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By: megaman4ever on 1 May 2018
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Golden Castle - version 1.2.1

I made a new map in 2014 but did not end up testing it. I tried it out just now - and was surprised to learn that it works fine in Merlin Open 30 (editor v40, engine v76)! Since I really liked the layout and had used dozens of hours with this back in the day, I decided to do the final rebalancing needed for publishing. This suggestion is for adding the map to Merlin Created, if possible - it seems there have been _hundreds_ of plays during the past few weeks, and I want to support whoever is doing all of that. :)

There are two maps here - a slightly toned-down version of my absolutely outrageous original map, as well as a more carefully designed, more generous and much more engaging map using the same concept and most of the same ideas (still extremely challenging though). Map layout is unchanged - I found it to be surprisingly interesting and well-made.

Here are the files:

Golden Castle Ultra Unfair Edition:

Golden Castle Revised - by megaman4ever

Having wasted Scarlet and Ochre, the two of them join forces (and wallets) to build a massive fortress of pure gold. Outfitted with the latest defense technologies of the Inter-Evil Wizard Council, it is up to Merlin to stop them before things get out of hand. Can you overthrow their plans and earn eternal glory?
Roadmapped by megaman4ever (done), steve


17 May 2018 [comment_44550]
Well yeah, considering if I can do something regarding this, not too familiar with how Created works nor the inners of the website though.

14 Mar 2020 [comment_44569]
Gosh! I'm so rusty at this, I'm not sure if I can remember how to add maps to Merlin Created.

Mind you with the shockwave player no longer working on modern browsers at all (they just download the .dcr) there's not much point adding it.

It'll need to be an .exe on Merlin Open really

26 Mar 2020 [comment_44572]
I think just having Merlin Open with all the maps included is also great! It's also amazing that the site is back up, funny how things just work out with hosting companies sometimes. :)

19 Apr 2020 [comment_44579]
Yeah it's good to have it back! I'll see what I can do with these maps

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