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By: merlin1234 on 13 Jul 2014
Rating: 3.00 in 1 votes
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merlin_c | map | [Suggestion_7151]


This map is from merlin1234's map update pack.


14 Jul 2014 [comment_44212]
Was a bit on the easy side, but I guess that's alright. The map was pretty nice overall, although there were a couple of odd borders on screens. I liked how it kinda progressed through distinct areas with certain types of enemies. Could be better in some ways, but it was enjoyable enough to play through.

14 Jul 2014 [comment_44214]
Keep in mind i made this map over a year ago and was not as good at making the maps as i am now.

Come to think of it i think all of these maps except for about 2 of them are over a year old. But the upcoming maps are much better and much harder i promise!

15 Jul 2014 [comment_44220]
I haven't played this one yet - but I like em easy :)

15 Jul 2014 [comment_44223]
Yeah, you have to keep in mind that I'm just one amongst the hundreds of players. :)

Anyway, I'll give a try at more of your maps today! I'm kinda busy due to it being a weekday, but I'm looking forward to playing the rest.

15 Jul 2014 [comment_44233]
Yeah that's good.

I like it when people play my maps

17 Jul 2014 [comment_44241]
And I like it that people make awesome maps for me to play! :)

17 Jul 2014 [comment_44246]

17 Jul 2014 [comment_44251]
And I like it that someone made something with the thing I made (and was improved by someone else) and someone else again is playing the thing that was made with the thing I made (and was improved by someone else).

17 Jul 2014 [comment_44257]

Oh yeah that's good

took me a few seconds to read that properly

19 Jul 2014 [comment_44260]
Nothing new :'( sadness.

19 Jul 2014 [comment_44261]
Nothing new, you say?

Well, here's something new: after checking out whether my business plan is viable, I'll flesh out some of my old maps and make them ready to join Created.

19 Jul 2014 [comment_44264]
sounds cool.

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