puzzles or a place of importance, there are big battles to be done, treasure to be hauled from the sea, you get LOADSSS of side quests from NPCs which are really diverse and feels unlike, say, some MMORPGs where the quests are repetitive(go to X, kill Y of Z and bring me back A).

Then, there are lots of mini-dungeons and... Simply put, the world of Wind Waker is huge and has lots to do with. Even the sailing is really fun, and sorta resembles real sailing with the wind and stuff. It probably takes thirty minutes to sail from one point of sea to the other side of the whole world, and once when I was exploring, I started from the bottom left quadrant, sailed to the top left, and I explored each island, got all the maps of the islands, stopped to do some shopping, plundered a pirate submarine(lol)... It took me two hours just to sail these seven quadrants! And I didn't have the means to explore them fully either! Some needed an item I didn't have, some were for a side quest, some needed me to complete a side quest...

I like to think of MR as nonlinear, but it really isn't an open world.

18 Sep 2010 [comment_37668]
hmmm. that sounds good.

I think to achieve something like that with MR we would need to have a way to move from map to map (or even mission to mission)

18 Sep 2010 [comment_37672]
I can imagine what that would be.(it would have a fair chance of slowing the game down along the edges of any map when a screen is cleared) But this is much more mr6 like. I think that a limited open world would suit the mr4 best.

18 Sep 2010 [comment_37682]
The only thing that ever bugged me about Windwaker was that when you get to the edge of the map, the King of Red Lions tell you that we can't proceed for no adequately explained reason. I always thought it would be rather easy to turn the map into a globe, and just wrap right around the edges. You go to far north, you end up in the south. Just like Pacman.

If MR4 will be very large, do you think we could incorporate such a concept?

18 Sep 2010 [comment_37695]
No, I do prefer the non-linear type but if there were ever such a Quest MR then I would play it.It also wouldn't be bad to have some side-quests but I love the non-linear.

19 Sep 2010 [comment_37747]
Yeah, I wondered about that as well - why couldn't they make it wrap? Maybe it's because 'the zelda world' is large and has other places that Hyrule? Like, Termina? So that you can't go away from the Great Sea to a possible other place? Although nobody is expected to think like that ~ they should have made it wrap.

Oh well, it doesn't matter, I usually wouldn't feel the need to go on the edge of the map anyways since from the map it seems there's nothing there, and using the ballad of gales is faster anyway. Maybe that's why though - it's expected that people don't go on the edges, and also that it's hard to explain to the player that the world wraps, without breaking the fourth wall or making it akward, and I think the developers think they should tell something like that. Then again, I think it's better that they would make it wrap and not tell it to the player - if the player thinks about why it wraps.. Well, it's a darn globe, after all.

Talking of globes, I was wondering if it would be possible to make the whole Super Mario Galaxy on Super Mario 64 - make the round planets into a flat surface which loops on itself for an infinity, and the star things which blast you on another planet to be pipes, and the background to show the other planets as globes and the background would spin(so that when you walked forward(forever), there would be new background coming from the horizon even though you seem to walk on a flat surface). Think about how weird yet extremely cool that would be! Unfortunately, it would take years lol.

20 Sep 2010 [comment_37835]
Well I think in MR6 (that seems far enough to talk about this kind of thing) I think at the edge of the map, that is where you, the player, get a chance to make a new world for other players to explore.

20 Sep 2010 [comment_37836]
And of course, being MR we don't need an excuse, the captain just says

c: we can't go any further
m: why not?
c: cos no-one has created anything there yet! This is the edge of game!
m: cooo...
c: don't look at it, it'll tear your eyes out!!
m turnToFace c
m: really?
c: nah not really, it's fine.
c: I just like to be, you know, dramatic.
c: what with being a seadog and that.
m: oh right.

20 Sep 2010 [comment_37844]
ha. Awesome.

21 Sep 2010 [comment_37891]
Ya lol. It would be a nice addition to MR6!

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