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By: megaman4ever on 28 Sep 2014
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merlin_c | map | [Suggestion_7157]


Long time no see! Here's my "new" map, modeled tile-by-tile after the map from the original MR! However, a lot has been changed as well, to make use of MR Open's engine. It's not nearly as tough as the danmaku maps, but it should still give quite a challenge to the average player while having the fun MR1-ish feeling. The question lingers, though - will you be able to beat it?


28 Sep 2014 [comment_44320]
..Of course I forget to put up the map itself!

Now then, to wait for the next part ;)

29 Sep 2014 [comment_44321]
cool! will upload next chance i get!

29 Sep 2014 [comment_44323]
by an amazing stroke of good luck I actually have my personal pc with me in work today. unfortunately the network here blocks ftp so I wasn't able to upload the map.

I was able to play a few screen locally though during lunch - like what i see so far. You just can't beat blasting goblins :)

4 Oct 2014 [comment_44331]
Ok done! Enjoy! :)

8 Oct 2014 [comment_44332]
Doesn't work; hangs after cutscene is skipped, using Chrome on W7. Others maps are fine.

11 Oct 2014 [comment_44333]
Hmm not sure what's wrong. The map is available in the api, I'll have a better look when I get time.

11 Oct 2014 [comment_44334]
Ok fixed!

I had a go and got totally mullered by bats. Nice touch swapping the goblin archers for sorcerers on that screen where you're usually safe, I only just survived that.

It all seems a lot tougher than MR1 itself :) let's see how people get on.

12 Oct 2014 [comment_44335]
Btw the issue was that I had cut and paste the the map data incorrectly from paste bucket. Some how extra new lines and tabs were added before and after the actual map data.

12 Oct 2014 [comment_44336]
Ah, I see. Glad to see it resolved, though :)

...Now to get on with adjusting the difficulty! :P The Screens of Death is a pretty nifty feature, hm.

20 Oct 2014 [comment_44340]
Out of the 18 plays this map has, looks like there are 3 victories, 11 times Merlin got wasted and 4 times the player quit midway. More than 20%!

I wonder what the reason to each of those quits was, because each of them probably had one.

21 Oct 2014 [comment_44341]
To speculate, some people may quit before they or may get distracted by real life events.

21 Oct 2014 [comment_44342]
33 plays now! It's climbing the charts :)

22 Oct 2014 [comment_44345]
Some people may quit before they... What?

Clearly, it's the result of my map designing genius combined with people's hunger for new maps.

Even though it's the same old map, and the changes weren't all that big. So I guess, the result of your map/game design genius? :)

Speaking of which, there are a couple of things I want to change - a revision might be coming up fairly soon-ish.

22 Oct 2014 [comment_44346]
They may quit before they die haha sorry missed a word there.

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