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By: merlin1234 on 13 Jul 2014
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merlin_c | map | [Suggestion_7152]


This map is from merlin1234's map update pack.


2 Oct 2014 [comment_44326]
This was pretty fun, although navigating was a bit tedious on some screens (like when getting the monster summon).

I have two questions though - why are there fires in the prison, and why on earth is Merlin there in the first place?

2 Oct 2014 [comment_44327]
The reason for those things is inexperience.
I hadn't done nearly as much merlin open map
creation as I have done now, So most of my older maps are less than amazing in some of there areas.

2 Oct 2014 [comment_44328]
Time to play part 2 then, I guess.

Did you make maps inbetween or part 2 immediately after part 1?

3 Oct 2014 [comment_44329]
I played parts 1 and 2 recently and I'm pretty sure I made them right after each other.

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