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By: nabeel on 4 May 2016
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merlins revenge 4

good afternoon sir, i have been waiting 8 years for the best pc game ever created, thats right it is merlins revenge 4 and brings back my amazing childhood. i ask you when is the full version going to be released cause i kept seeing the alpha for the past 8 years, please change this and continue to work on merlins revenge series.. it is the most epic game created, please please keep on working on the merlin revenge series


28 Jun 2020 [comment_44588]
Here's to another 8 years!

I'm pretty good at JavaScript now, so it could actually become a reality:P

1 Jul 2020 [comment_44589]
Wtf is this sourcery? I just came here for the nolstagia and there is even a new reply from last month? Please Merlin Revenge on Steam!

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