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By: megaman4ever on 1 Oct 2016
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URLs that start with https://

Typical URLs are parsed correctly to automatically become enclosed in <a> tags. However, this does not happen if the URL starts with https://. Considering that many browsers these days also copy the URI scheme (unlike when this was implemented and e.g. IE6 would copy only what the user sees), this would be handy to avoid the manual input of <a> tags altogether.

Some test links (no manual formatting):
Roadmapped by steve (done)


1 Oct 2016 [comment_44501]
Looks like having an
< a >
tag's opener there messed up the text. :)

9 Oct 2016 [comment_44502]
fixed it manually for now :)

9 Oct 2016 [comment_44504]
Ah, you fixed the formatting instead of the bug. :)

I guess that's why the suggestion showed as new! Do you have some magic superadmin interface features for doing things like that?

7 Dec 2017 [comment_44537]

7 Dec 2017 [comment_44538]
It looks like this one is done :)

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